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When you’re getting your website to https. You mights have some duplicate content issue due to the presence of both http and https verions of the same pages. Your SEO rank will be in bad mood !
With http to https forced url, all your website will be in https. The plugin take care of every pages in front-end and back-end and is compatible with every plugin you may use.

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Quand vous passez votre site en https, il est possible que cela cre un problme de duplicate contant due la prsence en http et en https des mmes pages. Votre rank SEO risque d’en prendre un coup !
Avec http to https forced url, tout votre site passera en https. L’extension s’occupe de toutes les pages en front-end et en back-end et est compatible avec tous les autres plugins.

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  1. Upload the ‘http-https-url-forced’ file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Highly Recommended for any SSL

If you have an active SSL on your website/blog I HIGHLY recommend this. It easily translates everything over to https. No need to go into your Cpanel and manually add redirects, or go into the htaccess and add code or anything. This does it all for you.

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