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Extension Chatbot Botnation


L’extension Chatbot Botnation vous permet d’autoriser un chatbot créé sur Botnation AI sur votre site WordPress.

Pour utiliser cette extension, vous avez besoin :

  1. Créez votre compte et votre chatbot sur Botnation AI, c’est gratuit !
  2. Acceptez les conditions d’utilisation et remplissez le formulaire.
  3. Construisez votre chatbot.

Si l’utilisateur est connecté, l’extension enverra à Botnation AI les informations suivantes pour la personne connecté·e au site WP : ID, Nom, Prénom.

Si l’utilisateur est anonyme, l’extension enverra uniquement l’IP de l’utilisateur (pour des raisons légales).


  • Français (fr_FR)


  1. Téléversez les fichiers de l’extension dans le répertoire /wp-content/plugins/chatbot-botnation ou installez directement l’extension via la page des extensions WordPress.
  2. Activez l’extension dans le menu « Extensions » de WordPress.
  3. Allez sur la page Réglages > Botnation Chatbot pour configurer l’extension.
  4. Remplissez les champs obligatoires dans le formulaire.
  5. Amusez-vous !


Ai-je besoin d’un compte Botnation ?

Oui, vous devez créer un compte sur Botnation AI.


25 août 2020
I’ve been using Botnation for the past 6 months on both my website and Facebook page, it’s definitely the best tool ! It’s intuitive, perfectly designed and the team is super reactive whenever I have a question. Good job !!
3 juillet 2020
No matter that you are busy with your B2B Business or not. You can try with an ergonomic chatbot offered by BOTNATION AI for increasing the virtual relationship between sellers and buyers. In this pandemic, it is therefore robust to merchandise physically about to the shop. So, all of you have got to shop for your daily necessary commodities online. However, the way to contact with the shoppers on the marketplace? Here may be an important suggestion for you named chatbot which can assist you to create a relationship with the shoppers. You would like a chatbot for an internet site. Undoubtedly, it is the bes option for you for growing-up your business instantly. Let’s have a lot of in-depth scrutinize these types, and see that one fits your business. What is BOTNATION AI Chatbot? Let’s move with Bitnation AI chatbots. They use machine learning to understand the meaning of the message and users’ intentions. After that, they are offered up with a response. Chatbots can use computing and machine learning to return up with their answers. They analyze users’ responses and moods to produce higher feedback. There’s conjointly chatbot for Facebook. AI chatbots learn from users, so plenty of you train them, plenty of applicable answers they provide. BOTNATION AI Chatbots Features The BOTNATION AI may be a reliable platform to allow you to recognize the advantages of making a chatbot and employing a chatbot. Such chatbots square measure faster to educate, so their development is cheaper. Rule-based chatbots square measure secure. It’s easy to integrate these bots with gift systems. These chatbots can embody media files. The main advantage of BOTNATION AI chatbots is the ability to analyze the collected data. • AI chatbots can understand customers’ behavior. • Such chatbots can communicate in several languages. • AI chatbots can produce choices. How to Build a Chatbot: Chatbot Technologies? Today, there are numerous technologies that may be conversant in manufacture a chatbot. Technologies are divided into two teams; platforms for chatbot development and frameworks. Let’s discuss all the tiny print. You would like to mind that in many package development companies, the testing services area unit paid to boot to the event. The worth of chatbot building consists of such aspects as development, time, and project management. It’s required to observe the conversations with BOTNATION AI, analyze them, and improve your chatbot. we are going to offer you the chatbot tool for making chatbots. What Left? Several benefits are here to choose this chatbot with your business plan. This is a knowledge-based software which will help you to increase your business plan. • Easy to install • Easy to use for a long time • Configured without coding • The initial charge is very low
3 juillet 2020
Want to increase your B2B business condition? But cannot? If you are; then we are here only for you to assist you to increase the relationship between a seller and the customers. Yes, you are right. We are talking about a Chatbot named BOTNATION AI. It possesses some host features like data in and out, push notifications and it has the quality of automated. A free trial is available here. You can try it for free and only $29 per month has been deducted from your account for the very first time. So, it will be your wise decision, if you try this chatbot without any delay. What is BOTNATION AI? BOTNATION AI is a cloud-based chatbot that is used for conversational purposes. This is extremely helpful if you would like to use similar info in several components of your chatbot. As an example, the name of your eating place, the road name, the road variety, and therefore the postcode. Besides, it’s attainable to check your chatbot in the Facebook courier. In general, the interface is pretty simple to use. however, we have to say this interface contains a higher learning curve than most alternative chatbot computer code. As a result of BOTNATION AI puts all the variables and content of the flows in one interface, the interface becomes a touch bit overwhelming. Outstanding Features • Code-free development • Ergonomic surface with interactive guidelines • Well-configured virtual assistant • Reusable components with multiple languages • The leading chatbot ever Why You Should Try BOTNATION AI? If you are thinking that you have to use chatbot then you should not be delayed. You have to be very fast to cope with the situation. This is very simple to set up and very easy to make a chatbot in a minute. It will offer you a proactive chat with third-party integration. But if you undergo their tutorial and use one among their templates, it still is pretty simple to line up a chatbot. With Botnation AI it’s attainable to send broadcasts to all or any your users or a section of your users. But there is additionally a drawback, you can’t send sequences. Several key points are here beyond your preference for using BOTNATION AI. • Native A/B Testing with Collaborative Mode • BOTNATION AI offers a Free Trial • On-Screen Chat with Multiple Languages • Dynamic Content with Attractive Segmentation And Then? Furthermore, it’s attainable to use conditions and create a chatbot in any language you would like. It is, however, impractical to simply translate your chatbot to a different language. While the idea of chatbots–a technology that simulates human conversation–isn’t new, its potential is being reworked due to advancements in BOTNATION AI. This, together with adoption by bequest brands, can drive the refinement of chatbot use to effectively have interaction customers in a very a lot of individualized.
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  • Support WordPress 6.0


  • Support WordPress 5.9


  • Support WordPress 5.9


  • Support PHP8


  • Support WordPress 5.8


  • Loads the chatbot when the page is fully loaded
  • No longer preload the conversation for faster page loading


  • Add an option to put your Chatbot in full screen.
  • Add an option to insert the discussion in an HTML element.
  • Add an option to change your Chatbot interface language.
  • Allows you to send Botnation variables to Chatbot.
  • Allows you to have different Chatbots on each page.


  • Fixed an incompatibility with WooCommerce.


  • Correctif d’un bogue/bug qui empêchait d’enregistrer les réglages.


  • Ajout des traductions françaises.


  • Surcharge des réglages par défaut sur une page spécifique. Vous pouvez maintenant :
  1. Forcer l’ouverture automatique de la discussion sur une page.
  2. Redémarrer la conversation sur une séquence donnée sur une page.


  • Communique les informations de l’utilisateur connecté à votre site au chatbot (ID, nom, prénom).


  • Version initiale.