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Are you looking for a simple directory website builder for WordPress? With Business Directory Plugin, you can be in control without a developer.

Business Directory Plugin is the most popular, versatile, and easy to use WordPress directory plugin available. Increase interaction on your WordPress site, improve customer retention and add a generate revenue with our WordPress business directory plugin!

Our easy WordPress directory plugin allows you to take the listings you want and build a local directory, simple directory of business providers, a real estate listings site, a Yellow-Pages directory, a Yelp clone with review sections, a church directory, an address book directory, a book review site (like Goodreads), and much more.

Not only can you create business listings, but you can also build any other kind of listings directory. Build a team or employee directory, company directory, and other web directory sites with our easy listing plugin.

Need a classifieds listings site? Try Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin – AWPCP.

Get Simple Listing Solutions

Here are just a few things our community is doing to build connections, help communities, and grow traffic with our directory website builder:

  • Start a listing manager service for providers. (Like counselors, plumbers, electricians, house cleaning, locksmiths, therapists, wedding vendors, veterinarians, consultants, photographers, artists, authors, etc.)
  • Make a Yelp-clone with reviews to connect travelers to hotels, tours, local businesses, and other visitor attractions.
  • Help people find resources for a city or small community. (Like sporting club listings, a church directory, local farms with produce, and Chamber of Commerce.)
  • Advertise businesses & sell listings to business owners.
  • Offer listings in a member directory as a membership feature.
  • Help students make connections to study groups and an academic staff directory.

Create an online directory to become the “go to” source of your niche. Download and install Business Directory Plugin for WordPress now. It’s fast, easy, and flexible.

Free WordPress Listing Plugin Features

See all features.

  • Fully customizable form fields to submit listings
  • Upload images per listing, allow restricted numbers of images based on fee plan
  • Lots of image options: drag and drop image uploads, easy image ordering, primary image settings, thumbnail sizing and more
  • Accept paid or free listings in your directory with
  • Full support for recurring payments
  • Allow for featured/sticky listings for an upgrade fee
  • Widgets for Featured, Latest and Random listings, and a Search widget.
  • Create multiple fee plans, which can be assigned to categories for posting
  • Built in CSV import and export for easy directory listing creation
  • Avoid spam listings with ReCaptcha
  • Sorting options for categories, listings, and front-end for users to choose sort order
  • Users who post can edit listings without access to the WP dashboard. Our Business directory software is a great listing manager.
  • SEO Friendly using Yoast SEO
  • Quick-search and sorting bar for listings for simple directory searches
  • Advanced search screen with ability to show/hide fields available for search
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive support when installed with a responsive theme
  • Multilingual directories with WPML
  • Integrates with popular plugins like NavXT Breadcrumbs and WP-PageNavi for easy use

Professional Directory Software Add-ons

Create an easy directory with more functionality with extra add-ons.

For a detailed list of features, please visit:

  • File Upload – Allow users to upload and manage attachments on directory listings. Include PDFs, text files, and images in business listings.
  • Featured Levels – Assign features to paid or sticky listing plans to give users incentive to upgrade.
  • ZIP Code Search – ZIP code/postal code radius and proximity searches supporting a number of countries.
  • Regions – Location based directory listing result filtering.
  • Ratings and Reviews – Create reviews with connections to each listing to rate businesses (with microformat). It’s a WordPress review plugin!
  • Google Maps – Display the geo location of the business for a geodirectory (categories, search, details — with custom map sizes)
  • Discount Codes – Ability to offer discount codes based on a % or fixed amount with expirations.
  • Claim Listings – Post claimable listings in your business directory that other users can pay (or not) to claim.
  • Enhanced Categories – Display images or icons with categories, with Parent-Child Categories.

Payment Gateways for Paid Business Directory Listings (Premium)

Premium Directory Themes

Transform your WP directory site the easy way with a few clicks. Our business directory templates are designed not to take over as a full WordPress theme.

For more information please visit


Please see our Documentation.We also have an FAQ Section and our Quick Start guide.


Please see our detailed Installation Guide, the Getting Started Guide for common how-to scenarios, and our Initial Setup page for instructions on how to get going quickly with our business directory software.

Full documentation for the plugin is also available.


For the definitive FAQ section, please visit the FAQ Section, or our Getting Started guide.

Can I accept paid and free listings?

Yes it can. You can do this by creating fee plans for 0.00 and some other paid amount at the same time. For more details, read this article.

Do you have video tutorials for building WordPress directories?

Yes we do. They can be found here.

Will Business Directory Plugin work with my theme?

Our WP Directory plugin will work with any well-written, WP compliant theme. Generally speaking, paid themes tend to be higher quality than free ones.

Whatever theme you pick, we recommend using the Theme Check plugin (available for free on to validate a theme. The more errors and warnings you see on the theme when you run that check, the worse the theme is. You can read more about it at

Can I translate my web directories?

Yes! We offer many user-provided translations under the /languages folder. It is already available in the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Arabic
  • Swedish

And you can also easily translate it yourself.

Is this plugin compatible with WordPress Multisite (WPMU)?

Yes it is. However, you cannot « network activate » the plugin (as this will share the database). Activate it on only the sub sites you need it.

This can be done under Plugins -> Add New as the Administrator user. Do not « network activate » as the « super admin ».

What types of directories can I build?

Our directory website builder software combined with our add-on modules is the most powerful business directory plugin on the market. The options are limitless. Here are a few types of directories you can create:

  • Business listings
  • Company directory
  • Team directory
  • Member directory
  • Staff directory / Employee directory
  • Hotel directory
  • Medical directory
  • Restaurant directory
  • Church directory
  • Travel review directories
  • Software review sites
  • Professional directory
  • Local provider listings (like a Yelp clone)
  • A Yellow Pages directory
  • Online magazine listings
  • Website listings
  • Book review sites


21 novembre 2020
Great plugin that I like to use, more german translation would be nice 🙂 but otherwise very nice 🙂
13 novembre 2020
be careful this plugin is a spam machine and gonna keep asking you to join their newsletter so they can sell your their products even after you click no thanks. this plugin should be removed from here. dev who made this plugin is a spammer and doesn't know when someone clicks no thanks it should not pop up again and again every time you refresh.
2 octobre 2020
I had several styling queries which were all answered same day. I use the free product and have to say the support is exceptional. I would certainly consider purchasing the pro content knowing I'd be in great hands. Highly recommended.
10 septembre 2020
This plugin really exceeded my expectations. It offers in the free version features of a premium plugin. Everything works perfectly and the support is extremely fast and kind. Highly recommended!
26 août 2020
The plugin does exactly what it claims to, and it's very easy to create a business directory without any programming knowledge or 'techie' knowledge: I just had to leave a review because I was able to quickly use this plugin (after hunting for hours), and it's probably the easiest plugin I've used so far.
24 juillet 2020
I am extremely happy with this plugin and most of all I am deeply impressed with their outstanding customer service and tech support responsiveness, patience, and professionalism.
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Contributeurs & développeurs

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Version 5.8.1

  • Better align the social fields in the listing form
  • Make the grids more responsive for column listings
  • Security fixes for getting SERVER and REQUEST values. More escaping on translatable strings.
  • Fix: The email request wasn’t getting dismissed when it should have
  • Fix: Merge a few duplicate strings for translation
  • Fix: If iframes are allowed in a field, the HTML box doesn’t have to be checked
  • Fix: Prevent full width listings from being forced in all themes
  • Fix: Prevent duplicate error messages from showing up when a category field is empty
  • Fix: Always save the right category when changes are made when editing

Version 5.8

  • Updated the look of the new listing form with pagination
  • Match the contact form and checkout form to the new listing form style
  • Added a setting for color to set buttons, rootline, file uploader, and more
  • Let the WP theme handle more form styling
  • If an autocomplete dropdown has fewer than 10 options, use a normal dropdown so the theme can style it
  • Update default field labels to work for a wider range of directories
  • Added new hooks: wpbdp_tag_link to change the link to a tag page, wpbd_column_count for setting number of columns, and wpbdp_listings_class hook for adding classes on listings page
  • Added support for tags to WPML integration. Also switch to using wpml_current_language to get current language.
  • A few label changes in the settings: Rename « Manage Fees » menu to « Fee Plans », « Theme button style » to « Button style »
  • Switch « E-mail » to « Email »
  • Remove the unnecessary 50×50 image size
  • Update: Change the single listings heading from h2 to h1
  • Fix: Correctly set listings to published based on the setting
  • Fix: A conflict was causing an error when WPBDP_Personal_Data_Privacy class was missing
  • Fix: Get rid of a few php warnings

Version 5.7.6

  • Validate field exists before using if to configure search. (#4705)
  • Minor tweaks in styling.

Version 5.7.5

  • New – Upgrade link in licenses tab for lite version. (#4699)
  • Fix – Fees page error in some php versions. (#4702)
  • Fix – Do not build quick search query when kw parameter is empty. (#4695)

Version 5.7.4

  • Fix – Do not force fee_id when re-creating free directory default fee.
  • Fix – Display modules change log on updates.
  • Fix – Remove not needed parameter for Search Widget. (#4682)
  • Fix – Restore Editors access to Directory menu. (#4678)
  • Fix – Fix listing images selection from media library. (#4687)

Version 5.7.3

  • New – Add Admin notice whenever payments are enabled but there are no public fees available.
  • Fix – Restore BD themes available updates count on menu title.
  • Fix – Backwards compatibility for old menus.
  • Fix – Ensure BD admin links points to the right view.
  • Fix – Revert field batch query for advanced search.

See changelog for all versions