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Code Snippets est un moyen facile, propre et simple d’exécuter des extraits de code sur votre site. Il évite la nécessité d’ajouter des extraits de code personnalisés au fichier functions.php de votre thème.

Code Snippets Pro is now available, with full CSS, JavaScript, Gutenberg and Elementor integrations.

A snippet is a small chunk of PHP code that you can use to extend the functionality of a WordPress-powered website; essentially a mini-plugin with less load on your site.

Most snippet-hosting sites tell you to add snippet code to your active theme’s functions.php file, which can get rather long and messy after a while.

Code Snippets changes that by providing a GUI interface for adding snippets and actually running them on your site just as if they were in your theme’s functions.php file.

Quick overview of Code Snippets by Imran Siddiq

Code Snippets provides graphical interface, similar to the Plugins menu, for managing snippets. Snippets can be activated and deactivated, just like plugins.

The snippet editor includes fields for a name, a visual editor-enabled description, tags to allow you to categorize snippets, and a full-featured code editor. Snippets can be exported for transfer to another site, either in JSON for later importing by the Code Snippets plugin, or in PHP for creating your own plugin or theme.

Comprehensive Code Snippets tutorial with practical examples by Ferdy Korpershoek

If you have any feedback, issues, or suggestions for improvements please leave a topic in the Support Forum, join the community on Facebook, or check us out on GitHub.

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Code Snippets peut être utilisé dans ces différentes langues grâce aux traducteurs suivants :

Captures d’écran

  • Gestion des extraits existants
  • Ajouter un nouvel extrait
  • Modifier un extrait
  • Importation d’extraits à partir d’un fichier d’exportation


Installation automatique

  1. Se connecter à l’administration WordPress
  2. Cliquez sur Extensions.
  3. Cliquez sur Ajouter un nouveau.
  4. Rechercher Code Snippets.
  5. Cliquer sur Installer maintenant sous « Code Snippets »
  6. Activez l’extension

Manuel d’installation

  1. Télécharger l’extension
  2. Extraire le contenu du fichier zip
  3. Téléversez le contenu du fichier zip dans le dossier wp-content/plugins/ de votre installation WordPress.
  4. Activer l’extension Code Snippets à partir de la page « Extensions ».

L’activation Réseau de Code Snippets via le tableau de bord du réseau activera une interface spéciale pour l’exécution des extraits sur l’ensemble du réseau.


Une liste complète de notre foire aux questions est disponible à l’adresse

Comment puis-je récupérer mon site s’il est endommagé par un extrait bogué ?

Vous pouvez récupérer votre site en activant la fonction de mode sans échec de Code Snippets. Les instructions pour l’activer sont disponibles ici :

Est-ce que je perdrai mes extraits si je change de thème ou si je mets à jour WordPress ?

Non, les extraits sont stockés dans la base de données de WordPress, indépendamment du thème et non affectés par les mises à jour de WordPress.

L’extension peut-elle être complètement désinstallée ?

Si vous activez l’option « Désinstallation complète » sur la page des réglages de l’extension, Code Snippets nettoiera toutes ses données lorsqu’il sera supprimé dans le menu « Extensions » de WordPress. Cela inclut tous les extraits stockés. Si vous souhaitez conserver les extraits, assurez-vous qu’ils sont d’abord exportés.

Puis-je copier les extraits que j’ai créés sur un autre site WordPress ?

Oui, vous pouvez exporter individuellement un seul extrait en utilisant le lien situé sous le nom de l’extrait sur la page « Extraits » ou exporter en masse plusieurs extraits en utilisant la fonction « Actions groupées ». Les extraits peuvent ensuite être importés à l’aide de la page « Importer » en téléversant le fichier d’exportation.

Puis-je exporter mes extraits en PHP pour un site sur lequel je n’utilise pas l’extension Code Snippets ?

Oui. Cochez les cases en regard des extraits que vous souhaitez exporter, puis choisissez Exporter vers PHP dans le menu « Actions groupées » et cliquez sur « Appliquer ». Le fichier PHP généré contiendra le code des extraits exportés, ainsi que leur nom et leur description dans les commentaires.

Puis-je utiliser des extraits en réseau sur une installation multisite ?

Vous pouvez exécuter des extraits sur l’ensemble d’un réseau multisite en Activant le réseau Code Snippets via le tableau de bord du réseau. Vous pouvez également activer Code Snippets uniquement sur le site principal, puis individuellement sur les autres sites de votre choix.

Où sont stockés les extraits dans ma base de données WordPress ?

Les extraits sont stockés dans la table wp_snippets de la base de données WordPress. Le nom de la table peut différer en fonction du préfixe de votre table.

Où puis-je obtenir de l’aide ou suggérer de nouvelles fonctionnalités ?

You can get help with Code Snippets, report bugs or errors, and suggest new features and improvements either on the WordPress Support Forums or on GitHub

Comment puis-je contribuer au développement de Code Snippets ?

The best way to do this is to fork the repository on GitHub and send a pull request.

How can I report security bugs found in this plugin?

You can report security bugs found in the source code of this plugin through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team will assist with verification, triage, and notification of security vulnerabilities.


10 octobre 2023
Handy for adding custom functions, all kinds of performance, security and utility code snippets easily and with a great overview of what's in there. A custom functions file can cause site to go dead white with the wrong code or just 1 bracket missing, but here it warns you and I love that. Saves much time! Hopefully dev adds the ability to target snippets to areas of the site, exclude, and so forth. For now I still use Elementor Pro's code snippets for some things I only want on certain pages/sections, or in footer or such. Many thanks for the plugin and hopefully it stays free for the utility currently offered.
24 septembre 2023 1 réponse
Code Snippets certainly deserves 5 stars, I have been using it for a few years now and very happy with this plugin and the support for it. The easiest way I have found to shortcut a number of processes instead of having to edit many files to get a few things setup the way you want them, one of the main snippets I use it for is to delete the images associated to a product when the product itself is deleted, much more reliable than other plugins that claim to do the same.
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3.6.2 (08 Nov 2023)

  • Fixed: Error when attempting to save shared network snippets marked as active.
  • Fixed: Type error when rendering checkbox fields without a stored or default value.
  • Fixed: Removed automatic encoding of code content.
  • Fixed: Label for snippet sharing input incorrectly linked to input field.
  • Fixed: Error when attempting to download export files from Edit menu.
  • Fixed: Issue loading Freemius string overrides too early. (PRO)
  • Fixed: Fix redirect URL when connecting with OAuth on subdirectory or HTTPS sites. (PRO)

3.6.1 (07 Nov 2023)

  • Fixed: Issue accessing fields on Snippets class.

3.6.0 (07 Nov 2023)

  • Updated minimum PHP requirement to 7.4.

  • Added: Ability to authenticate with Code Snippets Cloud using OAuth. (PRO)

  • Added: Integration with GPT AI for generating snippets. (PRO)
  • Added: Ability to generate line-by-line descriptions of snippet code with GPT AI. (PRO)
  • Added: Ability to generate tags and description text from existing snippet code with GPT AI. (PRO)

  • Improved: Ensure that the URL of the edit snippet page changes when adding a new snippet.

  • Improved: Snippet tags will automatically be added when focus is lost on the tags field.
  • Improved: Added debug settings menu for manually performing problem-solving actions.
  • Fixed: Moved active status border on edit name field to left-hand side.
  • Added: Filter to disable scroll-into-view functionality for edit page notices.
  • Fixed: New notices will not scroll if already at top of page.
  • Fixed: Potential CSRF vulnerability allowing an authenticated user to reset settings.

3.5.1 (15 Sep 2023)

  • Fixed: Undefined array key error when accessing plugin settings page. (PRO)
  • Fixed: Issue registering API endpoints affecting edit post screen. (PRO)

3.5.0 (14 Sep 2023)

  • Added: Support for the Code Snippets Cloud API.
  • Added: Search and download public snippets.
  • Added: Codevault back-up and synchronisation. (PRO)
  • Added: Synchronised local snippets are automatically updated in Cloud. (PRO)
  • Added: Bulk actions – ‘update’ and ‘download’.
  • Added: Download snippets from public and private codevaults. (PRO)
  • Added: Search and download any publicly viewable snippet in Code Snippet Cloud by keyword or name of codevault. (PRO)
  • Added: Deploy snippets to plugin from Code Snippets Cloud app. (PRO)
  • Added: Bundles of Joy! Search and download Snippet Bundles in one go direct from Code Snippets Cloud. (PRO)
  • Fixed: Error when attempting to update network shared snippets after saving. [#]
  • Improved: Redirect to snippets table when deleting snippet from the edit menu.
  • Improved: Scroll new notices into view on edit menu.

3.4.2 (05 Jul 2023)

  • Fixed: Issue causing export process to fail with fatal error. [#]
  • Fixed: Type issue on the_posts filter when no posts available. [#]

3.4.1 (29 Jun 2023)

  • Fixed: Undefined array key error. [#]
  • Fixed: Potential type issue when loading Prism. [#]
  • Improved: Added better debugging when calling REST API methods from the edit menu.
  • Improved: Escape special characters when sending snippet code through AJAX to avoid false-positives from security modules. [#]
  • Improved: Only display the latest update or error notice on the edit page, instead of allowing them to stack.
  • Fixed: Potential type issue when sorting snippets. [#]
  • Fixed: Issue preventing asset revision numbers from updating correctly. (PRO) [#]

3.4.0 (17 May 2023)

  • Added: Proper WordPress REST API support for retrieving and modifying snippets.
  • Improved: Better compatibility with modern versions of PHP (7.0+).
  • Improved: Converted Edit/Add New Snippet page to use React.
    • Converted action buttons to asynchronously use REST API endpoints through AJAX.
    • Load page components dynamically through React.
    • Added action notice queue system.
    • Replaced native alert dialog with proper React modal.
  • Improved: Catch snippet execution errors to prevent site from crashing.
  • Improved: Display recent snippet errors in admin dashboard instead.
  • Improved: Updated editor block to use new REST API endpoints. (PRO)
  • Improved: Change colour of upgrade notice in Pro plugin. (PRO)
  • Improved: All available snippet data is included in export files.
  • Improved: Only import specific fields from export file, even if additional fields specified.
  • Fixed: Issue preventing editor colorpicker from loading correctly. (PRO)
  • Improved: Added help links to content snippet options.
  • Improved: Pass additional attributes specified in [code_snippet] content shortcode to shortcode content.
  • Improved: Make shortcode attributes available as individual variables.
  • Improved: Allow boolean attributes to be passed to code snippets shortcodes without specifying a value.
  • Improved: Replace external links to Pro pricing page with an upgrade modal.
  • Fixed: Issue preventing linting libraries from loading correctly in the code editor.

3.3.0 (09 Mar 2023)

  • Fixed: Do not enqueue CSS or JS snippet file if no snippets exist. (PRO)
  • Improved: Added additional editor shortcuts to list in tooltip.
  • Added: Filter for changing Snippets admin menu position. See this help article for more information.
  • Added: Ability to filter shortcode output. Thanks to contributions from Jack Szwergold.
  • Fixed: Bug causing all snippets to show in site health information instead of those active.
  • Fixed: Unnecessary sanitization of file upload data causing import process to fail on Windows systems.

3.2.2 (17 Nov 2022)

  • Fixed: Plugin lacking a valid header error on activation.

3.2.1 (05 Oct 2022)

  • Fixed: Issue making survey reminder notice not dismissible.
  • Added: Ctrl+/ or Cmd+/ as shortcut for commenting out code in the snippet editor.
  • Added: Additional hooks to various snippet actions, thanks to contributions made by ancient-spirit.
  • Added: Fold markers, additional keyboard shortcuts and keymap options to snippet editor,
    thanks to contributions made by Amaral Krichman.
  • Improved: Removed duplicate tables exist query. (#).
  • Improved: Enabled ‘add paragraphs and formatting’ option by default for newly inserted content snippets.
  • Added: WP-CLI commands for retrieving, activating, deactivating, deleting, creating, updating, exporting and importing snippets.
  • Fixed: Path to iron visible when updating the pro plugin.

3.2.0 (22 Jul 2022)

  • Fixed: Remove default value from SQL columns to improve compatibility with certain versions of MySQL.
  • Fixed: Delay loading snippets in Gutenberg editor blocks. (PRO)
  • Added: Option to show and hide line numbers in Gutenberg source code editor block. (PRO)
  • Added: Support for highlighting HTML, CSS, JS and embedded code in the front-end PrismJS code highlighter.
  • Added: Additional features to front-end PrismJS code highlighter, including automatic links and a copy button.
  • Added: Support for multiple code styles in the source code Gutenberg editor block. (PRO)
  • Added: Admin notice announcing release of Code Snippets Pro.
  • Fixed: Inconsistencies with translations between different plugin versions.
  • Fixed: Issue with Content Snippet shortcode information not displaying.
  • Added: Button for copying shortcode text to clipboard.
  • Improved: Include Code Snippets CSS and JS source code in distributed package.
  • Improved: Don’t delete data from plugin if deleting Code Snippets Free while Code Snippets Pro is active.
  • Improved: Streamlined user interface and experience in Gutenberg editor blocks. (PRO)
  • Added: Option to choose from 44 different themes for the Prism code highlighter in the source editor block and Elementor widget. (PRO)
  • Improved: Compatibility of Elementor widgets with the latest version of Elementor. (PRO)
  • Improved: Replace icon font menu icon with embedded SVG icon.

3.1.2 (03 Jul 2022)

  • Updated external links and branding for Code Snippets Pro.
  • Improved: Add link URLs to settings pages, as an alternative to in-page navigation.
  • Fixed: Various fixes to block editor scripts. (PRO)
  • Fixed: Improved visual style of Gutenberg editor blocks. (PRO)

3.1.1 (13 Jun 2022)

  • Fixed: Download snippets feature not including snippet content.
  • Fixed: Alignment of ‘opens externally’ dashicon.
  • Improved: Added additional parameters to code_snippets/export/filename filter.

3.1.0 (17 May 2022)

  • Fixed: Caching inconsistencies preventing snippets and settings from refreshing on sites with persistent object caching.
  • Improved: Simplified database queries.
  • Added: More comprehensive cache coverage, including for active snippets.
  • Added: Icon to ‘Go Pro’ button indicating it opens an external tab.
  • Improved: Allow display styles in snippet descriptions.

The full changelog is available on GitHub