Icegram Express – Email Subscribers, Newsletters and Marketing Automation Plugin


Icegram Express: Best WordPress Email Subscribers, Newsletters and Email Marketing Plugin

Icegram Express, email subscribers and newsletter plugin, is the best email marketing tool for WordPress website owners. It is a cost-effective, fully-featured email marketing plugin with seamless integration with most popular themes, plugins and SMTP / email service providers.

Who can use this plugin?

This tool offers complete email marketing solutions for bloggers, website owners, marketers, and developers. And that’s why over 100,000 users trust Icegram Express as the best solution for their Woocommerce email marketing needs.

Key features provided by Icegram Express

  • Collect leads
  • Create, send, and manage elegant broadcast newsletter emails
  • Set up drip autoresponder series
  • Automate email workflow with triggers
  • Automatically send new post notifications
  • Protect against spam
  • Dispatch post digests
  • Solve email delivery problems
  • Collect leads
  • Create, send, and manage elegant broadcast newsletter emails
  • Set up drip autoresponder series
  • Automate email workflow with triggers
  • Automatically send new post notifications
  • Protect against spam
  • Dispatch post digests
  • Solve email delivery problems

In short, get all your email marketing and newsletter needs answered in one place.

So stop thinking and maximize your email marketing results while minimizing costs – try the free version of Icegram Express today!

What is Icegram Express: Email Marketing Automation and Newsletters Plugin?

Icegram Express is a popular email newsletter WordPress plugin that bloggers and site owners use to compose and send unlimited sequentially triggered emails.

This is not like other traditional WordPress email campaign plugins; you can use the Icegram Express plugin to –

  • Convert existing web traffic into subscribers with subscription optin widgets
  • Automate email greetings, targeted emails and new blog post notifications
  • Segment leads with email lists for targeted emails
  • Design emails/newsletters like a pro with drag-and-drop visual email editor, no coding skills needed
  • Fight spammers and bots with Captcha and auto-list cleaning
  • Track your email marketing KPIs for data-driven email marketing decisions
  • Integrate with WooCommerce for eCommerce revenue boost.

What will Icegram Express help you achieve?

Icegram Express will help you achieve more subscribers and more engagements via emails.

Everyone can be a subscriber: Grow your audience with this WP automation plugin by turning visitors, customers and users into subscribers with high converting opt-ins and lead magnets.

Automate email marketing tasks, reduce customer churn and streamline your marketing with Icegram Express.

Get the best results out of your –
– Welcome emails, autoresponders & drip campaigns
– Newsletter broadcasts
– Notifications and digests for new blog posts
– Drag & drop editor with responsive email design templates
– Trigger-based automation workflows
– Learn how to install the Icegram Express WP plugin & get started – Installation Guide
– View all documentation related to WordPress email marketing automation – Knowledge Base

Learn how to install the Icegram Express WP plugin & get started – Installation Guide

View all documentation related to WordPress email marketing automation – Knowledge Base

Why Website Owners Trust Icegram’s WP Automation Plugin: The Power of Reliability and Results

Simplify reader engagement by automating newsletters with a clever workflow with Icegram Express – The most trusted Woocommerce Marketing Plugin – 1,00,000+ downloads and counting…

Here’s why.

  • Free to use
  • Friendly and super responsive customer support
  • Outcome-driven email automation workflows
  • No design or coding skills needed
  • Well-documented with video tutorials
  • Expert blog posts for better results
  • Clean code and secure
  • Integrates with popular emailers
  • Regional time zone delivery [optional]
  • Easy import/export of contacts
  • GDPR compliant
  • Seamless integration with WooCommerce
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Subscription plugin support

WooCommerce email marketing: Recover abandoned carts and improve loyalty to reduce customer churn.

Discover the Game-Changing Features of Icegram Express The Best Email Marketing Tool

With Icegram Express, you can build a mailing list for your website and grow your brand. Website owners and bloggers will find this extension to be an invaluable tool.

Stop overpaying for complex email marketing solutions. Email once, on-demand, in a series or at some event.

Check out the key features of Icegram Engage, here. For detailed info, visit the official Icegram Express features page.

1. Simple and elegant dashboards

Get started with beginner-friendly email marketing for WordPress and WooCommerce with our user-friendly dashboards. No need to stress over email automation.

2. Block dangerous domain emails

Fight spammers and bots with our domain blacklist. No need to worry about constantly cleaning your email list, focus solely on hassle-free email marketing for WordPress.

3. Unlimited forms & email lists

Create unlimited forms for niche-based email campaigns and segment subscribers by interest. Match your website marketing flow and specific email lists.

4. Unlimited emails & autoresponder sequences

Send unlimited emails and automate campaigns for free with Icegram Express email marketing plugin. No limits or charges for emailing subscribers.

5. Broadcast & post-notification emails to subscribers

Send email newsletters and broadcast messages in bulk or schedule them for specific times. Encourage website visitors to read latest posts with automated, personalized post notification emails.

6. WYSIWYG visual drag and drop & HTML editors

Customize email templates with the WYSIWYG editor, no coding skills required. Power users can paste HTML and inline CSS for beautiful designs and test them before sending.

7. Personalized with dynamic short codes

Personalize email campaigns with dynamic short codes for real-time data. Use keywords like Name, Email, Post Link, etc. to increase engagement.

8. Local time-zone enabled for better engagement

Schedule email campaigns based on subscriber time zone for improved engagement and brand growth.

9. White-labeled emails

Send emails for free without displaying « Powered By » brand section, unlike most plugins.

10. Integrates with SMTP plugins

Icegram Express newsletter plugin integrates with the popular SMTP WordPress plugins seamlessly.
Some of the notable integrations are

  • WP Mail SMTP
  • Easy WP SMTP
  • Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log
  • Easy SMTP Mail

and all SMTP plugins that link with the WordPress mailing functionality

Some of the supported ESPs – Email Service Providers are

  • Pepipost [Free]
  • SMTP [Premium]
  • Amazon SES [Premium]
  • Mailgun [Premium]

and many more.

LMS & Membership integration

  • LearnDash LMS
  • MemberPress
  • Ultimate Member
  • WooCommerce Memberships
  • Paid Memberships Pro

11. Unlimited contact storage

Reduce risk by storing contacts on your own server, not on a 3rd party platform. Easily import/export unlimited times for free.

12. Single/Double optin options

Choose single or double opt-in for real subscribers and GDPR compliance. Validate and keep your list clean.

13. Admin notifications for triggered campaigns

Get instant admin notification of sent campaigns or triggered events.

Speed, security & scalability: High on performance and scalability with enterprise-grade security.

  • High-speed, high-volume email delivery
  • Does not slow down your site
  • Works on shared hosting as well
  • Stops WordPress email spam & fake submissions
  • Easily scales as your audience grows.

Experience the Magic of Lead Generation with Icegram Express: Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

  • Worked better than I’d hoped, once I set it up correctly

    After being lazy for years and giving MailChimp WAY too much money, I’d finally had enough. I went on a search to find something like email subscribers and after reading the reviews I thought I’d give it a try. I don’t stay up to speed on all the technical bits of WordPress and run a simple site. I ran through all kinds of add ons and test programs to make Email Subscribers work, going further down a hole I didn’t want to be in. Then I finally just run Email Subscribers with a Cron job as it wanted me to do originally and Voila! It worked just fine. I cancelled all the add ons and just let it run natively and it is working exactly like I’d hoped for. I’m very pleased with the simplicity and ease of use. Great program.

  • 👉 I appreciate this free email list option

    I’ve been using this plugin for 4 years and it’s been working as it should without any problems. I’m so happy there is a free option available and when I get to sending more complicated marketing emails I probably will upgrade for more options.

  • 👉 Great plugin to compete with Mail Chimp

    I had this plugin and when I started to install Mail Chimp to be able to contact my newsletter email list, I realized that I could do it from this plugin. Great for starting out and I look forward to using the pro version in the future!

Want more advanced email marketing features? Checkout Icegram Express Premium Version

Icegram Express offers advanced options for premium users in addition to its robust free features – Icegram Pro ($129/year) and Icegram Max ($229/year).

Here’s what you get-

  1. Unlimited autoresponder sequences
  2. Unlimited email scheduling and post digest
  3. Option to send messages to new blog commenters
  4. Enable Captcha and Block Known Attackers
  5. Premium newsletter templates
  6. Campaign reports & analytics with deep insights
  7. Spam score checker
  8. Audience engagement scores
  9. Option for subscribers to exit specific lists
  10. Unsubscriber tracking & list
  11. Access control restrictions for specific user roles.

and a lot more!

Premium Icegram Express Plugin | Marketing Blog | Support Help Desk

Icegram Express email marketing plugin’s successful journey includes

See our journey through our milestones.

Take a look at our great journey so far.

🏆 6 successful years in the market

🏆 100,000+ active installs and counting

🏆 1,000+ premium customers

🏆 890+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings on the WordPress support forum

🏆 3+ real human premium support executives

🏆 8000+ support tickets closed in 6 months

Save time & money

  • Huge savings compared to MailChimp and all other SaaS
  • Do it yourself – no need to hire programmers or designers
  • Freedom to use the best email-sending service for your needs
  • Automatic list cleaning and junk removal to reduce sending costs
  • Lots of automation to save your time
  • Reliable software.

And more to come! Icegram Express adds constant value for smart users of its WordPress email marketing tool.

Let’s Socialize: Private Facebook Group | Facebook Page | Twitter Handle | YouTube Channel

  • 👉 Pro features in free edition
    > I’m using this plugin for a couple free family blogs. I’m not going to spend money on a plugin for that so it’s very nice that they offer some great features in the free edition. I just use it to send out a notification when a new post is posted to the blogs. I do have to click through some of their upsell prompts from time to time but that’s a minor nuisance for such a well put together plugin. Everything just works! I can see where this would also allow people to try it out before purchasing a license to enable some of the more advanced features. I’ve been very happy with it so far. Thanks!
    > – sj3vans

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Captures d’écran

  • Admin Dashboard

  • Audience Dashboard

  • Add New Contact Form

  • Campaigns

  • Broadcasts Content

  • Broadcast Summary

  • New Post Notification

  • Forms

  • Create a New Form

  • Workflows

  • Reports of all Newsletter & Post Notification emails sent

  • General Settings

  • Notifications Settings

  • Email Sending Settings

  • Security Settings

  • Access Control Settings

  • Subscribe Form

  • Subscribe Form - Allow subscriber to choose list

  • Import Contacts

  • Export Contacts

  • Campaign Analytics [MAX]


Cette extension fournit 1 bloc.

  • Icegram Express - Email Subscribers, Newsletters and Marketing Automation Plugin


Option 1 :

  1. Aller sur Tableau de bord->Extensions->Ajouter
  2. Search Icegram Express plugin using the search option
  3. Find the plugin and click Install Now button
  4. After installation, click on Activate Plugin link to activate the plugin.

Option 2 :

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Aller sur Tableau de bord->Extensions->Ajouter
  3. Cliquer sur le bouton Mettre une extension en ligne en haut de page
  4. Télécharger le fichier et cliquer sur Installer
  5. After installation, click on Activate Plugin link to activate the plugin.


1. How to install and activate Icegram Express on multisite installation?

Se référer à la documentation.

2. How to add a subscription box to your website?

Se référer à la documentation.

3. How to modify the existing emails like Confirmation, Welcome, Admin emails and Cron Settings and Assign User Roles?

Refer here.

4. How does Sync work?

Reportez-vous ici.

5. How to Import and export email address?

Se référer à la documentation.

6. How to change/update/translate any strings from the plugin?

Se référer à la documentation.

7. How to add unsubscribe link in emails?

Se référer à la documentation.

8. How to Create and Send Newsletter Emails?

Se référer à la documentation.

9. What are the available keywords in the Newsletters?

Refer here.

10. How to Create and Send Post Notification Emails when new posts are published?

Se référer à la documentation.

11. What are the available keywords in the Post Notifications?

Refer here.

12. How to send a sample new post notification email to test group/me?

Se référer à la documentation.

13. How to check sent emails reports?

Refer here.

14. How to Add/Update Existing Subscribers Group & Status?

Se référer à la documentation.

15. Subscribers are not receiving Emails?

Check steps from here.

16. How to show subscribe form inside a popup?

Se référer à la documentation.

17. How to use Rainmaker’s form in Icegram Express

Se référer à la documentation.

18. How to Redirect Subscribers to a new page/URL after successful sign up?

Refer here.

19. How to add captcha in Subscribe form of Icegram Express

Refer here.

20. How to Schedule Cron Emails/auto emails?

Refer here.

21. How to Schedule Cron Emails in cPanel?

Se référer à la documentation.

22. How to Schedule Cron Emails in Parallels Plesk?

Se référer à la documentation.

19. Que faire si votre hébergeur ne gère pas les tâches cron

Se référer à la documentation.

24. CSS Help

Refer here.

25. Icegram Express FAQ

Refer here.


26 mai 2023
I had an issue with a honeypot field that was displayed and I was not able to hide. Without much hope (as I'm using the free version) I clicked the "Contact US" button in the backend - and I was positively surprised. The support answered by email very quickly, was friendly and solved the issue within a few days - what a support! Thanks! BTW, the plugin is self-explaining (also for dummies like me), does what it promisses and, in the free version, has more options than others. (At least what I have seen so far.)
10 mai 2023
Really happy with the plugin, works as it should. But I needed help with something, and the support was out of this world. They really helped a lot and finally solved it by preparing a video of how to do something. Really excellent, very happy.
26 avril 2023
We use Icegram for years now. And it is really helpful. Recently we contacted the support for a customed addaptation we wanted to make. And even though we have the free version the response was quick, and the help very good. They really care.
25 avril 2023
I like the functionality, but wanted to share my experience with the support because that one surprised me in a positive way. I do not use the paid version! Reply and solution within 24h After my issue was solved I got additional info about how the plugin works under the hood and a workaround for future use .. .. plus a gif showcasing the workaround Thanks for that!
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5.6.8 (31.05.2023)

  • Improvements: Option to enable Icegram sending service when email sending fails
  • Improvements: Blocked domain check while adding contacts through workflows
  • Fix: Incorrect email stats in Weekly summary email
  • Fix: Issue with custom field having special characters [MAX]
  • Fix: Trial optin issue on dashboard

5.6.7 (24.05.2023)

  • New: Option to check email sending logs
  • Fix: Extra field in the subscription form when Otter – Gutenberg Blocks plugin is active
  • Improvements: Small UI improvements

5.6.6 (17.05.2023)

  • New: Optimize emails sending time based on subscriber’s previous average email open time [MAX]
  • Fix: Extra label in the subscription form
  • Fix: Category reset issue in the post notification campaign
  • Fix: JavaScript error while setting template preview image

5.6.5 (09.05.2023)

  • New: Send emails on subscriber birthdays/anniversaries [MAX]
  • New: Add preheader text to emails
  • Fix: Accessibility issue in the subscription form
  • Fix: Issue with email sending when using Sendgrid

5.6.4 (26.04.2023)

  • New: Housekeeping option for campaigns [MAX]
  • Enhancement: Added link for checking ESPs sending limits in Email sending settings
  • Fix: Post notification shortcode issue with Divi theme
  • Fix: Campaign sending to all recipients when no recipients selected
  • Fix: Form id in form redirection URL

5.6.3 (20.04.2023)

  • New: Option to redirect subscribers after subscription
  • New: Weekly summary email
  • Fix: Duplicate posts issue in post digest notifications [MAX]
  • Fix: Database error when creating custom field [MAX]

5.6.2 (12.04.2023)

  • New: Option to show custom success message per form
  • New: Import subscribers from BuddyBoss [MAX]

5.6.1 (05.04.2023)

  • New: Workflow rules for MemberPress & WooCommerce Memberships plugins [MAX]
  • Enhancement: List cleanup service performance improvements [PRO]

5.6.0 (27.03.2023)

  • New: Introducing Icegram Email Sending Service – free 100 emails per day [Experimental]
  • New: Workflow rules for LearnDash LMS & Ultimate Members plugins [MAX]
  • Fix: Welcome email issue
  • Fix: Manage lists issue

5.5.15 (15.03.2023)

  • Enhancement: Small UI improvements on campaigns page
  • Fix: Post digest duplicate notifications [MAX]

5.5.14 (08.03.2023)

  • Fix: Classic editor being used for default form created during onboarding

5.5.13 (23.02.2023)

  • Fix: Campaign report generation with zero subscribers

5.5.12 (15.02.2023)

  • Enhancement: Add signup consent field in Contact Form 7 [PRO]
  • Fix: HTML tags in subject line in campaign reports

5.5.11 (08.02.2023)

  • Enhancement: Setting panel improvements in Drag and drop editor
  • Fix: Site pages not getting cached [PRO]

5.5.10 (01.02.2023)

  • Fix: Autofill issue for email fields during onboarding
  • Fix: Duplicate hidden fields in subscription form

5.5.9 (25.01.2023)

  • New: Custom fields support in campaigns [MAX]
  • Update: Added selection for Formidable form in workflow integration [MAX]

5.5.8 (18.01.2023)

  • Enhancement: Show open stats on Reports page
  • Fix: Fatal error when using workflow rule for User role in MemberPress plugin’s integration

5.5.7 (12.01.2023)

  • Fix: Delete unconfirmed contacts cron not re-registering on plugin reactivation
  • Fix: Delete contacts’ list data when deleting the list
  • Fix: The master list was not editable
  • Enhancement: Name field placeholder issue in subscription form

5.5.6 (04.01.2023)

  • Enhancement: Improved dashboard stats

5.5.5 (28.12.2022)

  • New: Added scheduling for workflows [PRO]
  • New: Added column block in Drag and Drop form builder

5.5.4 (21.12.2022)

  • Fix: Preview was not working in post digest [MAX]
  • Fix: Comment/order checkout opt-in field setting not visible [PRO]

5.5.3 (14.12.2022)

Fix: CSV injection while exporting Subscribers

5.5.2 (08.12.2022)

  • New: Added option to automatically delete unconfirmed subscribers [PRO]
  • Fix: Incorrect remaining emails count show when sending campaigns manually

5.5.1 (01.12.2022)

  • New: Added new styles for subscription forms [PRO]
  • Fix: Select list issue in form widget
  • Fix: Added permission check when getting contact counts on Audience export and Campaigns pages[Thanks to WPScan team]

5.5.0 (18.11.2022)

  • New: Workflow action to update contact’s custom field [MAX]
  • Fix: SQL vulnerability while getting list’s contacts count [Thanks to WPScan team]
  • Fix: Style issue for Drag-and-Drop form fields
  • Fix: Sending issue with Sendinblue when subscribers’ name data is not present [MAX]

5.4.19 (09.11.2022)

  • New: Added Text, Image, and Heading blocks for Drag-and-Drop form editor
  • New: Added inline color picker in Drag-and-Drop campaign editor
  • Fix: Style issue for checkbox setting fields in Drag-and-Drop editor
  • Fix: Remote templates were not loading due to database collation issues on some sites

5.4.18 (02.11.2022)

  • New: Rest API support for add/delete/edit subscriber
  • Fix: Gutenberg form block issue with ClassicPress plugin

5.4.17 (19.10.2022)

  • New: Added Gutenberg block for subscription form
  • New: Added new workflow action to change subscriber’s status in the list [MAX]
  • Enhancement: Small UI improvements

5.4.16 (13.10.2022)

  • Enhancement: Added post notification keyword blocks in Drag and Drop editor
  • Enhancement: Added new rules for cart abandoned workflow [MAX]

5.4.15 (06.10.2022)

  • Enhancement: Introduce gallery for template section

5.4.14 (28.09.2022)

  • New : Filter subscribers using custom fields while sending emails[MAX]

5.4.13 (22.09.2022)

  • Enhancement: Bulk actions can now apply to all the contacts
  • Fix: Some keywords are not getting converted correctly in Amazon SES

5.4.12 (14.09.2022)

  • Enhancement: Add title for list names on add contact screen
  • Enhancement: Improve error handling when email sending fails for some email addresses
  • Fix: Fatal error when getmypid function is disabled on hosts with PHP v8
  • Fix: Fatal error Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: number_format() on dashboard

5.4.11 (07.09.2022)

  • Enhancement: Simplified merge tag view for editor
  • Fix: Campaign preview not working in some cases

5.4.10 (01.09.2022)

  • Enhancement: Added option to disable subscription API
  • Fix: Duplicate campaign scheduling issue[MAX]

5.4.9 (25.08.2022)

  • Enhancement: Added failed status for campaign in case email delivery fails
  • Enhancement: Added workflow trigger for failed campaigns
  • Fix: Form fields were not rendering properly when viewed in popup[MAX]

5.4.8 (18.08.2022)

  • New: Added unsubscribe reasons on dashboard [MAX]
  • Fix: Emails were not getting sent via Amazon SES for some cases [MAX]

5.4.7 (10.08.2022)

  • New: New workflow trigger for MemberPress [MAX]
  • New: New workflow trigger for WooCommerce Memberships [MAX]

5.4.6 (03.08.2022)

  • New: New workflow trigger for Paid Memberships Pro [MAX]
  • New: New workflow trigger for Ultimate Members [MAX]
  • Update: Added product rule for WooCommerce order workflow [MAX]

5.4.5 (27.07.2022)

  • New: New workflow trigger for LearnDash LMS [MAX]
  • Update: Improved send test email feature in campaign preview (19.07.2022)

  • Fix: {{POSTTITLE}} keyword not working in subject

5.4.4 (19.07.2022)

  • Update: New keyword structure for campaigns

5.4.3 (13.07.2022)

  • New: Send emails using Gmail API [PRO]

5.4.2 (06.07.2022)

  • New: Send different welcome/confirmation emails to subscribers based on their list
  • Fix: Some subscribers’s emails getting excluded while sending emails[MAX]

5.4.1 (29.06.2022)

  • Update: Better spam score checking
  • Fix: Custom HTML block in drag and drop editor not working properly
  • Fix: Workflow not running on some setup
  • Fix: Optional parameter warning in PHP 8.1
  • Fix: Issue while creating a new campaign on some setup

5.4.0 (23.06.2022)

  • New: Added drag and drop editor for building forms
  • Update: Added status dropdown to add to list action
  • Update: Support to exclude some Broadcast emails in Broadcast archive shortcode

5.3.18 (17.06.2022)

  • New: Added shortcode to display broadcast archive
  • Update: Improve spam score service

5.3.17 (08.06.2022)
* New: Added support for sending notifications on page publish

5.3.16 (02.06.2022)
* Enhancement: Improved dashboard stats
* Fix: Warning message when using Gmail/Yahoo email addresses in From email setting
* Fix: Email sending issue with Amazon SES when subject contains emojis[MAX]
* Fix: Duplicate post digest notifications[MAX]
* Fix: Unsubscribe message getting inserted after HTML tag
* Fix: Caching issue when editing campaign when Redis cache enable
* Fix: PHP warning when subscription form is deleted from backend and form widget is active on frontend
* Fix: Incorrect link tracking stats for campaigns created using Drag-n-Drop editor[PR0]

5.3.15 (18.05.2022)

  • New: Advanced audience filters[MAX]
  • Fix: Template already exists issue on some setup using Amazon SES[MAX]

5.3.14 (11.05.2022)

  • New: Automatic email list cleanup service[MAX]
  • Fix: Issue with Created at date while importing
  • Fix: Unsubscribe link not working when WooCommerce styling is selected in workflow emails
  • Fix: Issue with Drag and Drop campaign editor on some setup
  • Fix: Unable to subscribe with a Hotmail email address[MAX]

5.3.13 (27.04.2022)

  • New: Support for categories for custom post type[MAX]
  • New: Added preview for sequence emails[MAX]

5.3.12 (21.04.2022)

  • Fix: Incorrect name when registering through Ultimate Member plugin
  • Fix: Broadcast send now not working on sites having timezone before UTC
  • Fix: Security related issues [Thanks to WP team]

5.3.11 (12.04.2022)

  • New: Now ES forms can be added to remote sites/pages via HTML code
  • Fix: Workflows are not getting saved in some cases
  • Fix: Security related issues [Thanks to WP team]

5.3.10 (07.04.2022)

  • Fix: Security related issues [Thanks to WP team]
  • Enhancement: Small UI improvements

5.3.9 (30.03.2022)

  • New: Added WooCommerce email template support in workflows
  • Fix: Template gallery not working with WordPress v4.9 and lower

5.3.8 (24.03.2022)

  • New: Added predefined workflows
  • New: Email template gallery improvements
  • Fix: Sequence were not getting sent on time in some cases
  • Fix: Styling was not properly getting applied to the post excerpt in campaigns

5.3.7 (16.03.2022)

  • New: Added preview for workflow emails
  • Fix: Duplicate drafts were getting created for campaigns in some cases
  • Fix: Custom post type were not getting saved in post notification campaigns
  • Fix: Encoding issues with pepipost email sending

5.3.6 (09.03.2022)

  • New: Added support for fallback value for NAME and FIRSTNAME keywords
  • Fix: PHP warning on custom post type page
  • Fix: Welcome email issue with Rainmaker integration

5.3.5 (02.03.2022)

  • New: Added ajax option for submission of forms
  • Fix: HTML Tags getting escaped from the form description
  • Update: Added support for two new regions(AF South 1 and EU South 1) in Amazon SES [MAX]

5.3.4 (24.02.2022)

  • New: Integration of WooCommerce coupon in workflows [MAX]

5.3.3 (17.02.2022)

  • New: Added template gallery for campaigns
  • New: Added {{POSTAUTHORAVATAR}} and {{POSTAUTHORAVATARLINK-ONLY}} keywords for Post Notification
  • New: Added option to send welcome/ confirmation email after importing of contacts
  • Fix: Improved security related to nonce validations [Thanks to WP team]

5.3.2 (09.02.2022)

  • New: Send emails using Sendinblue [MAX]
  • New: Send emails using Mailjet [MAX]
  • Fix: Secured Icegram Express from reflected XSS vulnerability [Thanks to WPScan team]

5.3.1 (01.02.2022)

  • Fix: Media upload is not working

5.3.0 (01.02.2022)

  • New: Added Drag and Drop editor in campaign section
  • Fix: Compatibility with Forminator version(1.15.9) [MAX]

5.2.0 (24.01.2022)

  • Update: UI improvements for campaign section

5.1.0 (19.01.2022)

  • New: Added support for popup in forms
  • New: Added more blocks for drag and drop email builder – Video and Custom Code [MAX]
  • Update: Added selection of form for Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, and Contact form 7 workflow integration[MAX]
  • Fix: Pepipost support for swedish characters

5.0.9 (12.01.2022)

  • New: Added blocks for drag and drop editor [MAX]

5.0.8 (06.01.2022)

  • New: Option to add attachments to workflow emails [MAX]
  • Fix: {{UNSUBSCRIBE-LINK}} not working in welcome emails in few cases
  • Fix: PHP warning undefined index ‘ig-es-tracking-campaign-id’ during onboarding/update

5.0.7 (31.12.2021)

  • Fix: Adding sequence is not working

5.0.6 (31.12.2021)

  • New: Drag and Drop editor[Beta]
  • New: New workflow trigger for subscriber unsubscribed
  • Update: Stop post notification for post where notification is already sent

5.0.5 (15.12.2021)

  • New: Date filter for reports
  • Update: Amazon SES support for bounce handling
  • Update: Support for Amazon SES throttling
  • Fix: Small UI fixes

5.0.4 (08.12.2021)

  • New: Added new sending option for sequence[MAX]
  • New: Support description in list
  • New: Option to customize « Select list » label for form

5.0.3 (02.12.2021)

  • New: Send emails in customers timezone [MAX]
  • New: Tracking for workflows
  • Fix: UI fixes

5.0.2 (19.11.2021)

  • Fix: Incorrect placeholder values in emails
  • Fix: Unable to send campaigns

5.0.1 (18.11.2021)

  • Enhancement: Welcome and Confirmation email are now part of workflows
  • New: Preview email template in popup
  • Fix: Increase character limit in amazon SES
  • Fix: Prevent email sending while campaign is getting queued

5.0.0 (10.11.2021)

  • New: Campaign rule to filter on ‘bounce status’ of recipients while emails [MAX]
  • New: Campaign rule to filter on ‘engagement score’ of recipients while emails [MAX]

4.9.1 (02.11.2021)

  • New: Added {{POSTIMAGE-URL}} keyword for Post Notification
  • Update: Action Scheduler Library to 3.3.0
  • Fix: Amazon SES batch sending issue [MAX]

4.9.0 (26.10.2021)

  • New: Automatic bounce handling for list [MAX]

4.8.6 (21.10.2021)

  • New: Prefill name and email fields in the subscription form for logged-in users

4.8.5 (14.10.2021)

  • Update: Support for Amazon SES batch email API [MAX]
  • Fix: PHP warning while saving contact through admin side

4.8.4 (07.10.2021)

  • New: Custom fields support for contacts [MAX]
  • New: Add custom fields in subscription forms [MAX]
  • New: Map custom fields while importing contacts [MAX]
  • Fix: Fixed video thumbnail issue with Jetpack plugin

4.8.3 (29.09.2021)

  • New: Subscribers engagement score [MAX]

4.8.2 (22.09.2021)

  • New: Elementor form integration with Icegram Express
    4.8.1 (15.09.2021)

  • Fix: Duplicate emails in few cases

  • Update: Tested up to WordPress 5.8.1

4.8.0 (08.09.2021)

  • New: Weekly summary email [MAX]
  • New: Campaign unsubscribe count [MAX]
  • Fix: Long SQL query killed while sending to large number of emails on WP Engine host
  • Fix: CSS conflict on WordPress admin dashboard page

4.7.9 (02.09.2021)

  • New: Added ‘Total sent’ column on the Reports page
  • Update: UX improvements
  • Fix: Incorrect sent and opened dates on campaign report on some setup
  • Fix: Campaign report migration issue from Icegram Express 3.5.16
  • Fix: Duplicate sequence emails [MAX]

4.7.8 (26.08.2021)

  • New: Pause/resume ongoing campaigns [MAX]
  • New: Dashboard widget to review statistics in a glance
  • Update: Batch email API improvements [MAX]

4.7.7 (17.08.2021)

  • Update: Tested up to WordPress 5.8
  • Update: Improved campaign reports performance
  • Update: Improved handling of emails having internationalized domain name during import
  • Fix: Newline characters when previewing campaign reports
  • Fix: Database error when subscribing to another list and name field isn’t present in the subscription form

4.7.6 (17.07.2021)

  • New: Bulk resend confirmation emails [MAX]
  • New: Run Workflows on existing orders [MAX]
  • New: Search contacts by email on the Reports page [MAX]
  • Fix: Incorrect form action URL when the subscription form is shown on the blog page
  • Fix: ‘es_subbox’ function not working (16.06.2021)

  • Fix: PHP warning for number_format on Manage List screen

4.7.5 (16.06.2021)

  • New: Import subscribers from WooCommerce orders [MAX]
  • New: Added option to remove plugin data on plugin deletion
  • Update: Support for Peipost batch email API
  • Update: Support for Sparkpost batch email API [MAX]
  • Update: Removing JavaScript dependency for handling frontend subscriptions

4.7.4 (27.05.2021)

  • Fix: Localization/internationalization issue
  • Update: Improved UI/IX

4.7.3 (19.05.2021)

  • Fix: Formatting of broadcast test email not matching with actual campaign email [MAX]
  • Fix: JavaScript errors on the broadcast screen when a visual mode is disabled for classic editor
  • Fix: Incorrect campaign start date on the reports page
  • Fix: Fixing incorrect count of imported users in the log message when CSV contains duplicate emails
  • Update: Improved email template preview
  • Update: Improved campaign report UI

4.7.2 (12.05.2021)

  • New: Support for ‘List-Unsubscribe’ email header
  • New: Support for ‘Subscribed at’ field while importing contacts through CSV
  • Update: Support for Sendgrid batch email API [MAX]
  • Update: Improved page load performance on Icegram Express admin pages

4.7.1 (30.04.2021)

  • New: Send emails using Postmark batch API [MAX]
  • Update: Improved dashboard UI
  • Fix: Post digest category issue [MAX]
  • Fix: Garbage characters in few cases when an email containing HTML entities is sent using Pepipost
  • Fix: Ajax call on every page load

4.7.0 (05.04.2021)

  • New: Support for list and status fields while importing contacts through CSV
  • New: Using batch API to send emails through Mailgun [MAX]

4.6.14 (25.03.2021)

  • New: Send emails using Mailgun, SparkPost and SendGrid [MAX]
  • New: Import contacts from MailChimp

4.6.13 (17.03.2021)

  • New: Campaign rules to filter recipients while sending sequence emails [MAX]
  • Update: Tested up to WordPress 5.7
  • Fix: Invalid date and time for campaign reports activity table (05.03.2021)

  • Fix: Subscription issue with Icegram plugin

4.6.12 (04.03.2021)

  • New: Filter recipients using new campaign rules for ‘is in List’ and ‘is not in List’ while sending broadcast [MAX]
  • Update: Improved campaign report UI
  • Update: Improved securities in subscription form

4.6.11 (25.02.2021)

  • New: Campaign rules to filter recipients while sending broadcast [MAX]
  • New: Added option to disable post notifications for default WordPress posts
  • Update: Improved campaign preview report UI

4.6.10 (15.02.2021)

  • New: New workflow trigger for YITH WooCommerce Wishlist [MAX]
  • New: Added additional stats on campaigns reports dashboard
  • Update: Disable IP tracking in lite version by default to make GDPR compliant
  • Fix: Database vulnerability

4.6.9 (05.02.2021)

  • New: Added placeholder keyword support for WooCommerce [MAX]
  • New: Added abandoned cart recovery related triggers [MAX]
  • Update: Improve campaign reports

4.6.8 (01.02.2021)

  • New: Allow subscribers to provide feedback for unsubscription [MAX]
  • Update: UI Improvements

4.6.7 (21.01.2021)

  • New: Show contacts’ country on the audience page [MAX]
  • New: Import existing WordPress users [MAX]
  • New: Add attachments to broadcast and sequence campaigns [MAX]
  • New: Send emails using Amazon SES [MAX]
  • Update: Improved campaign report UI
  • Fix: Invalid nonce issue due to caching while subscribing

4.6.6 (14.01.2021)

  • New: Now, able to map fields while importing
  • Update: Improved UI
  • Fix: YouTube video embedding issue

4.6.5 (22.12.2020)

  • New: WooCommerce Abandoned Cart [MAX]
  • New: Added option to disable storing of subscribers’ IP Address [MAX]
  • New: Added new column ‘Last Opened At’ on the audience page [MAX]
  • New: Added option to filter reports by campaign type and status

4.6.4 (24.11.2020)

  • New: Added {{POSTMORETAG}} keyword for Post Notification
  • New: New workflow trigger for WooCommerce order creation [MAX]
  • New: Added option to select multiple lists while importing subscribers [MAX]
  • Fix: Import not working for existing subscribers
  • Fix: Duplicate email issue in few edge cases

4.6.3 (09.11.2020)

  • New: Duplicate Broadcasts and Sequences [MAX]
  • New: Added IP address of contacts on audience
  • New: Show total contacts subscribed from a specific form
  • Update: Improve email sending queue

4.6.2 (27.10.2020)

  • Fix: UTM tracking related issue [MAX]

4.6.1 (19.10.2020)

  • New: UI improvements
  • Fix: Status change issue after sending broadcast

4.6.0 (25.09.2020)

  • New: Added unconfirmed contacts KPI on audience page
  • New: Integrate email delivery check system
  • Update: Improved onboarding
  • Update: User subscription on selected lists only in double opt-in (instead of all list)
  • Update: Added option to remove « Powered By Icegram » link
  • Fix: Deactivation feedback popup issue
  • Fix: Migration issue from Icegram Express 3.1.3
  • Fix: Bulk actions issue for large number of list items

4.5.6 (09.09.2020)

  • Update: Improved UI
  • Update: Improved securities
  • Update: Improved Import contacts functionality
  • Update: Now, pagination also works with search parameter

4.5.5 (02.09.2020)

  • Update: Improve onboarding
  • New: Sync name field value from WP Form [MAX]
  • Fix: WP Form workflow related issue [MAX]

4.5.4 (27.08.2020)

  • Update: Compatible with WordPress 5.5
  • Fix: SMTP mailer warning with WordPress 5.5
  • Fix: Import Contact issue

4.5.3 (30.07.2020)

  • New: Add Reply-To Email Address field for Broadcast
  • New: Improve WooCommerce integration by adding more WooCommerce specific workflows [MAX]
  • Update: Change Sequence Message status on change of parent status
  • Fix: Load PRO email templates when upgrading from Free to PRO

4.5.2 (23.07.2020)

  • New: Added Seqeuence/ Autoresponder Reports
  • Fix: Sequence Open/ Click tracking issue
  • Fix: Empty Post Digest send issue if no Posts published

4.5.1 (16.07.2020)

  • New: Added Advance Campaign Reports like Country info, Browser Info, Device Info, Mail Client Info [MAX]
  • Fix: Post Digest issues [MAX]
  • Update: Performance Improvements. (09.07.2020)

  • Fix: Duplicate campaign creation
  • Fix: Post Digest Keywords issue [MAX]

4.5.0 (07.07.2020)

  • New: Advance Campaign Reports [MAX] (02.07.2020)

  • Fix: Call to undefined method ES_Install::get_441_schema()

4.4.10 (29.06.2020)

  • New: Added {{POSTCATS}} keyword for Post Notification
  • New: Added option to select multiple lists while sending Broadcast, creating Post Notification and Post Digest [MAX]
  • New: Added new email templates for Broadcast, Post Notifications & Post Digst [MAX]

4.4.9 (24.06.2020)

  • Update: Redirect to forms list page after creating a form
  • Update: YouTube video embedding issue
  • Update: Action Scheduler Library to 3.1.6
  • Fix: {{POSTLINK-ONLY}} keyword issue
  • Fix: Post Digest issue [MAX]

4.4.8 (22.05.2020)

  • New: Filter Campaigns by type
  • New: Filter Campaigns by status
  • New: Added Report link for each campaign
  • Update: UI improvements

4.4.7 (14.05.2020)

  • New: Improved Broadcast UI
  • New: Now, able to draft broadcast and send later
  • New: Added campaign level open/ view tracking
  • New: Form level captcha is available (PRO)
  • New: Added campaign level Link tracking (PRO)
  • New: Added campaign level UTM tracking (PRO)
  • Update: Use date formate which set in WordPress
  • Update: UI improvements
  • Fix: Import/ Export issues

4.4.6 (23.04.2020)

  • New: Integrate Forminator form plugin (PRO)
  • Update: Improved Import/ Export feature
  • Update: Improved manage lists UI
  • Update: Improved Export contacts UI
  • Update: Show date based on the format set in WordPress settings
  • Fix: Import contact issue
  • Fix: « Continue Reading » link doesn’t work in Post Notifications
  • Fix: Audience lists stick to the bottom

4.4.5 (15.04.2020)

  • Update: Improved Import & Export contacts UI
  • Fix: Importing contacts progress stays at 0%
  • Fix: Test email send acknowledgment was not showing

4.4.4 (10.04.2020)

  • Update: Improved Settings UI
  • Update: Improved Import/ Export contacts

4.4.3 (02.04.2020)

  • Update: Improved Workflows
  • Update: Improved UI/ UX
  • Update: Compatibility check with WordPress 5.4
  • Fix: Fatal Error: Cannot Redeclare ig_es_may_activate_on_blog
  • Fix: Email Templates scroll issue

4.4.2 (26.03.2020)

  • Update: Improved Help & Info page
  • Update: Improved Active Contacts Growth based on cumulative contacts
  • Fix: Migration issue
  • Fix: Campaign was sent while previewing campaign
  • Fix: Empty campaign body if any error occurred
  • Fix: Optimize images
  • Fix: Campaigns list stick to the bottom of the page
  • Fix: PHP Warning during installation on multisite (12.03.2020)

  • Update: Show warning message for minimum PHP compatibility version

4.4.1 (12.03.2020)

  • New: Added Icegram Express Workflows
  • Fix: Export contacts issue
  • Fix: Subscribe people without list selection

4.4.0 (03.03.2020)

  • Update: Improve dashboard. Added active growth, last 60 days KPI and Campaigns reports (PRO)

Earlier Versions

For the changelog of earlier versions, please refer to the separate changelog.txt file.