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Install, activate, and done!
Powerful protection from WP’s fastest firewall plugin.

BBQ Firewall is a lightweight, super-fast plugin that protects your site against a wide range of threats. BBQ checks all incoming traffic and quietly blocks bad requests containing nasty stuff like eval(, base64_, and excessively long request-strings. This is a simple yet solid solution for sites that are unable to use a strong Apache/.htaccess firewall.

Adds a strong firewall to ANY WordPress site
Works with all WordPress plugins and themes

Protection puissante

BBQ protects your site against many threats:

  • Attaques par injection SQL
  • Téléchargements de fichiers exécutables
  • Attaques de traversée de répertoire
  • Requêtes de personnage non sécurisées
  • Demandes trop longues
  • Exécution à distance/fichier PHP
  • XSS, XXE et attaques associées
  • Protège contre les mauvais robots
  • Protège contre les mauvais référents
  • Protects against bad POST content
  • Protects against many other bad requests

Fonctionne parfaitement avec Blackhole for Bad Bots

Fonctionnalités géniales

BBQ fournit toutes les meilleures fonctionnalités de pare-feu :

  • Noté 5 étoiles sur
  • 100% plug &-play, aucune configuration
  • 100 % concentré sur la sécurité et la performance
  • Blocks a wide range of malicious URL requests
  • Fastest Web Application Firewall (WAF) for WordPress
  • Basé sur le 6G/7G Pare-feu
  • Analyse tout le trafic entrant et bloque les mauvaises requêtes
  • Vérifie tous les types de requêtes : GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.
  • Protège contre les bad bots et les référents connus
  • Fonctionne silencieusement dans les coulisses pour protéger votre site
  • Extension de sécurité simple à utiliser et sans prise de tête
  • Des performances rigoureusement testées et sans erreur
  • Taux de faux positifs extrêmement faible
  • Compatible avec d’autres extensions de sécurité
  • Regularly updated and « future proof »
  • Firewall < 10 kilobytes in size
  • Léger, rapide et flexible

For advanced protection and features, check out BBQ Pro »
BBQ = Block Bad Queries


This plugin does not collect or store any user data. It does not set any cookies, and it does not connect to any third-party locations. Thus, this plugin does not affect user privacy in any way.

BBQ Firewall is developed and maintained by Jeff Starr, 15-year WordPress developer and book author.

Support development

I develop and maintain this free plugin with love for the WordPress community. To show support, you can make a donation or purchase one of my books:

Et/ou achetez une de mes extensions WordPress premium

Les liens, tweets et j’aime sont aussi les bienvenus. Merci ! 🙂


Installation du barbecue

  1. Installez, activez et c’est terminé.

Une fois actif, BBQ protège automatiquement votre site contre les menaces. Tranquillement, dans les coulisses. Pour plus de contrôle et une protection renforcée, consultez BBQ Pro »

More info on installing WP plugins


Note that the Pro version of BBQ makes it possible to customize patterns and everything else directly via the plugin settings, with a click. BBQ Pro also displays the current block count for each firewall rule, like this.


This plugin cleans up after itself. All plugin settings will be removed from your database when the plugin is uninstalled via the Plugins screen.

Like the plugin?

If you like BBQ, please take a moment to give a 5-star rating. It helps to keep development and support going strong. Thank you!


How to test that the plugin is working?

To test that the plugin is working, you can request any of the blocked patterns. For example, visit your site’s homepage and enter the following URL:

Replace with your site’s actual domain. If BBQ is active, the request for that URL will be blocked (with a « 403 Forbidden » status). This means the plugin is working properly. You can test other patterns as well. To view all the patterns blocked by BBQ, look at the function bbq_core() located in block-bad-queries.php.

Proposez-vous des extensions de sécurité ?

Yes, three of them:

Versions Pro avec plus de fonctionnalités disponibles sur Plugin Planet.

Ai-je besoin d’autre chose pour que BBQ fonctionne ?

Non, installez-le et relaxez-vous en sachant que BBQ protège votre site des mauvaises requêtes.

Where are the plugin settings?

No settings needed for BBQ! Everything is done automatically behind the scenes. Zero configuration required. The free version of BBQ is strictly plug-n-play, set-it-and-forget-it, with no settings to configure whatsoever. Just install, activate, and enjoy better security and robust protection against malicious requests. The Pro version of BBQ is just as fast and simple to use, but is much more powerful and includes robust settings to customize and fine-tune your firewall.

Is BBQ free version compatible with Wordfence?

Oui BBQ gratuit et BBQ Pro sont tous les deux compatibles avec toute extension écrite selon l’API WordPress. Et, oui, il y a un bénéfice à utiliser BBQ avec une autre extension de sécurité, y compris Wordfence. Ils protègent contre des menaces différents, utiliser les deux signifie une protection renforcée.

BBQ modifie t-il mon fichier .htaccess ?

Absolument pas. Contrairement à d’autres extensions de sécurité, ni BBQ (version gratuite), ni BBQ Pro ne modifient le fichier .htaccess.

BBQ apporte t-il des modifications à ma base de données WP ?

Non, la version gratuite de BBQ agit au chargement de chaque page. Elle ne procède à aucun changement de la base de données WP.

Est-ce que BBQ bloque les chaînes malveillantes incluses dans les tableaux ?

Yes, BBQ scans any arrays that are included in the URI request. If any matching patterns are found, the request is blocked.

My PHP scanner/checker plugin says there is an error?

For example, if your PHP/plugin scanner reports something like, « found 0x3c62723e which is bad. » Normally you would not want to find such bad strings of code, but there is an exception for security plugins. Think about it: in order to block some nasty string, BBQ must know about it. So each bad string that is blocked by BBQ is included in the plugin « blacklist ». That means, when some PHP scanner looks at BBQ and finds some known bad strings, it just means that the scanner has discovered BBQ’s list of blocked terms. In other words, BBQ contains static strings of non-functional text, in order to match and block malicious requests to your site. I hope this makes sense, feel free to contact me if I may provide any further infos.

Ai-je besoin de WordPress pour exécuter BBQ ?

Nope! BBQ is available in the following flavors:

Découvrez le script PHP autonome pour les sites qui n’utilisent pas WordPress.

Can I use BBQ and 7G/8G Firewall at the same time?

Full question: « Except most of the rules overlapping, is it counter productive (site slowing down for example, potential conflicts, bugs) or is there any risks using 7G/8G Firewall + BBQ at the same time? »

Answer: It’s fine to run both BBQ and 7G/8G Firewall at the same time. Both firewalls are super fast, so they won’t slow things down. In other words the two firewalls play well together. The only downside is that some of the rules will be redundant, but there should be no negative impact on performance. The upside is that you get extra protection when using both, as there are variations in the firewall rules and patterns, etc.

My PHP checker found something?

If you are using some PHP checker that’s reporting an error or bad string in BBQ, it’s a false positive and safe to ignore. Why? Because the PHP checker is finding the static strings/patterns that BBQ uses to identify and block bad requests. In other words, your PHP checker is finding a static string thinking it is live code. It’s not. If possible, please take a moment to report this to the developers of your PHP checker. They should be happy to improve the accuracy and quality of their plugin. More info.

How to enable logging?

You can use a free addon to display the total number of blocked requests on the BBQ settings page. Here is a guide that explains how to set it up.

Alternately, BBQ can be configured to log the matching pattern for each blocked request. When match-logging is enabled, BBQ will add a log entry in the site’s default error log. To enable match logging, use the free customize plugin.

Note that the Pro version of BBQ displays the current block count for each firewall rule, like this. All automatic, fiddling with code NOT required 🙂

Une question ?

Envoyez vos questions ou commentaires via mon formulaire de contact.


18 avril 2024
A fantasic plugin, works as expected. I upgraded to a pro licence to support the developer, Jeff. An understanding and approachable guy, quick to respond to queries and offer help where he can. A pro licence is a small price to pay to help support the developer, and for the rock-solid plugin he’s developed over the years, it’s a no-brainer. Look no further. It’s a wise investment for your website. Bloat free, good support, and it works better than any other of the weaker plugins out there, I’ve tried them all. Thanks Jeff, may your life be prosperous and magical.
23 mars 2024
I have been using BBQ in conjunction with Jeff’s Blackhole for Bad Bots plugin for over 5 years and have successfully fended off hundreds of attacks. Keep it up, Jeff!
7 mars 2024
I install this plugin on all of my WP client sites, along with Jeff’s Blackhole for Bad Bots. Thank you, Jeff!
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