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Par themeinwp

Version : 1.0.4

Dernière mise à jour : 30 juillet 2020

Installations actives : 400+

Version PHP : 5.5 ou supérieure

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Newsreaders is a clean, unique, responsive, elegant, multi-layout and highly organized WordPress magazine or news theme which is made to be used by online magazines, newspapers, editors, journalists, publishing units, bloggers, informative sites, educational websites, content writers, digital news media and other similar websites. Newsreaders is optmized along with its cross browser compatiblity make your site attractive and eye catching in any browser and different variations of devices screen size. Newsreaders is build taking SEO, speed & content management in mind. Additional features from plugins like Booster Extension as well as like-dislike option on direct connection to your user or reader. Demo :


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