Content Control – Extension de restriction d’accès utilisateur


Content Control est une extension légère et puissante qui vous permet de prendre le contrôle total du contenu de votre site Web en restreignant l’accès aux pages/publications aux utilisateurs connectés, à des rôles utilisateur spécifiques ou aux utilisateurs déconnectés.

L’extension vous permet également de restreindre l’accès à certaines parties d’une page/publication à l’aide de codes courts, par exemple [content_control]Contenu si connecté[/content_control]

Enfin, l’extension vous permet de contrôler la visibilité de chaque widget de colonne latérale ou de pied de page en sélectionnant qui peut voir chaque widget (tout le monde, utilisateurs déconnectés, utilisateurs connectés, rôles utilisateurs spécifiques).

Liste complète des fonctionnalités

Content Control vous permet de faire ce qui suit :

  • Restrict access to pages/posts to logged in/out users or specific user roles
  • Restrict access to media, tags, categories, format to logged in/out users or specific user roles
  • Display a custom message to users who do not have permission to view the content
  • Redirect users who do not have permission to view the content to login page (redirects back to page/post after login), website homepage or custom URL
  • Display certain content on a page/post to logged in users only
  • Display certain content on a page/post to specific user roles
  • Display certain content on a page/post to logged out users
  • Apply custom CSS classes to on page content restriction shortcodes
  • Control the visibility of each sidebar/footer widget by selecting who can view each widget (everyone, logged out users, logged in users, specific user roles).

Créé par Code Atlantic

Content Control is built by the Code Atlantic team. We create high-quality WordPress plugins that help you grow your WordPress sites.

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Nécessite WordPress 3.6 et PHP 5.3

Captures d’écran

  • Create unlimited restriction sets.
  • Choose who can see the restricted content.
  • Display a message in place of restricted content.
  • Redirect users to log in or to another page if they access restricted content.
  • Choose any content you can think of to protect.
  • Use shortcodes to protect content inline.
  • Restrict widgets as well.


Prérequis minimum

  • WordPress 3.6 or greater
  • PHP version 5.3 or greater


  • Install Content Control either via the plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server.
  • Activer Content Control.

If you need help getting started with Content Control please see FAQs which explains how to use the plugin.


Where can I get support?

If you get stuck, you can ask for help in the Content Control Plugin Forum.

Where can I report bugs or contribute to the project?

Bugs can be reported either in our support forum or preferably on the Content Control GitHub repo.


14 septembre 2020
very simple to use and does exactly what it says it does. I needed to restrict one of my pages to logged-in users only and it works.
13 septembre 2020
We are using this plugin to restrict access to a custom post type and it works great!
9 septembre 2020
Bring your focus on the creative part of your project, Let this plugin take care about the OVBIOUS code you'll need to manage the specific access to specific roles or users. This smart tool makes my website more secure!
7 septembre 2020
After looking at a half-dozen of so other plugins, the Content Control plugin seemed to show a lot of promise. I tested the plugin in our ps environment. The pros are that it is free and no upsell to a paid version was evident. And it seems to have a lot of flexibility in blocking many things (although we don't need much flexibility). It worked fairly well but there are some cons: (1) I figured out the basics of how to use it fairly quickly but I could find no instructions. This bit me once where I redirected all pages to the home page if not logged in, and got error for too many redirects. I had to specifically exclude the home page for pages to be redirected. Thank goodness I was able to get to the login page on my own and that this page was not redirected. Instructions would have prevented this. (2) Looking back at their support page on, I didn't see any responses from the developer in the last 1 month+ that I looked at. And when I looked at an older post a year or so ago, the developer said he has to support multiple products by himself and admitted not getting to a post in a timely manner. This is not a very good level of support. (3) The product does not prevent access to media with a direct URL. I found a support post from 5-6 months ago that I think said that the method they use only blocks the permalink. I tested this and it was true. The developer mentioned in the support post that he would look into a suggested solution to this but it does not work now. However, more problems cropped up when I installed it in our test environment. Problem #1 was that the ProfilePress Lite login (and other PP pages?), which aren't in our ps environment, are not excluded from redirects automatically as the WP pages are, so these will have to be excluded each manually. Problem #2 is that post restrictions don't seem to be working and I have no idea why (maybe a ProfilePress Lite conflict too?). I don't have the time right now to try to work through some of these problems, so I won't be using it. But like I said initially, it shows a lot of promise. If some of these problems are resolved, I would definitely try it out again.
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v1.1.4 – 03/24/2020

  • Improvement: Added gettext handling for several strings that were not translatable.
  • Tweak: Process shortcodes in default denial message contents.
  • Tweak: Various improvements in form reliability & user experience.
  • Fix: Issues with ajax search fields not retaining their values after save.
  • Fix: Issue where only would show 10 pages.
  • Fix: PHP 7.4 compatibility fixes.

v1.1.3 – 12/03/2019

  • Fix: Custom post type conditions were not always registered.

v1.1.2 – 11/10/2019

  • Tweak: Remove erroneous console.log messages in admin.
  • Fix: Fatal error when empty shortcode used.

v1.1.1 – 10/15/2019

  • Fix: Bugs where variables were not always the expected type.


  • Improvement: Added default denial message to shortcode.
  • Improvement: Render nested shortcodes in the [content_control] shortcode.
  • Fix: Bug where multiple roles checked together in restriction editor.


  • Fix: Minor notice on activation.


  • Fix: Call to undefined function.


  • Fix: Non static method called statically
  • Fix: Bug when using invalid variable type.


  • Initial Release