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Amazify is a very simple plugin that will edit any Amazon link in all posts to add your affiliate tag. If there is already an affiliate tag in the link, the plugin will replace it with yours.

In addition you can tell him to automatically add a nofollow attribute and/or a target= »_blank ».

You don’t need to check anymore every single Amazon links you or other writers added in your posts !

Features :

  • Check all Amazon links in a post and add your tag (&tag=yourtag-21) or change existing tag into yours.
  • Add a nofollow rel attribute if you want so (Options)
  • Add a target= »_blank » attribute if you want so (Options)

Captures d’écran

  • How to configure the plugin in the administration panel screenshot-1.(png|jpg|jpeg|gif).


Does it work will all countries (,, fr etc.) ?

Supported Amazon countries are : .com,, .fr, .it, .de,, .ca


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  • 2016/02/22
  • Plugin now works with links without queries (thanks @cicoub13).

  • 2015/03/26
  • Fixed bug showing options attributes in link anchor.


  • 2015/03/26
  • The options page is now under « Settings->Amazify »
  • « & amp ; » vs « & #038 ; » bug fixed
  • The plugin uses now Settings API (thanks to juliobox)


  • 2015/03/25
  • First release

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