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Crisp is a free and beautiful live chat platform for interacting with customers. Use Crisp to improve your customer satisfaction.

The best way to chat with your customers.

Crisp allows you to interact with your customers the way you want to. From sales to customer support, Crisp keeps your workflow simple. Add teammates to support chat and email, all from a single user interface.

See what your visitors are typing.

Not all visitors to your website are digital natives.
For many, it takes time to type a response. With Crisp, you can see what your visitors are typing in real time, allowing you to respond with the right information in little to no time.

Available on mobile and desktop

Crisp is available on iOS, Android, WIndows, and Mac OS operating systems.

You can use it in your browser too. It’s up to you.

Affordable customer support.

Crisp takes a different business approach than other live chat services. We do not sell a limited chatbox service—with Crisp, the base chat service is free and unlimited, more than enough to cover the basic needs of anyone using the service.

Use paid plugins to extend the power of your Crisp features.

Working hours

Set your working hours in the Crisp dashboard to prevent receiving chat requests during lunchtime, or your special date.

See who your visitors are

With Crisp, you can see your visitor’s important information, such as email, full name, picture, location, social networks, and browsed webpages.

Be notified

  • Offline? Crisp can send notifications to all your mobile devices.
  • Not replying? Crisp will forward your chat to your mailbox. From there, you can directly reply by email—Crisp will sync everything up.

Integrate with other apps

You can integrate Crisp with Slack, your e-mails, Messenger, Twitter, Telegram and SMS.

Cool chat experience

From smileys to animations, our chat system is fresh, cool, and simple to use. Just try it!

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  • Crisp dashboard
  • Mobile app


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/crisp directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Use the Settings->Crisp screen and click on « Link with Crisp »


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/crisp directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Use the Settings->Crisp screen and click on « Link with Crisp »


Best Live Chat Plugin!

Wow! We installed Crisp Live Chat on our website and can’t emphasize enough how amazing it is. Works like a charm while providing all of the basic, intermediate, and advanced features we’ve been looking for.

Install it and give it a spin. You’ll be pleasantly surprised on how well it performs. We look forward to future enhancements for the basic, pro, and unlimited plans.

Hats off to the Crisp team!

Absolutely perfect

By far the best live chat plugin. Best bang for the buck. The free version is just awesome!

Can’t say enough about this.

My original review was 2 stars because I had a bit of a bad experience with support (mind you I am not a paying customer so they have no obligation to offer support). I gave it a second shot and had a much different experience. Apparently they were super busy working on the upcoming release of Crisp 2. Totally understandable. We worked together to figure out a custom js that effectively hid the chat on specific pages. I love this plugin. Will definitely be a paid member in the future.

Perfect option for live chat

Have been using Crisp for a while on another site and was stoked to see that it’s available as a WordPress plugin now.

It’s super easy to install, completely free for basic usage, and works a treat. Stop thinking and just use it – you won’t regret it!

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