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Par Basanta Moharana

Version : 1.0.6

Dernière mise à jour : 2 avril 2020

Installations actives : 80+

Version WordPress : 3.6.0 ou supérieure

Page d’accueil du thème

WP WriterStrap is a flat and minimal design theme powered by TwitterBootstrap 3.0. It has unique designed for SEO optimization with faster page loading. The flat look blog theme having a lot of theme functionality to manage logo fav icon and social media profile etc. web Admin can change any colour theme for its website. This is fully responsive theme, works perfectly with any mobile devices or tablet. By using this any kind of responsive blog can be done. Demo can be look here http://demo.crayonux.com/writerstrap/, Support here http://crayonux.com/questions/

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