Advanced Custom Fields


Advanced Custom Fields is the perfect solution for any WordPress website which needs more flexible data like other Content Management Systems.

  • Visually create your Fields
  • Select from multiple input types (text, textarea, wysiwyg, image, file, page link, post object, relationship, select, checkbox, radio buttons, date picker, true / false, repeater, flexible content, gallery and more to come!)
  • Assign your fields to multiple edit pages (via custom location rules)
  • Easily load data through a simple and friendly API
  • Uses the native WordPress custom post type for ease of use and fast processing
  • Uses the native WordPress metadata for ease of use and fast processing

Field Types

  • Text (type text, api returns text)
  • Text Area (type text, api returns text)
  • Number (type number, api returns integer)
  • Email (type email, api returns text)
  • Password (type password, api returns text)
  • WYSIWYG (a wordpress wysiwyg editor, api returns html)
  • Image (upload an image, api returns the url)
  • File (upload a file, api returns the url)
  • Select (drop down list of choices, api returns chosen item)
  • Checkbox (tickbox list of choices, api returns array of choices)
  • Radio Buttons ( radio button list of choices, api returns chosen item)
  • True / False (tick box with message, api returns true or false)
  • Page Link (select 1 or more page, post or custom post types, api returns the selected url)
  • Post Object (select 1 or more page, post or custom post types, api returns the selected post objects)
  • Relationship (search, select and order post objects with a tidy interface, api returns the selected post objects)
  • Taxonomy (select taxonomy terms with options to load, display and save, api returns the selected term objects)
  • User (select 1 or more WP users, api returns the selected user objects)
  • Google Maps (interactive map, api returns lat,lng,address data)
  • Date Picker (jquery date picker, options for format, api returns string)
  • Color Picker (WP color swatch picker)
  • Tab (Group fields into tabs)
  • Message (Render custom messages into the fields)
  • Custom (Create your own field type!)


The Advanced Custom Fields plugin is also available in a professional version which includes more fields, more functionality, and more flexibility!
At the core of ACF PRO is a brand new version of ACF (version 5) which includes searchable drop downs, smarter and faster DB calls, improved UI and much much more!

  • Repeater – Create a set of sub fields which can be repeated again and again whilst editing content!
  • Gallery – Simple and intuitive interface for managing a collection of images.
  • Flexible Content – Define groups of sub fields and add, edit, and re-order them to create highly customised content!
  • Options pages – Add extra admin pages to edit ACF fields!

Tested on

  • Mac Firefox 🙂
  • Mac Safari 🙂
  • Mac Chrome 🙂
  • PC Safari 🙂
  • PC Chrome 🙂
  • PC Firefox 🙂
  • iPhone Safari 🙂
  • iPad Safari 🙂
  • PC ie7 :S

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Captures d’écran

  • Creating the Advanced Custom Fields

  • Adding the Custom Fields to a page and hiding the default meta boxes

  • The Page edit screen after creating the Advanced Custom Fields

  • Simple and intuitive API. Read the documentation at:


  1. Upload ‘advanced-custom-fields’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activez l’extension via le menu « Extensions » de WordPress.
  3. Click on the new menu item « Custom Fields » and create your first Custom Field Group!
  4. Your custom field group will now appear on the page / post / template you specified in the field group’s location rules!
  5. Read the documentation to display your data:


Q. I have a question

A. Chances are, someone else has asked it. Check out the support forum at:


Great option to enhance WordPress

I have been using Advanced Custom Fields for a lot of projects and I am always thankful for the options that come with it.
If you are looking to enhance WordPress and add your own custom fields to content elements, give Advanced Custom Fields a shot!

Great plugin

I’ve used this plugin to expose more data to my iOS app, via the REST API v2. They worked great together. I think this plugin is the easiest way of exposing more granular data to mobile clients. For more details, check out the documentation at .

Thank you! Amazing plugin!

The missing piece for WordPress as a CMS

I wouldn’t develop a WordPress site without ACF. This plugin allows you to turn WordPress into a fully-fledged, fully-customisable Content Management System.
It’s easy to use, elegantly styled and well supported. It gives you control over your content on the front-end, but also allows you to streamline the admin area for your clients.

Great job!

Thanks for the excellent plugin and detailed documentation!

With your help, I solved all my tasks for additional fields for products and their categories in WooCommerce.

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Contributeurs & développeurs

#8220;Advanced Custom Fields” est un logiciel libre. Les personnes suivantes ont contribué à cette extension.




  • Core: Improved logic to better delete term meta during ‘delete_term’ action
  • Core: Fixed bug causing potential conflict between user and post object cache names
  • Language: Updated Italian translation – thanks to Ste Yeu


  • WYSIWYG field: Fixed JS error preventing tinymce from initializing


  • Image field: Added nicer ‘Edit image’ view
  • File field: Added nicer ‘Edit file’ view


  • Google Map: Added new ‘acf/fields/google_map/api’ filter


  • Relationship field: Fixed bug preventing values from being selected in WP 4.5
  • Google Map field: Fixed bug preventing map to load within repeater field
  • Core: Fixed PHP error when loading ACF values on ‘The Events Calendar’ (plugin) page
  • Language: Updated Portuguese translation – thanks to Pedro Mendonca


  • Google Map field: Improved compatibility with 3rd party plugins including Google JS API
  • API: Improved get_ functions to load value from the current queried object (post, user, term)
  • Core: Added support for new WP 4.5 term edit page
  • Language: Updated Portuguese translation – thanks to Pedro Mendonca
  • Language: Added Welsh translation – thanks to Carl Morris
  • Language: Added Indonesian translation – thanks to Rio Bermano


  • Core: Fixed metabox title appearing on seamless field groups
  • Language: Updated Portuguese translation
  • Language: Updated Polish translation


  • Field group: Fixed disabled update button after saving with empty title
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements
  • Language: Updated Portuguese translation
  • Language: Updated French translation
  • Language: Updated Polish translation
  • Language: Added Finnish translation


  • WYSIWYG field: Added compatibility for WP 4.3 filters
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements
  • Language: Updated Polish translation – thanks to Maciej


  • Image field: Fixed UI bug when image has been removed via media library
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements


  • Taxonomy field: Added compatibility for upcoming ‘term splitting’ in WP 4.2
  • Taxonomy field: Major improvement to save/load setting allowing for different values on multiple sub fields
  • Core: Minor fixes and improvements


  • Core: Fixed depreciated warnings


  • Core: Added compatibility for WP4 media grid
  • Relationship field: Fixed bug showing incorrect post type
  • Language: Added Slovak translations – Thanks to
  • Language: Added Serbo-Croatian translation – thanks to Borisa Djuraskovic
  • Language: Updating Persian translation – Thanks to Ghaem Omidi


  • Validation: Fixed disabled button issue in WP 3.9


  • WYSIWYG field: Fixed missing tinyMCE buttons in WP 3.9


  • Core: Improved efficiency and speed when saving values by removing ACF meta from the native WP postmeta box
  • Field Group: Fixed cache issue causing field settings to not update
  • WYSIWYG field: Added support for new tinymce 4 in WP 3.9
  • Number field: Fixed bug causing blank values to save as 0
  • Google Maps field: Fixed JS bug causing google maps to not render when Google library is already loaded
  • Validation: Fixed JS bug where hidden field groups’s fields were being validated


  • Textarea field: Added new rows setting
  • API: Added $format_value parameter to the get_fields function
  • Core: Improved conditional logic & tab JS performance
  • Core: Removed changelog anouncement in plugins update list
  • Core: Fixed anoying wp is not defined JS error
  • Core: Added logic to load full or minified scripts using the SCRIPT_DEBUG constant
  • Core: Improved loading structure to better allow ACF functions within the functions.php file
  • Core: Fixed revisions bug causing sub field data to not restore
  • Core: Made use of WP datepicker UI
  • Field Group: Changed post location rule to show all post types
  • Field Group: Changed page location rule to show only page post type
  • Field Group: Added new filter for meta box priority acf/input/meta_box_priority
  • Language: Added missing translation support in multiple fields
  • Language: Added Hebrew translation – Thanks to Erez Lieberman
  • Language: Updating Czech translations – Thanks to webeescz


  • Post Object field: Fixed get_pages bug cuasing ‘pages’ to not appear
  • Page Link field: Fixed get_pages bug cuasing ‘pages’ to not appear
  • Tab field: Fixed JS bug causing multiple tab groups on page to render incorrectly
  • Language: Updated Russian translation – Thanks to Alex Torscho


  • Core: Updated styling to suit WP 3.8
  • Core: Added new logic to set ‘autoload’ to ‘off’ on all values saved to the wp_options table to help improve load speed
  • API: Added new logic to the $post_id parameter to accept an object of type post, user or taxonomy term
  • Tab field: Added compatibility with taxonomy term and user edit screens (table layout)
  • Tab field: Fixed JS bug causing incorrect tab to show when validation fails
  • Text field: Fixed bug causing append setting of ‘+50′ to appear as ’50’


  • Color Picker field: Fixed JS bug preventing wpColorPicker from updating value correctly
  • Google Map field: Added new setting for initial zoom level
  • Relationship field: minor update to fix compatibility issue with Polylang plugin
  • Relationship field: Fixed bug causing filters / actions using $field[‘name’] to not fire correctly
  • API: Fixed bug with have_rows/has_sub_field function where looping through multiple posts each containing nested repeater fields would result in an endless loop
  • Export: Fixed bug causing exported XML fields to become corrupt due to line breaks
  • Core: Fixed bug where duplicating a field would cause conditional logic to appear blank
  • Core: Added Conditional Logic support to hide entire column of a repeater field where max_row is 1.
  • Core: Added new field group ‘hide on screen’ option for ‘permalink’ which hides the permalink URL and buttons below the post title


  • API: Fixed bug with has_sub_field and have_rows functions causing complicated nested loops to produce incorrect results
  • API: Fixed bug with get_fields function preventing values to be returned from options page and taxonomy terms
  • Core: Fixed bug causing some SQL LIKE statements to not work correctly on windows servers
  • Core: Removed __() wrappers from PHP export, as these did not work as expected
  • Core: Fixed bug with get_pages() causing sort order issue in child page location rule
  • Core: Added specific position to ACF menu item to reduce conflicts with 3rd party plugins
  • JS: Fixed bug where conditional logic rules did not save when added using a ‘+’ button above the last rule
  • Radio field: Fixed bug where ‘other’ would be selected when no value exists
  • WYSIWYG field: Added support for users with disabled visual editor setting
  • JS: Improved validation for fields that are hidden by a tab
  • Google maps field: Add refresh action when hidden / shown by a tab


  • Core: get_field can now be used within the functions.php file
  • Core: Added new Google maps field
  • Core: Added conditional logic support for sub fields – will also require an update to the repeater / flexible content field add-on to work
  • Core: Added required validation support for sub fields – will also require an update to the repeater / flexible content field add-on to work
  • API: Added new function have_rows()
  • API: Added new function the_row()
  • API: Fixed front end form upload issues when editing a user –
  • API: Fixed front end form bug where the wrong post_id is being passed to JS –
  • Export: wrapped title and instructions in () function –
  • Core: Filter out ACF fields from the native custom field dropdown – –
  • Revisions: Improved save functionality to detect post change when custom fields are edited –
  • Core: Add field group title for user edit screen –
  • Field group: Add ‘toggle all’ option to hide from screen –
  • Taxonomy field: Add new filter for wp_list_categories args –
  • Taxonomy field: Fixed JS bug causing attachment field groups to disappear due to incorrect AJAX location data –
  • WYSIWYG field: Fixed JS bug where formatting is removed when drag/drop it’s repeater row
  • Tab field: Corrected minor JS bugs with conditional logic –
  • Relationship field: Values now save correctly as an array of strings (for LIKE querying)
  • Post object field: Values now save correctly as an array of strings (for LIKE querying)
  • Image field: Added mime_type data to returned value
  • Field field: Added mime_type data to returned value
  • Core: Lots of minor improvements


  • Field group: Added ‘High (after title)’ position for a metabox –
  • Relationship field: Fixed bug with ‘exclude_from_search’ post types
  • Image / File field: Improved edit popup efficiency and fixed bug when ‘upload’ is last active mode –
  • JS: Added un compressed input.js file
  • JS: Fixed but with options page / taxonomy field –
  • Language: Updated Persian Translation – thanks to Ghaem Omidi


  • Taxonomy field: Fixed issue causing selected terms to appear as numbers –
  • Revisions: Fixed WP 3.6 revisions –
  • Relationship Field: Add new option for return_format
  • Location Rule – Add new rule for post status –
  • Location Rule: Add ‘super admin’ to users rule – thanks to Ryan Nielson –
  • Core: Fixed pre_save_post $post_id issue –
  • Core: Fix minor CSS but in media modal –
  • File field: Fix minor ‘strict standards’ warning –
  • Image field: Fix minor CSS issue –


  • IMPORTANT: ACF now requires a minimum WordPress version of 3.5.0
  • Full integration between attachments and custom fields!
  • Text field: Added new options for prepend, append, placeholder and character limit
  • Textarea field: Added new options for prepend, append, placeholder and character limit
  • Number field: Added new options for prepend, append and placeholder
  • Email field: Added new options for prepend, append and placeholder
  • Password field: Added new options for prepend, append and placeholder
  • Image field: fixed safari bug causing all images to appear small
  • Core: Improved save_lock functionality to prevent inifinite loops when creating a post on the fly
  • Core: Major JS improvements including .live changed to .on
  • Compatibility: Fixed WYSIWYG JS bug with Visual Composer plugin
  • Language: Added Persian Translation – thanks to Ghaem Omidi
  • Language: Updated German translation – thanks to Thomas Meyer
  • Language: Added Swedish translation – thanks to Mikael Jorhult

  • Select field: Revert choices logic –
  • CSS: Revert metabox CSS –
  • Core: Fixed save_post conflict with Shopp plugin –


  • Core: Fix issue with cache $found variable preventing values from being loaded
  • Select field: Improve choices textarea detection –
  • Language: Added Swedish translation –
  • Language: Updated Russian translation –


  • Language: Added Russian translation – Thanks to Alex Torscho
  • Core: Improved the save_post function to compare post_id and only run once.
  • Core: Improved cache handling
  • Number field: Fixed step size decimal bug
  • Radio button field: Add option for ‘other’ and to also update field choices
  • Image / File field: Updated JS to add multiple items to the correct sub field –
  • JS: Remove redundant return ajax value –
  • Add-ons page: fix JS issue –
  • Options Page: Fixed issue with load_value preventing the options page using default values –
  • AJAX: Fix chrome bug – untick category –
  • JS: Fixed multiple Internet Explorer issues


  • General: Improved load_value function to better handle false and default values
  • Number field: Added new options for min, max and step –
  • Radio field: Improved logic for selecting the value. Now works with 0, false, null and any other ’empty’ value –
  • Date picker field: Fixed PHP error –
  • Language: Added Portuguese translation –
  • Taxonomy: Updated JS to clear image / file and checkbox elements when a new category is added via AJAX –
  • Validation: Added logic to allow a field to bypass validation if it is part of a tab group which is hidden via conditional logic
  • API: Improved the acf_form function to better handle form attributes

  • Image field: Fixed JS error causing uploader to not work correctly
  • File field: Fixed JS error causing uploader to not work correctly
  • Gallery field: Fixed JS error causing uploader to not work correctly
  • General: Fixed JS error causing field groups to not appear when dynamically loaded


  • WYSIWYG Field: Fixed WYSIWYG the_content / shortcode issues –
  • Image field: Added option for library restriction –
  • File field: Added option for library restriction
  • File field: Field UI refresh
  • Checkbox field: Added horizontal option –
  • Image field: fixed UI bug when image is deleted in file system –
  • Validation: Added support for email field –
  • Validation: Added support for taxonomy field –
  • Language: Added Chinese Translation –
  • General: Added changelog message to update plugin screen
  • General: Lots of minor improvements


  • [Fixed] Page Link: Fixed errors produced by recent changes to post object field –


  • [Fixed] Relationship field: Fix global $post conflict issues –


  • [Added] Post Object field: Add filter to customize choices –
  • [Fixed] Relationship field: Fix error when used as grand child –
  • [Added] User field: Add sanitisation into update_value function to allow for array / object with ID attribute
  • [Added] Relationship field: Add sanitisation into update_value function to allow for array of post object to be saved
  • [Added] Post Object field: Add sanitisation into update_value function to allow for a post object or an array of post objects to be saved
  • [Added] Image field: Add sanitisation into update_value function to allow for a post object or an image array to be saved
  • [Added] File field: Add sanitisation into update_value function to allow for a post object or an file array to be saved
  • [Fixed] Revisions: Fix PHP warning if array value exists as custom field –
  • [Updated] Translation: Update French Translation –
  • [Fixed] General: Minor PHP errors fixed


  • [Fixed] Relationship field: Fix bug causing sub field to not load $field object / use elements option correctly
  • [Updated] Update German translations


  • [Added] Field group: location rules can now be grouped into AND / OR statements
  • [Added] Relationship field: Add option for filters (search / post_type)
  • [Added] Relationship field: Add option for elements (featured image / title / post_type)
  • [Added] Relationship field: Add post_id and field parameters to both ajax filter functions
  • [Added] Date Picker field: Add options for first_day
  • [Added] Date Picker field: Add text strings for translation
  • [Added] Select field: Add support for multiple default values
  • [Added] Checkbox field: Add support for multiple default values –
  • [Updated] Minor JS + CSS improvements
  • [Added] Added free Add-ons to the admin page
  • [Fixed] Fixed minor bugs


  • [Fixed] Fix bug when appending taxonomy terms –
  • [Fixed] Fix embed shortcode for WYSIWYG field –
  • [Fixed] Fix issues with loading numbers –
  • [Fixed] Fix bug with user field and format_value_for_api –
  • [Fixed] Fix capitalization issue on field name –
  • [Fixed] Fix tabs not hiding from conditional logic –
  • [Updated] Update dir / path to allow for SSL –
  • [Updated] Updated relationship JS –


  • [Added] Add auto video filter to WYSIWYG value –
  • [Fixed] Fix Repeater + WYSIWYG loosing p tags on drag/drop –
  • [Fixed] Fix upgrade message appearing in iframe
  • [Fixed] Fix value sanitation –
  • [Added] Add JS field name validation –
  • [Fixed] Fix error when duplicating field group in WPML –
  • [Fixed] Fix pares_type issue. Maybe remove it? –


  • [Improved] Improving welcome message with download instructions
  • [Fixed] Text / Fix JS issue where metaboxes are not hiding –
  • [Fixed] Test / Fix lite mode issue causing category / user fields not to show
  • [Fixed] Sanitize field names –
  • [Fixed] Test / Fix conditional logic not working for mutli-select –
  • [Fixed] Test / Fix field group duplication in WooCommerce category w SEO plugin –


  • [IMPORTANT] This update contains major changes to premium and custom field type Add-ons. Please read the Migrating from v3 to v4 guide
  • [Optimized] Optimize performance by removing heavy class structure and implementing light weight hooks & filters!
  • [Changed] Remove all Add-on code from the core plugin and separate into individual plugins with self hosted updates
  • [Added] Add field ‘Taxonomy’
  • [Added] Add field ‘User’
  • [Added] Add field ‘Email’
  • [Added] Add field ‘Password’
  • [Added] Add field group title validation
  • [Fixed] Fix issue where get_field_object returns the wrong field when using WPML
  • [Fixed] Fix duplicate functionality –
  • [Added] Add conditional statements to tab field –
  • [Fixed] Fix issue with Preview / Draft where preview would not save custom field data –
  • [Added] Add function get_field_groups()
  • [Added] Add function delete_field() –
  • [Added] Add get_sub_field_object function –
  • [Added] Add ‘Top Level’ option to page type location rule
  • [Fixed] Fix taxonomy location rule –
  • [Fixed] Fix tab field with conditional logic –
  • [Fixed] Revert back to original field_key idea. attractive field key’s cause too many issues with import / export
  • [Added] Add message field –
  • [Removed] Removed the_content filter from WYSIWYG field

  • [Fixed] Fix PHP error in text / textarea fields


  • [Fixed] Fix bug preventing fields to load on user / taxonomy front end form –
  • [Added] Added ‘acf/fields/wysiwyg/toolbars’ filter to customize WYSIWYG toolbars –
  • [Fixed] Fix acf_load_filters as they are not working! –
  • [Added] Clean up wp_options after term delete –
  • [Fixed] Fix location rule – category / taxonomy on new post –
  • [Added] Added ‘acf/create_field’ action for third party usage – docs to come soon
  • [Added] Add support for new media uploader in WP 3.5!
  • [Fixed] Fix conditional logic error –
  • [Fixed] Fix Uploader not working on taxonomy edit screens –
  • [Added] Add data cleanup after removing a repeater / flexible content row –

  • [Fixed] Fix fields not showing on attachment edit page in WP 3.5 –
  • [Fixed] Fix sub repeater css bug –
  • [Fixed] Fix issue where acf_form includes scripts twice –
  • [Fixed] Fix location rule bug with new shopp product –
  • [Fixed] Fix location rule bug with taxonomy / post_taxonomy –

  • [Fixed] Fix issues with location rules wrongly matching


  • [Fixed] Fix sub field default value –
  • [Added] Add filters for custom location rules –
  • [Fixed] Fix XML import to create unique field ID’s –
  • [Fixed] Fix conditional logic with validation –
  • [Fixed] Fix repeater + relationship bug –

  • [Fixed] Fix bug with 3.5.6 not showing front end form

  • [Fixed] Fix WYSIWYG webkit browser issues.

  • [Fixed] Fix bug causing field groups to not display on the options page.


  • [Fixed] Fix content editor double in webkit browser –
  • [Fixed] Fix bug with post format location rule not working –
  • [Fixed] Fix conditional logic with tabs –
  • [Fixed] Fix missing icons for conditional logic / menu in older WP
  • [Added] Add PHP fix for new lines in field key –


  • [Added] Add new Tab field
  • [Fixed] Improve WYSIWYG code for better compatibility
  • [Fixed] Fix PHP / AJAX error during database update for older versions
  • [Fixed] WYSIWYG insert attachment focus bug –
  • [Fixed] Fix JS coma issues for IE –
  • [Added] Add no cache to relationship field results –
  • [Added] Add retina support
  • [Fixed] Fix WYSIWYG validation for preview post –
  • [Fixed] Fix undefined index error in field’s conditional logic –
  • [Updated] Update post types in field options –
  • [Added] Add filters to relationship field results
  • [Added] Add file name bellow title in popup for selecting a file

  • [Fixed] Fix bug preventing options pages from appearing in the field group’s location rules


  • [Added] Add new filter for ACF settings –
  • [Updated] Updated field keys to look nicer. eg field_12
  • [Added] Update admin_head to use hooks / enque all scripts / styles
  • [Added] Add duplicate function for flexible content layouts
  • [Fixed] Fix $post_id bug –
  • [Fixed] Fix WYSIWYG JS issue –
  • [Fixed] Fix Gallery PHP error –
  • [Added] Add compatibility for Shopp categories –
  • [Fixed] Fix « Parent Page » location rule –
  • [Fixed] Fix options page backwards compatibility –
  • [Fixed] Fix update_field for content –
  • [Added] Add new filter for acf_defaults! –
  • [Fixed] Fix gallery detail update after edit –
  • [Fixed] Fix front end uploading issue –

  • Minor bug fixes for 3.5.3


  • [Updated] Update / overhaul flexible content field UI
  • [Added] Add Show / Hide for flexible content layouts
  • [Added] Add column width for flexible content –
  • [Added] Add instructions for flexible content sub fields
  • [Added] Add new parameter to get_field to allow for no formatting –
  • [Fixed] Fix compatibility issue with post type switcher plugin –
  • [Added] Add new location rules for « Front Page » « Post Page » –
  • [Fixed] Fix flexible content + repeater row limit bug –
  • [Added] Add filter « acf_load_value » for values –
  • [Fixed] Fix choices backslash issue –
  • [Updated] acf_options_page_title now overrides the menu and title. If your field groups are not showing after update, please re-save them to update the location rules.
  • [Updated] Update location rules to show all post types in page / page_parent / post
  • [Added] Change all « pre_save_field » functions to « acf_save_field » hooks
  • [Improved] Improve general CSS / JS


  • Security update


  • [Added] Add Conditional logic for fields (toggle fields are select, checkbox, radio and true / false)
  • [Added] More hooks + filters – acf_options_page_title, acf_load_field, acf_update_value –
  • [Removed] Remove public param from post types list –
  • [Added] Add field group headings into the acf_form function
  • [Updated] Update button design to match WP 3.5
  • [Fixed] Test / Fix XML export issue –
  • [Added] Add more options to the « hide on screen » –
  • [Added] Add compatibility for Tabify plugin –
  • [Added] Add compatibility for Duplicate Post plugin
  • [Added] Add new params to acf_form function –
  • [Updated] Increase date picker range to 100
  • [Fixed] WYSIWYG looses formatting when it’s row gets reordered (in a repeater / flexible content field)
  • [Fixed] Fix has_sub_field break issue –
  • [Fixed] Fix Textarea / Text encoding bugs –
  • [Added] Add publish status for field groups –
  • [Updated] General tidy up & improvement of HTML / CSS / Javascript


  • [Fixed] Fix missing title of PHP registered field groups on the media edit page
  • [Added] Add revision support
  • [Added] Allow save draft to bypass validation
  • [Updated] Update Czech translation
  • [Fixed] Fix XML export issue with line break –
  • [Fixed] Fix export to XML abspath issue –
  • Update location rules for post_type –
  • Add « revisions » to list of hide-able options
  • [Fixed] Fix bug with custom post_id param in acf_form –
  • [Fixed] Fix bug in has_sub_field function where new values are not loaded for different posts if the field name is the same –
  • [Updated] Allow get_field to use field_key or field_name
  • [Fixed] Fix update_field bug with nested repeaters
  • [Updated] Update German translation files – thanks to Martin Lettner


  • [Fixed] Fix PHP registered field groups not showing via AJAX –
  • [Added] Add new return value for file { file object
  • [Fixed] Test / Fix save_post priority with WPML + events + shopp plugin
  • [Fixed] Fix bug where field groups don’t appear on shopp product edit screens
  • [Fixed] Fix bug with image field { selecting multiple images puts first image into the .row-clone tr –


  • [Fixed] Fix API functions for ‘user_$ID’ post ID parameter
  • [Added] Color Picker Field: Default Value
  • [Added] Add custom save action for all saves –
  • [Updated] Update Dutch translations
  • [Updated] Update get_field_object function to allow for field_key / field_name + option to load_value


  • [Added] Save user fields into wp_usermeta
  • [Added] Add compatibility with media tags plugin –
  • [Added] Wysiwyg Field: Add Default value option
  • [Added] Number Field: Add Default value option
  • [Fixed] Validate relationship posts –
  • [Added] Allow « options » as post_id for get_fields –
  • [Added] Repeater Field: Add sub field width option
  • [Added] Repeater Field: Add sub field description option
  • [Updated] Repeater Field: Update UI design
  • [Fixed] Fix missing ajax event on page parent –
  • [Updated] Update french translation –


  • [Fixed] Fix validation rules for multiple select –
  • [Added] Add support for options page toggle open / close metabox
  • [Fixed] Fix special characters in registered options page –
  • [Updated] CSS tweak for relationship field –
  • [Fixed] Fix datepicker blank option bug –
  • [Added] Add new function get_field_object to API –
  • [Fixed] Fix field groups not showing for Shopp add new product –
  • [Fixed] Move outside of the doc.ready in input-ajax.js
  • [Fixed] Fix IE7 JS bug –
  • [Fixed] Fix relationship search – Only search title, not content
  • [Updated] Update function update_field to use field_key or field_name
  • [Added] Add field group screen option to show field keys (to use in save_field / update field)
  • [Added] Add actions on all save events (action is called « acf_save_post », 1 param = $post_id)


  • [Added] Add basic support for WPML – duplicate field groups, pages and posts for each language without corrupting ACF data!
  • [Fixed] Fix date picker save null –
  • [Fixed] Fix color picker save null –
  • [Fixed] Fix image object null result –
  • [Updated] Update Japanese translation –
  • [Added] WYSIWYG field option – disable « the_content » filter to allow for compatibility issues with plugins / themes –


  • [Added] Gallery field { auto add image on upload, new style to show already added images
  • [Fixed] Fix saving value issue with WP e-commerce
  • [Updated] Date picker field { new display format option (different from save format), UI overhaul
  • [Added] Add new field – Number
  • [Fixed] Test post object / select based fields for saving empty value –


  • [Added] Add new return value for image { image object
  • [Updated] Update Dutch translation (thanks to Derk Oosterveld –
  • [Updated] Update UI Styles
  • [Updated] Refresh settings page UI and fix exported PHP code indentation Styles
  • [Fixed] Fix post object hierarchy display bug –
  • [Fixed] Fix metabox position from high to core –
  • [Fixed] Fix flexible content field save layout with no fields –
  • [Fixed] Text / Fix field group limit –


  • [Fixed] Fix IE regex issue (thanks to Ben Heller –
  • [Added] Check for more translatable strings (thanks to Derk Oosterveld –
  • [Fixed] Fix location rule post category bug
  • [Updated] Added all post status to page / post location rules –
  • [Updated] Updated the page link field to rely on the post_object field
  • [Added] Add $post_id parameter to the [acf] shortcode


  • [Fixed] Fix location rule bug for taxonomy.


  • [Added] Added new API function: has_sub_field – replacement for the_repeater_field and the_flexible_field. Allows for nested while loops!
  • [Improved] Improve save_post functions-
  • [Fixed] Fix relationship AJAX abort for multiple fields –


  • [Upgrade] Database Upgrade is required to modify the taxonomy filtering data for fields. This allows for performance boosts throughout ACF.
  • [Improved] relationship field: Improve querying posts / results and use AJAX powered search to increase performance on large-scale websites
  • [Improved] post object field: Improve querying posts / results


  • [Fixed] Integrate with Shopp plugin


  • [Fixed] Fix gallery sortable in repeater –
  • [Fixed] Test / Fix two gallery fields –
  • [Fixed] Fix tinymce undefined visual editor off –
  • [Updated] Update Polish translation – Thanks to


  • [Fixed] Gallery not returning correct order


  • [Added] Add new Gallery Field
  • [Fixed] Test / Fix update_field on repeater / flexible content
  • [Fixed] Fix regex JS issue with adding nested repeaters
  • [Added] Add new Czech translation – Thanks to Webees ( )


  • [Added] Repeater – Add option for min rows + max rows –
  • [Fixed] Test / Fix Chrome Double WYSIWYG. Again…
  • [Added] Add « future » to post status options –
  • [Added] Make image sizes strings « Pretty » for preview size options
  • [Fixed] Test / Fix WYSIWYG insert image inside a repeater bug –


  • [Fixed] Rename controller classes –
  • [Added] Add edit button to image / file fields
  • [Fixed] WYSIWYG toolbar buttons dissapearing in HTML tab mode


  • [Fixed] Fix flexible content inside repeater add extra row jquery bug –
  • [Added] Add suppress_filters to relationship field for WPML compatibility –
  • [Added] Add new German translation –
  • [Added] Add new Italian translation – Alessandro Mignogna (
  • [Added] Add new Japanese translation –
  • [Fixed] Test / Fix WYSIWYG removing p tags –
  • [Added] edit basic toolbar buttons to match WP teeny mode – WYSIWYG
  • [Fixed] Test front end form hiding –
  • [Fixed] Test saving user custom fields –
  • [Fixed] Fix options page translation bug –
  • [Fixed] Pages rule not returning private pages –
  • [Added] Add custom add_image_size() Image field preview sizes –


  • [IMPORTANT] Change field group option « Show on page » to « Hide on Screen » to allow for future proof adding new elements to list. Previously exported and registered field groups via PHP will still work as expected! This change will prompt you for a database upgrade.
  • [Added] Add in edit button to upload image / file thickbox
  • [Improved] Changed loading default values. Now behaves as expected!
  • [Fixed] Test / Fix full screen mode dissapearing from editor –
  • [Fixed] get_field returning false for 0 –
  • [Improved] Improve relationship sortable code with item param –
  • [Fixed] IE category js bug –
  • [Fixed] Flexible content field row css bug –
  • [Fixed] Repeater row limit in flexible field bug –
  • [Fixed] Fix update message – appears on first activation
  • [Fixed] Fix options page sidebar drag area – no border needed
  • [Fixed] Fix export options page activation –


  • [Fixed] Remove translation from validation class –
  • [Fixed] Test fix WYSIWYG insert media issues
  • [Added] Add Excerpt to the field group « show on page » options


  • [Fixed] Include Wysiwyg scripts / styles through the editor class
  • [Fixed] Wysiwyg in repeater not working
  • [Fixed] Remove Swedish translation until string / js bugs are fixed
  • [Fixed] Checkbox array value issue:
  • [Added] Add inherit to relationship posts query –
  • [Fixed] Relationship shows deleted posts –
  • [Fixed] Wysiwyg editor not working on taxonomy edit page


  • [Fixed] Fix layout bug: Nested repeaters of different layouts
  • [Fixed] Fix strip slashes bug
  • [Fixed] Fix nested repeater bug –
  • [Fixed] Test / Fix add multiple images to repeater


  • Field groups can now be added to options page with layout « side »
  • Fixed debug error when saving a taxonomy:
  • Fixed unnecessary code: Remove Strip Slashes on save functions
  • Added new add row buttons to the repeater field and upgraded the css / js
  • Fixed debug error caused by the WYSIWYG field: wp_tiny_mce is deprecated since version 3.3! Use wp_editor() instead.
  • Fixed duplicate field error where all sub fields became repeater fields.
  • Add Swedish translation:
  • CSS improvements
  • Fixed IE9 Bug not returning an image preview on upload / select
  • Fixed Multi export php syntax bug.


  • Fixed Browser bug with Flexible Field: Add Row button works again
  • Added Brazilian Translation. Thanks to Marcelo Paoli Graciano –
  • Reverted input CSS to separate field label / instructions onto new lines.


  • Updated Images / JS – Please hard refresh your browser to clear your cache
  • Remove caching from acf_field_groups, replace with temp cache
  • Add « Duplicate Field » on field group edit page
  • Fix link to documentation on field group edit page
  • add « update_value » to API
  • Include new Polish translation
  • Create a nicer style for flexible content
  • Create a nicer style for repeater fields with row layout
  • Create a nicer style for « no metabox » fields
  • Add Spanish translation. Thanks to @hectorgarrofe
  • Fix css for options page no metabox
  • Added custom post_updated_messages
  • Changed « Drag and drop to reorder » from an image to a string for translation


  • Options page fields now save their data in the wp_options table. This will require a « Database Upgrade » when you update ACF. This upgrade will move your Options page data from the postmeta table to the options table.
  • Added _e() and __() functions to more text throughout plugin
  • Added new French translation. Thanks to Martin Vauchel @littlbr
  • Fixed duplicate WYSIWYG in chrome bug
  • New Location rules: add fields to a user / taxonomy / attachment
  • Bug Fix: Color picker now shows color on page load. Thanks to Kevin Ruscoe »
  • CSS tweaks File clearfix, new style for selects with optgroups
  • Simplified get_value to return default value if value == «  »
  • API now allows for « option » and « options » for the $post_id value in API functions


  • Bug fix: Image field returns correct url after selecting one or more images
  • Translation: Added Polish translation. Thank you Bartosz Arendt – Digital Factory –
  • Update : Added id attribute to all div.field (id= »acf-$field_name »)


  • New style for buttons
  • Bug Fix: Repeater maximum row setting was disabling the « add row » button 1 row early.
  • Performance: Field options are now loaded in via ajax. This results in much less HTML on the edit field group page
  • Performance: Field inputs are now loaded in via ajax. Again, less HTML on edit screens improves load times / memory usage
  • Bug Fix: Field groups registered by code were not showing on ajax change (category / page type / page template / etc). To fix this, your field group needs a unique ID. When you export a field group, you will now be given a unique ID to fix this issue. Field groups without a fixed id will still show on page load.
  • New Option: Repeater field can now have a custom button label
  • New Option: Flexible content field can now have a custom button label
  • Improvement: Updated the HTML / CSS for file fields with icon
  • Bug Fix: Fixed multi upload / select image in repeater.
  • Performance: Added caching to the get_field function. Templates will now render quicker.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Post formats location rule – it now works.
  • Nested repeaters are now possible!


  • Improvement: Redesigned the experience for uploading and selecting images / files in fields and sub fields. Image / File fields within a repeater can now add multiple images / files


  • New Feature: Front end form (Please read documentation on website for usage)
  • Performance: compiled all field script / style into 1 .js file
  • Bug Fix: Editor now remembers mode (Visual / HTML) without causing errors when loading in HTML mode
  • Improvement: Added draft / private labels to post objects in relationship, post object and page link fields


  • Bug Fix: Options page fields were rendered invisible in v3.1.2 (now fixed)
  • Updated POT file with new texts


  • New Feature: Required field validation. Note: Repeater / Flexible content fields can be required but their sub fields can not.
  • Field update: Select field: API now returns false when « null » is selected
  • Field update: Radio button: When editing a post / page, the radio button will select the first choice if there is no saved value for the field
  • Bug fix: You can now use a repeater field inside a flexible field! Please note that the_repeater_field will not work as expected. Please use get_sub_field to get the sub repeater field, then use php to loop through it.


  • New Feature: Added shortcode support. usage: [acf field= »field_name »]
  • Bug Fix: Fixed menu disappearing by changing the function « add_menu » to « add_utility_page »
  • Visual: Changed post object / page link fields to display post type label instead of post type name for the select optgroup label. Thanks to kevwaddell for the code


  • New Field: Flexible Content Field (license required)
  • Bug Fix: ACF data now saves for draft posts (please do a hard refresh on an edit screen to remove cached js)
  • Bug fix: Fixed multiple content editors


  • Added export / register support via PHP
  • Moved menu position under Settings
  • Improve speed / php memory by introducing cached data
  • Temp bug fix: sets content editor to « visual mode » to stop wysiwyg breaking
  • Visual: Removed « Screen Options » tab from the admin acf edit page. Added filter to always show 99 acf’s
  • Minor JS improvements


  • Bug Fix: Location meta box now shows all pages / posts
  • Bug Fix: upgrade and settings url should now work / avoid conflicts with other plugins


  • Support: use wp native functions to add all user roles to location metabox
  • Update: gave acf a css update + new menu structure
  • Bug fix: fixed a few issues with wysiwyg js/css in wp3.3
  • Bug fix: fixed page_name conflicting with normal pages / posts by adding a « acf_ » to the page_name on save / update
  • Performance: location metabox – limited taxonomies to hierarchial only. Posts and Pages have now been limited to 25


  • Bug fix: WYSIWYG is now compatible with WP 3.3 (May have incidentally added support for gravity forms media button! But not 100% sure…)
  • Fix : Taxonomy Location rule now only shows hierarchal taxonomies to improve speed and reduce php memory issues


  • New translation: French (thanks to Netactions)
  • Support: added support for new wp3.3 editor
  • Bug fix: fixed WYSIWYG editor localised errors
  • Bug fix: removed trailing commas for ie7


  • New Feature: Added Export tab to export a WP native .xml file
  • New Option: Relationship / Post type – filter by taxonomy
  • New Option: default values for checkbox, select and radio
  • New Function: register_options_page – add custom options pages (Requires the option page addon)
  • Bug fix: WYSIWYG + repeater button issues
  • Bug fix: general house keeping


  • Bug Fix – repeater + wysiwyg delete / add duplicate id error
  • Bug fix – repeater + file – add file not working
  • Bug Fix – image / file no longer need the post type to support « editor »
  • WYSIWYG – fixed broken upload images
  • misc updates to accommodate the soon to be released « Flexible Field »


  • ACF doesn’t use any custom tables anymore! All data is saved as post_meta!
  • Faster and more stable across different servers
  • Drag-able / order-able metaboxes
  • Fields extend from a parent object! Now you can create you own field types!
  • New location rule: Taxonomy
  • New function: register_field($class, $url);
  • New Field: Color Picker
  • New Option: Text + Textarea formatting
  • New Option: WYSIWYG Show / Hide media buttons, Full / Basic Toolbar buttons (Great for a basic wysiwyg inside a repeater for your clients)
  • Lots of bug fixes


  • Fixed add image tinymce error for options Page WYSIWYG
  • API: added new function: update_the_field($field_name, $value, $post_id)
  • New field: Relationship field
  • New Option for Relationship + Post Object: filter posts via meta_key and meta_value
  • Added new option: Image preview size (thumb, medium, large, full)
  • Fixed duplicate posts double value problem
  • API update: get_field($repeater) will return an array of values in order, or false (like it used to!)
  • Radio Button: added labels around values
  • Post object + Page Link: select drop down is now hierarchal
  • Input save errors fixed
  • Add ‘return_id’ option to get_field / get_sub_field
  • Many bug fixes


  • Fixed API returning true for repeater fields with no data
  • Added get_fields back into the api!
  • Fixed field type select from showing multiple repeater activation messages


  • Fixed repeater sortable bug on options page
  • Fixed wysiwyg image insert on options page
  • Fixed checkbox value error
  • Tidied up javascript + wysiwyg functions


  • Fixed Javascript bugs on edit pages


  • Integrate acf_values and wp_postmeta! Values are now saved as custom fields!
  • Ajax load in fields + update fields when the page / post is modified
  • API has been completely re written for better performance
  • Default Value – text / textarea
  • New upgrade database message / system
  • Separate upgrade / activate scripts
  • Select / page link / post object add Null option
  • Integrate with Duplicate Posts plugin
  • New location rule: post format
  • Repeater field attach image to post
  • Location: add children to drop down menu for page parent
  • Update script replaces image urls with their id’s
  • All images / Files save as id’s now, api formats the value back into a url
  • Simple CSS + JS improvements
  • New Field: Radio Buttons (please note Firefox has a current bug with jquery and radio buttons with the checked attribute)


  • New Feature: Import / Export
  • Bug Fixed: Wysiwyg javascript conflicts
  • Bug Fixed: Wysiwyg popups conflicting with the date picker field
  • New style for the date picker field


  • New Addon: Options Page (available on the plugins store:
  • API: all functions now accept ‘options’ as a second parameter to target the options page
  • API: the_field() now implodes array’s and returns as a string separated by comma’s
  • Fixed Bug: Image upload should now work on post types without editor
  • Fixed Bug: Location rule now returns true if page_template is set to ‘Default’ and a new page is created
  • General Housekeeping


  • Added Option: Repeater Layout (Row / Table)
  • Fixed bug: Now you can search for media in the image / file fields
  • Added Option: Image field save format (image url / attachment id)
  • Added Option: File field save format (file url / attachment id)
  • Fixed bug: Location rules for post categories now work
  • Added rule: Page parent
  • Fixed bug: « what’s new » button now shows the changelog
  • included new css style to fit in with WordPress 3.2
  • minor JS improvements


  • Added new database table « acf_rules »
  • Removed database table « ac_options »
  • Updated location meta box to now allow for custom location queries
  • Hid Activation Code from logged in users
  • Fixed JS bugs with wp v3.2 beta 2
  • Added new option « Field group layout » – you can now wrap your fields in a metabox!
  • General housekeeping


  • Added Field Option: Field Instructions
  • Added Field Option: Is field searchable? (saves field value as a normal custom field so you can use the field against wp queries)
  • Added Media Search / Pagination to Image / File thickbox
  • Added Media Upload support to post types which do not have a Content Editor.
  • Fixed « Select Image » / « Select File » text on thickbox buttons after upload
  • Repeater field now returns null if no data was added


  • Completely re-designed the ACF edit page
  • Added repeater field (unlocked through external purchase)
  • Fixed minor js bugs
  • Fixed PHP error handling
  • Fixed problem with update script not running
  • General js + css improvements


  • Fixed Image / File upload issues
  • Location now supports category names
  • Improved API – now it doesn’t need any custom fields!
  • Fixed table encoding issue
  • Small CSS / Field changes to ACF edit screen


  • Image Field now uses WP thickbox!
  • File Field now uses WP thickbox!
  • Page Link now supports multiple select
  • All Text has been wrapped in the _e() / __() functions to support translations!
  • Small bug fixes / housekeeping
  • Added ACF_WP_Query API function


  • Fixed WYSIWYG API format issue
  • Fixed Page Link API format issue
  • Select / Checkbox can now contain a url in the value or label
  • Can now unselect all user types form field options
  • Updated value save / read functions
  • Lots of small bug fixes


  • Fixed Slashes issue on edit screens for text based fields


  • Lots of Field Type Bug Fixes
  • Now uses custom database tables to save and store data!
  • Lots of tidying up
  • New help button for location meta box
  • Added $post_id parameter to API functions (so you can get fields from any post / page)
  • Added support for key and value for select and checkbox field types
  • Re wrote most of the core files due to new database tables
  • Update script should copy across your old data to the new data system
  • Added True / False Field Type


  • New Field Type: Post Object
  • Added multiple select option to Select field type


  • Updated the location options. New Override Option!
  • Fixed un ticking post type problem
  • Added JS alert if field has no type


  • Heaps of js bug fixes
  • API will now work with looped posts
  • Date Picker returns the correct value
  • Added Post type option to Page Link Field
  • Fixed Image + File Uploads!
  • Lots of tidying up!


  • Bug Fix: Stopped Field Options from loosing data
  • Bug Fix: API will now work with looped posts


  • New Api Functions: get_fields(), get_field(), the_field()
  • New Field Type: Date Picker
  • New Field Type: File
  • Bug Fixes
  • You can now add multiple ACF’s to an edit page
  • Minor CSS + JS improvements


  • Advanced Custom Fields.