Debug Bar


Ajoute un menu d’aide au débogage dans la barre d’administration pour visualiser les requêtes de la base de données, les fichiers cache, et pleins d’autres informations très instructives et salvatrices.

Un incontournable pour les développeurs et développeuses !

Lorsque WP_DEBUG est activé, il suit les erreurs PHP (Warnings et Notices) pour les rendre faciles à trouver.

Lorsque SAVEQUERIES est activé, les requêtes mysql sont journalisées et affichées.

To enable these options, add the following code to your wp-config.php file:

define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );
define( 'SAVEQUERIES', true );

Ajouter une console PHP/MySQL grâce à l’extension Debug Bar Console.

There are numerous other add-ons available to get more insight into, for instance, the registered Post Types, Shortcodes, WP Cron, Language file loading, Actions and Filters and so on. Just search the plugin directory for ‘Debug Bar’.


Utiliser l’installateur automatique.


27 octobre 2017
I get this warning notice in my dev site: Notice: The called constructor method for Debug_Bar_Panel::Debug_Bar_Panel in Debug_Bar_Panel is deprecated since version 0.8.3! Use __construct() instead. in /home/lonewol4/staging/1/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3894 I'm running PHP 7.1
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Update object cache panel CSS to be ready for new object-cache.php release with better stats()


Improved compatibility with the toolbar in Jetpack


Added panel navigation to toolbar.
Improved localization support.
Security fixes.


Updated to avoid incompatibilities with some extensions.


Updated to avoid PHP7 Deprecated notices.


Updated to handle a new deprecated message in WordPress 4.0.


Correctif de sécurité mineur.


WordPress 3.3 compatibility
UI refresh
Removed jQuery UI requirement
Full screen by default
New debug-bar query parameter to show on page load
Removed display cookies
JavaScript error tracking (disabled by default)


Made compatible with PHP < 5.2.0
CSS Tweaks
Load JavaScript in Footer
Fixed display issues for WP_Query debug on CPT archives pages
SQL/DB error tracking


Added maximize/restore button
Added cookie to keep track of debug bar state
Added post type information to WP_Query tab
Bug fix where bottom of page was obscured in the admin


New UI
Backend rewritten with a class for each panel
Many miscellaneous improvements


Mises à jour de compatibilité pour le trunk


Added DB Version information
Updated PHP Warning and Notice tracking so that multiple different errors on the same line are tracked
Compatibility updates for trunk


Added WordPress Query infomation
Added Request parsing information


Added PHP Notice / Warning tracking when WP_DEBUG enabled
Added deprecated function usage tracking


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