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GamiPress is the easiest way to gamify your WordPress website in just a few minutes, letting you award your users with digital rewards for interacting with your site.

Easily define the achievements, organize requirements, and choose from a range of assessment options to determine whether each task or requirement has been successfully achieved.

GamiPress is extremely powerful and infinitely extensible. Check out some of the built in features:

3 façons puissantes de récompenser vos utilisateurs

GamiPress combines three of the most powerful award systems you could add to your site:

  • Les Points récompensent automatiquement vos utilisateurs qui interagissent avec votre site.
  • Achievements to award users for completing all the requirements, sequentially or otherwise.
  • les Rangslaissent vos utilisateurs progresser à travers les rangs en complétant tous les prérequis de rangs.

Manières illimitées de définir comment décerner les différents points, succès et rangs

  • Site activity (events based on publishing posts and pages, commenting, daily visits or logging in to your site).
  • En complétant les autres succès spécifiques, une fois ou le nombre de fois spécifié.
  • Completing one or all achievements of a specified type.
  • Seuil de points.
  • Administration des succès décernés.
  • Atteindre un rang spécifique.
  • Dépenser une quantité de points.


  • Points Types: Configure as many types of points as you like (Credits, Gems, Coins, etc).
  • Achievement Types: Configure as many types of achievement as you like (Quests, Badges, etc).
  • Rank Types: Configure as many types of rank as you like (Level, Grade, etc).
  • Automatic points awards and deductions: Easily configure automatic ways to award or deduct points to your users.
  • Custom requirements: Define conditional requirements the user needs to meet for unlock any achievement or rank.
  • Time limit requirements: Limit by time period when the user can complete a specific requirement (minutely, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly).
  • Drag and drop controls: Powerful controls to setup your gamification environment in minutes.
  • Social sharing: Users can share the achievements and ranks they have earned on any social network of their choice.
  • Unlock achievements and ranks using points: Let users to optionally unlock any achievement or rank by expending an amount of points without meet the requirements.
  • Emails: Your users will get notified automatically about new awards.
  • Logs: Flexible log system with support for public and private logs.
  • Open Badges compatible: Connect your site achievements with Badgr or Credly to issue open badges as an official recognition of the skills of your users.
  • Blocks, Shortcodes & Widgets: WordPress-friendly blocks, shortcodes and widgets to show the user points wallet, earned achievements, latest logs, and more.
  • Live shortcode editor: Missing a shortcode parameter? Just press the « GamiPress Shortcode » button and set up any shortcode without a worry.
  • GDPR Support: Support for WordPress personal data exports and deletions.
  • Theme Agnostic: GamiPress works with just about any standard WordPress theme. No special hooks or theme updates are needed.
  • Templates System: Overwritable templates system to allow you customize everything you want through your GamiPress theme folder.
  • Data centralization on Multisite: Centralize all the data on multisite installs and show anything you want on any sub-site.
  • Rest API: Full support to WordPress rest API brings you new ways to connect GamiPress with external applications.
  • Developer-friendly: GamiPress is extremely flexible with plenty of hooks to add custom features and functionalities.

Intégré avec vos extensions favorites WordPress

GamiPress integrates with a large number of plugins allowing you to add gamification in any environment.

Intégrations LMS

Autres intégrations

Voir toutes les intégrations

Extensions puissantes pour étendre GamiPress is home to some amazing extensions for GamiPress, including:

Voir toutes les extensions sur

If you’re looking for something endorsed and maintained by the developers who built GamiPress, there are a plethora of premium add-ons, the most popular of which include:

Voir toutes les extensions

Captures d’écran

  • A huge number of shortcodes and widgets with a lot of display options.
  • Configure as many points types as you like: Credits, Gems, Coins, etc.
  • Configure as many achievement types as you like: Badges, Quests, etc.
  • Configure as many rank types as you like: Grade, Level, etc.
  • Let users to optionally unlock any achievement or rank by expending an amount of points without meet the requirements.
  • interface suffisamment simple et puissant pour gérer vos éléments de Gamification.
  • Le contrôle en glissé et déposé qui définit les prérequis pour chaque succès, type de points ou rang.
  • Built-in support for Gutenberg including a great number of blocks to place them anywhere.
  • Live shortcode editor appears in the toolbar of all WordPress content editor areas, allowing you to transform any page or post into part of your gamification system without referencing any of the shortcodes.
  • WordPress-friendly widgets to show the user points wallet, earned achievements, latest logs, and more.
  • Configurable email templates to let your users get notified automatically about new awards.
  • Système de connexion flexible avec support pour les connexions privées et publiques.


Venant du Backend WordPress

  1. Naviguer vers Extensions -> Ajouter nouveau.
  2. Click the button « Upload Plugin » next to « Add plugins » title.
  3. Upload the downloaded zip file and activate it.

Téléversement direct

  1. Mettre le fichier zip téléchargé dans votre wp-content/plugins/ dossier.
  2. Extraire le fichier zip téléchargé.
  3. Navigate to Plugins menu on your WordPress admin area.
  4. Activer cette extension.


Is GamiPress compatible with any theme?

We built GamiPress so that it will work with modern WordPress themes. GamiPress just adds positional styles which will allow you to better customize everything for your specific needs.

Can GamiPress be easily translated?

Yes, GamiPress is stored in the official WordPress plugins repository where you (and anyone) are able to submit your own translations.

Does GamiPress work with WordPress multisite?

Oui, vous pouvez utiliser GamiPress sur un réseau multisite WordPress.

En plus, GamiPress a la capacité de centraliser toutes les données quand le réseau partagé est actif.

Does GamiPress work with WordPress rest API?

Oui. GamiPress inclut un support support complet adapté vers le rest API de WordPress.

You can find all information about rest API on this page.

Where can I find documentation about GamiPress?

Vérifiez les documents pour bien débuter afin de commencer à vous familiariser avec GamiPress.

Aussi, nous avons les sectionstutoriaux où vous pouvez trouver les guides étapes-par-étape pour accomplir les tâches communes au bon fonctionnement de GamiPress.

Where can I find code snippets to customize GamiPress?

Check our customize section where you can find a huge number of code snippets to help you customize GamiPress.

Where can I find images to customize the GamiPress elements?

Vérifiezour assets section où vous pouvez trouver un nombre immense de ressources pour décorer vos éléments de Gamification pour atteindre les meilleurs designs.

Which shortcodes come bundled with GamiPress?

GamiPress comes with the following shortcodes:

In your WordPress admin area, navigate to the GamiPress Help/Support menu where you can find the full list of available shortcodes, including descriptions of all parameters each shortcode supports.

Which blocks and widgets come bundled with GamiPress?

GamiPress comes with the following blocks and widgets:

  • Achievement: to display a desired achievement.
  • Achievements: to display a list of achievements.
  • Last Achievements Earned: to display a list of the latest achievements earned.
  • User Earnings: to display a list of user earnings.
  • Logs: to display a list of logs.
  • Points Types: to display a list of points types with their points awards and deducts.
  • User Points: to display current or specific user points balance.
  • Rank: to display a desired rank.
  • Ranks: to display a list of ranks.
  • User Rank: to display previous, current and/or next rank of a user.
  • Email Settings: to display the user email notifications preferences for the GamiPress emails.
  • Inline Achievement: to display a desired achievement inline.
  • Inline Last Achievements Earned: to display a list of the latest achievements earned inline.
  • Inline Rank: to display a desired rank inline.
  • Inline User Rank: to display previous, current and/or next rank of a user inline.

Do you offer custom development services?

No, We’re unable to provide custom development services, as our focus is developing the core GamiPress plugin, and the official GamiPress add-ons. If you need customization services check our customizations page.

Also, you can check our customize section where you can find a huge number of code snippets to help you customize GamiPress!


21 mai 2022
Seems very powerful but huge learning curve. Maybe they could provide some presets to help users figure out how to use the system.
19 mai 2022
I was with BadgeOS for some time but came across Gamipress one day which seemed to offer much more. So far in my two weeks with the plugin the support has been dismissive and reliant on documentation which is either out of date or incomplete. The response from their email support is "read the documentation" which i have been doing and so now I'm stuck with a plugin that doesn't work Today I posted in their facebook group but because I mentioned a plugin that competes with one of their own plugins (automator) they removed my message. Unbelievable. If you're moving from BadgeOS for example be aware that Gamipress is overly complex and with terrible support and functions which don't match BadgeOS such as auto accepted submissions which is pretty basic. And they don't do refunds!
17 mai 2022
this plugin has been a game changer for us! students were much more engaged and excited to learn and complete assignments. we use this plugin with learndash LMS and feedback from students and parents has been great. i think every online institute has to know about this, and i feel sorry for those who havent researched enough to find this. we take responsibility as well tho and should share this with as many people to improve the quality of online learning
27 avril 2022
Looked over the GamiPress plugin and found a lot of useful elements to use on my website. Bought the access pass to gain access to all of the add-ons, but had a small issue with one of the add-ons with my multi-site WordPress installation. After contacting them about the issue, it was quickly updated and worked perfectly. Great plugin and great customer service!
27 avril 2022
I was going to launch a site with another point system plugin but it didn't integrate with WooCommerce. After looking at all the features GamiPress offers I was blown away with everything that I would have been missing using the other plugin. Besides all the integrations and features, GamiPress is open source instead of proprietary code. This means I don't have to worry about future problems that could arise based on closed source software. I'm glad I chose to be part of the thriving ecosystem that Gamipress has assembled by being the best in the business.
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  • Améliorations
  • Style improvements for the admin area forms.
  • Tested with WordPress 6.0.


  • Nouvelles fonctionnalités
  • Added the email tag {points_image} with the points type featured image on points awards/deducts email templates.
  • Bugs résolus
  • Prevent to lost sequential steps option when saving the achievement through the quick edit form.


  • Nouvelles fonctionnalités
  • New options for several blocks, shortcodes and widgets:
    • Option to set the title text size.
    • Option to set the thumbnail size.
    • Option to show/hide the heading text on steps, requirements, points awards and deducts.
    • Option to set the heading text size.
  • New block and widget: Inline Achievement.
  • New shortcode: [gamipress_inline_achievement].
  • New block and widget: Inline Last Achievements Earned.
  • New shortcode: [gamipress_inline_last_achievements_earned].
  • New block and widget: Inline Rank.
  • New shortcode: [gamipress_inline_rank].
  • New block and widget: Inline User Rank.
  • New shortcode: [gamipress_inline_user_rank].
  • New event: Get a specific achievement revoked.
  • New event: Get any achievement of type revoked.
  • New event: Get a rank revoked.
  • Améliorations
  • Removed the word « Required » from the achievement steps heading.
  • Style improvements in some form components.
  • Added new CSS classes to headings when listing steps, requirements, points awards and deducts.
  • Notes développeur
  • Added a new points inline template to make it overridable through the template system.
  • Added an achievement inline template.
  • Added an achievements inline template.
  • Added a rank inline template.
  • Added a ranks inline template.


  • Améliorations
  • Improved database query for the user earnings shortcode, block and widget.


  • Bugs résolus
  • Prevent PHP notices for undefined array keys.


  • Bugs résolus
  • Fixed the post selector result processing.
  • Notes développeur
  • Updated CMB2 library to 2.10.1.


  • Nouvelles fonctionnalités
  • Added the ability to define achievement and rank requirements as optional to allow unlock achievements and ranks without complete all its requirements.
  • New URL field on requirements to allow define a custom URL to the requirement.
  • Améliorations
  • Full style rework of the requirements UI.
  • Style improvements in several areas.
  • Added the ability to search users and posts by ID in selectors by just typing the ID number.
  • Notes développeur
  • Updated CMB2 library to 2.10.


  • Améliorations
  • Improved rank earners heading title.
  • Notes développeur
  • Added new filters to extend the achievement and rank heading titles.
  • Localize some script texts.
  • Added new filters to extend the usage of points, achievement and rank selectors.
  • Added new filters to extend the usage of post type and user role selectors (thanks to @pryley).


  • Nouvelles fonctionnalités
  • Added the « Dashboard » page.
  • Améliorations
  • Improved the Help/Support page display.
  • Bugs résolus
  • Fixed incorrect redirections to the Clear Cache action.


  • Notes développeur
  • Tested with WordPress 5.9.


  • Notes développeur
  • Added support for CMB2 fields data removal if field has « multiple » set to « true ».


  • Notes développeur
  • Make use of the min() function when defining length of the table keys (thanks to @mholubowski).


  • Nouvelles fonctionnalités
  • Added user email preferences support to meet the EU GDPR requirements.
  • Added the shortcode [gamipress_email_settings] to display the user email notifications preferences for the GamiPress emails.
  • Added the block and widget Email Settings to display the user email notifications preferences for the GamiPress emails.
  • Notes développeur
  • Quote all fields and indexes during database creation to improve compatibility with some database servers.


  • Nouvelles fonctionnalités
  • Added to the « Last Achievement Earned » block, shortcode and widget support to display multiples achievements.
  • Renamed the block, shortcode and widget « Last Achievement Earned » to « Last Achievements Earned ».
  • Notes développeur
  • Keep backward compatibility with the shortcode [gamipress_last_achievement_earned] and its new version [gamipress_last_achievements_earned].


  • Améliorations
  • Prevent the use of the deprecated « block_categories » hook for WP installs on 5.8 or higher (thanks to @martatorre and @omhabibal).


  • Bugs résolus
  • Fixed wrong check that causes an infinite loop in the export personal data tool.


  • Bugs résolus
  • Fixed issue during database tables creation for numeric keys.


  • Améliorations
  • Ensure to provide a key length during database indexes creation to avoid issues with databases that requires key length.


  • Améliorations
  • Multisite: Ensure to load users only from the current site in all tools or fields who query users.


  • Améliorations
  • Improved database indexes creation to ensure maximum performance on the GamiPress tables.
  • Ensure the creation of table indexes during installation.
  • Updated GamiPress table versions to force table indexes creation on already installed websites.
  • Updated Custom Tables library.


  • Améliorations
  • Ensure to deduct points when a user earning gets revoked.


  • Nouvelles fonctionnalités
  • Added the points type image in the achievement points awarded.
  • Added the attribute « points_awarded_thumbnail » in all achievement related shortcodes.
  • Added the option « Show Points Awarded Thumbnail » in all achievement related block and widgets.
  • New shortcode: [gamipress_last_achievement_earned].
  • New block and widget: GamiPress: Last Achievement Earned.
  • Added a helper link to clear the GamiPress cache directly from the GamiPress menus.
  • Améliorations
  • Improved several shortcodes, blocks and widgets fields descriptions.
  • Improved shortcodes descriptions.
  • Notes développeur
  • Added new utility functions to make more easy to work with logs and user earnings metas.
  • Added new utility functions to query user earnings efficiently.


  • Améliorations
  • Added new checks when revoking a rank from user earnings to update the user rank to the previous one.


  • Améliorations
  • Performance in database table structure adding more new keys for speed up all database queries.
  • Order registered types alphabetically.
  • Multisite: Ensure to only display achievement or rank earners from the current site.


  • Améliorations
  • Added required parameters in the ‘get_the_excerpt’ filter to avoid compatibility issues.
  • Multisite: Added extra check when exporting data to ensure that only users from the current site gets exported when GamiPress is not active network wide.


  • Nouvelles fonctionnalités
  • Tested GamiPress with WordPress 5.8.
  • Améliorations
  • Improved styles for the new widgets area.


  • Notes développeur
  • Added new filters to extend the GamiPress Earnings block.


  • Bugs résolus
  • Fixed typo causing an incorrect earned status display for time limited requirements.


  • Bugs résolus
  • Fixed post type based events count.
  • Fixed role based events count.


  • Notes développeur
  • Added the activity count wheres filter on activity count limited to match in the same result for both functions.
  • Added new filters to extend the gamipress_send_email() function.


  • Nouvelles fonctionnalités
  • New Tool: Export User Earnings.
  • Bugs résolus
  • Fixed « Show Achievements Without Points » field visibility on User Earnings block.
  • Notes développeur
  • Added new hooks to override the insufficient points message when unlocking achievements and ranks using points.
  • Added several helper functions to reduce the plugin code.
  • Moved the register image sizes outside the core class.


  • Bugs résolus
  • Fixed incorrect display of time limited steps that are displayed as completed when the user has not earned them.
  • Fixed incorrect new rank assignment on the Bulk Revokes tool.


  • Améliorations
  • Style improvements on the admin area.
  • Bugs résolus
  • Fixed cache clean up for « Unlock all achievements of type » event.


  • Nouvelles fonctionnalités
  • Added the conditions equal to, greater than and less than to the « Reach a points balance » event.
  • Support for HTML content on requirements labels.
  • Added the shortcodes [gamipress_user_points] and [gamipress_site_points].
  • Added the blocks and widgets GamiPress: User Points and GamiPress: Site Points.
  • New settings to display the times a user has earned an achievement on the single template.
  • New settings to display the number of users who have earned an achievement on the single template.
  • New shortcode, block and widget settings to display the times a user has earned an achievement.
  • New shortcode, block and widget settings to display the number of users who have earned an achievement on the single template.
  • Added new alignment options to all shortcodes, blocks and widgets.
  • Added new alignment options to achievements and ranks template options.
  • Améliorations
  • Added installation instructions on the Licenses page.
  • Extended custom tables permissions functionality to allow full access to users that meet the « Minimum role to access GamiPress » setting.
  • Improved the display of the achievement max. earnings column on the admin area.
  • Prevent trashed types to get listed.
  • Style improvements on several areas.
  • Bugs résolus
  • Fixed warning array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array on scripts.
  • Notes développeur
  • Updated Custom Tables library.
  • Added new hooks to extend the display of achievements.
  • Added the gamipress_get_renderer() function to easily access to the current renderer (shortcode, block or widget).
  • Moved old changelog to changelog.txt file.
  • Set GamiPress 2.0.0 as new stable release! 🙂