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Site Kit est l’extension WordPress officielle de Google pour vous aider à comprendre comment les internautes trouvent et utilisent votre site. Site Kit est la solution unique pour déployer, gérer et obtenir des informations à partir des services Google essentiels afin de garantir le succès de votre site sur le Web. Il fournit des informations actualisées faisant autorité, issues de plusieurs services Google, directement sur le tableau de bord WordPress pour un accès facile et gratuit.

Mettre le meilleur des outils Google au service de WordPress

Site Kit inclut des fonctionnalités puissantes qui rendent l’utilisation des services Google transparente et flexible :

  • Statistiques faciles à comprendre directement sur votre tableau de bord WordPress
  • Statistiques officielles provenant de plusieurs outils Google, le tout dans un seul tableau de bord
  • Quick setup for multiple Google tools without having to edit the source code of your site
  • Metrics for your entire site and for individual posts
  • Facile à gérer, gestion des droits sur WordPress et les différents produits Google

Outils Google pris en charge

Site Kit affiche des statistiques et des informations clés issues de différents services Google :

  • Search Console: Understand how Google Search discovers and displays your pages in Google Search. Track how many people saw your site in Search results, and what query they used to search for your site.
  • Analytics: Explore how users navigate your site and track goals you’ve set up for your users to complete.
  • AdSense: Keep track of how much your site is earning you.
  • PageSpeed Insights: See how your pages perform compared to other real-world sites. Improve performance with actionable tips from PageSpeed Insights.
  • Tag Manager: Use Site Kit to easily set up Tag Manager- no code editing required. Then, manage your tags in Tag Manager.


Note: Make sure that your website is live. If your website isn’t live yet, Site Kit can’t show you any data.
However, if you have a staging environment in addition to your production site, Site Kit can display data from your production site in the staging environment. Learn how to use Site Kit with a staging environment.

Installation depuis WordPress

  1. Allez sur Extensions > Ajouter.
  2. Rechercher pour Site Kit by Google.
  3. Installer et activer l’extension Site Kit by Google.
  4. Connect Site Kit to your Google account. If there are multiple WordPress admins, keep in mind that each admin must connect their own Google account in order to access the plugin.

Installation manuelle

  1. Téléverser le dossier google-site-kit dans le répertoire distant /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Aller dans Extensions.
  3. Activer l’extension Site Kit by Google.
  4. Connect Site Kit to your Google account. If there are multiple WordPress admins, keep in mind that each admin must connect their own Google account in order to access the plugin.

Après l’activation

  1. Aller dans le nouveau menu Site Kit.
  2. Suivez les instructions pour la procédure de configuration.
  3. Accédez au tableau de bord principal de Site Kit, qui affiche déjà les mesures clés à partir de Search Console.
  4. Connect additional Google tools under Site Kit > Settings. Learn more about which tools are right for you.


Pour plus d’informations, visitez le site officiel de Site Kit.

L’extension Site Kit est-elle gratuite ?

The Site Kit plugin is free and open source, and will remain so. Individual Google products included in Site Kit are subject to standard terms and fees (if any) for those products.

What are the minimum requirements for Site Kit?

In order to successfully install and use Site Kit, your site must meet the following requirements:

  • WordPress version 5.2+
  • PHP version 5.6+
  • Modern browser – Internet Explorer is not supported
  • Is publicly accessible – it isn’t in maintenance mode, accessible only via password, or otherwise blocked
  • REST API is available – Site Kit must be able to communicate via REST API with Google services. To ensure that the REST API is available for your site, go to Tools > Site Health.

Why is my dashboard showing “gathering data” and none of my service data?

It can take a few days after connecting Site Kit to a Google service for data to begin to display in your dashboard. The “gathering data” message typically appears when you’ve recently set up a Google service (i.e. just created a new Analytics account) and/or your site is new, and data is not yet available for display.

If you are still seeing this message after a few days, feel free to get in touch with us on the support forum.

Why aren’t any ads appearing on my site after I connected AdSense?

If you’re new to AdSense when you connect via Site Kit, your new AdSense account and your site will need to be manually reviewed and approved for ads by the AdSense team. Ads will not display until your account and site have been approved. Check out this guide for more information about the approval process and timeline.

You can check your approval status in Site Kit by going to Settings > Connected Services > AdSense and clicking Check your site status. This link will direct you to AdSense. If you see “Ready,” your account and site have been approved and should be displaying ads. If you see “Getting ready…,” your account and site are still under review and your site will not display ads until they have been approved.

If Site Kit has successfully added the AdSense snippet to your site and your account and site have been approved, but your site is still not showing ads, contact the AdSense Help Center for assistance.

You can find more information on how Site Kit works with AdSense in our Managing AdSense guide.

Is Site Kit GDPR compliant?

When using Site Kit, site owners are responsible for managing notice and consent requirements – including GDPR requirements – as described in Google’s Terms of Service.

By default, Site Kit does anonymize IP addresses upon activation of the Google Analytics module. This setting can be turned off in Site Kit > Settings > Analytics > Anonymize IP addresses.

There are a number of third-party plugins that allow you to block Google Analytics, Tag Manager, or AdSense from capturing data until a visitor to the site consents. Some of these work natively with Site Kit by providing plugin-specific configurations. You can find out more about these by visiting our GDPR compliance and privacy page.

Where can I get additional support?

Please create a new topic on our support forum. Be sure to follow the support forum guidelines when posting.


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  • Add setup flow to Ads Module. See #8346.
  • Add the web tag for the Ads module. See #8313.
  • Add the Conversion Tracking ID field to the Ads module’s Setup and Settings screens. See #8251.
  • Add Site Health information for the Ads module. See #8245.
  • Add a notification for users who have linked AdSense and Analytics accounts when data becomes available to view in their dashboard. See #8237.
  • Add Analytics events to AdSense + Analytics notification. See #8213.


  • Update Consent Mode messaging to mention the UK as well as the EEA. See #8443.
  • Update wording for sites with existing Analytics tags. See #8405.
  • Add placeholder/prefix to the Conversion Tracking ID field in the Ads module. See #8398.
  • Add a linked Ads account as an option to surface Consent Mode features. See #8382.
  • Update Analytics to use new gtag infrastructure. See #8273.
  • Add decoupled infrastructure for GTag. See #8269.
  • Add a settings toggle for Audience Segmentation. See #8177.
  • Introduce infrastructure for managing Audience settings. See #8176.
  • Add the Audience Tile in its « happy path » state as a component which is viewable in Storybook. See #8135.
  • Enhance Web Data Stream creation in Analytics setup and settings screens to allow using custom web data stream name. See #6727.
  • Improve « Retry » behavior on All Traffic Widget. See #6406.


  • Migrate the Ads Conversion ID field from the Analytics module to the Ads module. See #8248.


  • Fix bug that caused Top Earning Pages widget to show links in shared dashboard. See #8451.
  • Fix bug that caused browser console error to appear when changing Tag Manager account in Tag Manager setup/settings. See #8316.

See changelog for all versions.