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Welcome to the New IgnitionDeck!

IgnitionDeck is a WordPress crowdfunding and e-commerce platform that allows you to start selling, crowdfunding, or fundraising immediately using PayPal Standard. Upgrade options allow you to integrate with multiple gateways, build your own white label crowdfunding platform, and much more.

IgnitionDeck also includes the free Fivehundred Crowdfunding Theme for WordPress, and the hugely popular 500 Classic child theme, which makes building your own crowdfunding site super simple. Have a theme you’re happy with? No worries! IgntiionDeck works with almost every WordPress theme right out of the box. There’s no code to write, and no theme editing required.

See how our customers have used IgntionDeck to build their businesses

Here’s a look at the features included with IgnitionDeck:

Crowdfunding & Fundraising Features

  • Crowdfunding displays available as post template, widget, or embed code (works automatically with IgnitionDeck themes)
  • Crowdfunding Projects CPT that includes options for fundraising goal, end date, open/closed campaigns, video embed, multiple crowdfunding levels (includes title, price, limit, custom order), FAQ, and Updates
  • Child projects that work two levels deep
  • Front-End sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and embed code
  • Shortcodes for every piece of data
  • Custom project taxonomies for categorical data
  • Deck Builder that allows you to build your own crowdfunding or fundraising widget
  • Manual order entry and updates

E-Commerce Features

  • PayPal Standard in all available currencies
  • Test Payments
  • Easily Create Products and assign any number of downloads or rewards to them
  • Custom dashboard/user management system that features account registration, product delivery, and automatic upsell opportunities
  • Email purchase receipts and registration confirmation
  • Custom checkout pages available via shortcode
  • Global currency allows you to display and sell products in separate currencies
  • Member management admin screen that allows you to modify product access levels, view orders by customer, and modify user data
  • Order management
  • Easily convert e-commerce products in crowdfunding or fundraising projects

Modules Available

  • IgnitionDeck Social
  • Kickstarter Integration
  • Mixpanel Analytics (Requires purchase)
  • Shareasale Affiliate Management (Requires purchase)
  • Enhanced FAQ & Updates (Requires purchase)
  • Google E-Commerce Tracking (Requires purchase)
  • Anonymous Checkout (Requires purchase)
  • Shipping on Checkout (Requires purchase)
  • Profile Donations (Requires purchase)

Available Upgrades

IgnitionDeck Echelon

  • Adds additional gateways, including Stripe, PayPal Adaptive, Authorize.net, First Data, Coinbase, Offline Checkout, and more
  • Enables pre-orders and 100% funding options
  • Recurring payments (weekly, monthly, annually)
  • Adds support for renewals, automatic checkout page creation, subscriptions, expiring accounts, and free products
  • Additional custom email templates and transactional email integrations with SendGrid and Mandrill
  • Enables virtual currency, pay with credits, and instant checkout
  • Deliver products via Amazon S3
  • Integrates with Mailchimp and automatically adds new users after purchase
  • Export data by product or project
  • Additional checkout options, including guest checkout and terms and conditions on checkout
  • Automatically disable the WordPress toolbar
  • Assign products on registration automatically
  • Automatic https on purchase pages
  • Upgrade pathways allow you to build your own upgrade funnels
  • Send emails to users by membership level segments

IgnitionDeck Echelon also includes WooCommerce integration, which allows you to sell products, crowdfund, and fundraise without switching to IgnitionDeck Commerce.

IgnitionDeck Enterprise

  • Front-End Submission for user created projects
  • Front-end account management, creator profiles, backer profiles, and payment profiles
  • Charge platform fees via Stripe Connect & PayPal Adaptive Payments
  • Multisite Support
  • Additional email templates included project submission confirmation, project publication, and project updates
  • Batch process pre-authorizations
  • Includes choice of free theme
  • Includes all extensions for free
  • Whitelabel crowdfunding and fundraising capability

Learn more about IgnitionDeck Enterprise.

Benefits of Using IgnitionDeck

IgnitionDeck enables an unlimited number of crowdfunding, pre-order, or fundraising projects on your WordPress website. It is the only actively supported WordPress crowdfunding plugin, and does not require that you switch themes in order to use it.

No Theme Required

IgnitionDeck Works with any WordPress theme, which means you don’t have to buy a new theme to get started.

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Premium support is available via our product forums


Grab code snippets, child theming guides, and API information on our developer resources page.

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IgnitionDeck Support Forums


Overpriced and full of bugs

I’ve been struggling with ignitiondeck for a while now and decided to give up.
It’s containing a lot of bugs and is quite expensive. Don’t buy! Please read the other comments. I’m not the only one having trouble with bugs.
The software is not very user friendly, the documentation is outdated and the support is not providing much help.
Orders are registered 2 or 3 times, the translation doesn’t work so you’ll have a lot of frustrations and end up with a messed up project.
The whole system is a piece of crap. I want my money back!

In the end I will have to switch to another crowdfunding platform, so a waste of time and money! Don’t buy!!

Great Product

I really enjoyed using the Ignition Deck plugin. The setup was minimal and I found the tutorials helpful. The free version of the plugin is more than adequate to accomplish any developers goal of creating a customizable crowdfunding site, with standard features. With just the free version, we were able to set up a site, link to a paypal account and raise over $4000 in less than a month.

I would highly recommend the plugin to anyone who feels comfortable with wordpress and is in need of a cheaper alternative than the traditional crowdfudning platforms.

Terrible Overpriced Product, Even Worse Customer Service

I have installed and configured Ignition Deck for several clients, and my review of it is: it sucks. Big time.

If you’re looking for a crowdfunding plugin, don’t even bother with Ignition Deck. It is a terrible product full of bugs. The company created a quickstart guide and other documentation, but it’s out of date, and even when you point out the shortfalls of their documentation, they don’t bother correct it.

The only think more frustrating than trying to get their crappy software to actually work on your own is getting customer/tech support from them. It’s almost non-existent. Their « support » is an online forum, which seems to be managed by one employee at a time. If you have a problem to be resolved, be ready to wait anywhere from 2 days to one week in order for that to happen. You can’t google your issue, either, because they lock all of their answers behind a paid membership forum.

If warnings against their poorly functioning software and lackluster documentation and support doesn’t convince you to keep walking, their pricing structure might. Be forewarned: if you buy Ignition Deck license, you are only buying a year of « support » and updates, although as discussed above, the support is so ridiculously subpar that there’s not much difference on that front.

My experience with Ignition deck has been so uniformly negative that I would not ever even bother with anything else this group ever creates.

For every negative review, someone at ID responds and acts like they want to make things better, yet a consistent thread of dissatisfaction among the negative reviews has been their poor customer service. if they actually gave a dang about that, they’d have improved by now. Either they don’t care, or they have improved….which is an even scarier prospect.

If you want a product that you can get up and running quickly, DO NOT choose Ignition Deck.

If you want a product that works logically, DO NOT choose Ignition Deck.

If you expect to actually get support for the software you paid for (and it’s quite expensive), DO NOT choose Ignition Deck.

Save your money, time, and sanity and choose a different option.

A brilliant idea but a totally non-intuitive result

Update 4 (May 30): We updated the project after Nathan gave us the possibility to update and really see the plugin at work. The major task for this week: to discover how to make the offline payments or by credits (because none of the card processors already implemented do not process our currency 🙂 ). And all the work is done strictly using the plugin documentation, the forum help and also the help provided by the people from Virtuous Giant. First thought:it should be open source. Definitely, the plugin is created with the American market in mind. From the modified Woocommerce to the language translations. If it happens not to be in a Stripe or PayPal country, it’s hard to set up another currency. Translation in other languages is hard to implement and time consuming, even using Poedit. Some strings are not defined in language templates, so we was forced to translate the strings directly in php files. « Days Left » is a very hard task. 🙂 And remembering all the modifications (including how to put the currency symbol after the currency). It’s not so hard to make more intuitive language templates, but what I think is that the major projects for the (for sure) talented guys from Virtuous Giant are others than this one and maybe the programmers has no time. That’s why the open source thought. Because, let’s face it, the idea is great. (to be continued soon)

UPDATE 3: We are still implementing. Because of an internal problem, we postponed with 1 month the implementation, so I will raise the quota to 3 stars (is our fault to not finish the re-implementation so fast).

UPDATE 2: In a matter of hours from this post, Nathan from IgnitionDeck answered. We sent our explanations and the support desk proposed to make things happen in that way that they can earn a 5 star review from us, once we’re up and running and have things under control. So we restarted the project more confident and we will update the progress. They gave us another 6 months of support, period of time when we can setup the solution. But we hope that in two weeks the things to be on the course.

*UPDATE: Nathan has his point too (and a cute thing raised from his head 🙂 ), so I will raise to the 2 stars.

Ignitiondeck is a brilliant idea. And, apparently, an affordable one. But, unfortunately, is, from my point of view, a total failure. Today we restarted the 2 years old project, trying to figure out again how the ignitiondeck is imagined. But is hard. And I will explain.

First of all, this plugin IS NOT AN INTUITIVE PLUGIN/SOLUTION (as should be, as worpress is). We buyed Ignitiondeck 2 years ago. I read first all the comments, especially the negative ones, but considering my 20 years experience with different open source platforms and projects, I decided that maybe people don’t have the patience to learn the system. Is not the case. The project has no step by step guide and some important documentation links are broken. Some informations are simply deprecated (as, for example, the codes for predefined pages) or non-explicit and for me the checkout page is a mystery also today (for offline payment method, because is the only solution I can use).

The solution is not an one time investment, the virtuosgiant ask an annual fee, and not a reasonable one. So, if you think that you will pay the asked amount and that is, then you make a mistake. And you will need the updates because the things are evolving fast. (for example, the solution we buyed had big problems with translation. We arranged to modify the text in the template files – being difficult to insert so many language definitions, and all the updates changed back the text)

The integration of woo-commerce is a joke and is not possible to use the original woo-commerce with the payed solution, as should be. They adapted the interface of IDC as for the needs of the Ignitiondeck website. So if you don’t want to make a similar business, it’s odd to use it. We tried to ask a plugin or even the implementation of our currency, because we wanted to use the local currency and a local card processor. In order to look into the problem and make us an offer, the people asked a $300 deposit. JUST FOR MAKING THE OFFER. And if you decide after not to do the business because their solution is expensive, you loose the deposit. (Later edit: for woo-commerce there are gateways that works fine for almost all currencies, including that we need, for IDC this option is very limited. Not everywhere stripe is a good gateway)

And last, but not list, we never saw a more patronizing and noncommercial business support. So, you mortals, do not dare to ask the GODS disturbing questions, you will be categorized (as our correspondence proves).

So, it’s better to see some useful discussions in the lower rates (3-2-1 stars). This user has a point: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/dont-try-it-if-your-are-not-a-programmer/ . And this conversation is useful too: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/time-wasted-and-dissatisfied/

I have now a 2 years old experience with ignitiondeck. I struggle even today to start the project. But the license expired. And I don’t also have even access to the forums, where maybe some decent people found already some solutions.

ignitiondeck enterprise

My overall experience with IgnitionDeck is positive.

I wanted to create a whitelabel crowdfunding platform and as I didn’t know whether it would be successful or not I didn’t want to spend much money on it.
So this is what I was looking for:
– a reasonably priced cloud-based whitelabel platform
– classical crowdfunding functionality
– a decent design

Actually there are lots of solutions that offer two of the above mentioned points but I found only one that offers all three: it is ignitiondeck. There might be others but I couldn’t find them. So I made the decision in favour of the IgnitionDeck Enterprise solution.

Generally I am satisfied with it. It allows some customisation without any coding knowledge and more customisation if you have coding experience. The problem with deep customisations is that it will be very difficult to keep them once you update the solution (I don’t update it any more). But actually this is not customisation rather alteration of the code.

I had to integrate a local payment platform, which turned out to be quite difficult. My programmer was not satisfied with the quality of the initial coding. But this is not a problem if you can use PayPal or other solutions already built in.

The support team should be mentioned separately as it is excellent. To some extent it even goes beyond what it actually should do being quite customer-oriented and doing an extra mile for the customer.

To do the summarising: there are some problems and difficulties with the Enterprise solution but actually it was the solution that met my criteria. And if you ask me whether I would buy it again if I did it now I would say Yes.

So if you are a start-up and just want to test your idea and don’t want to spend much money this solution is good for you.

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Contributeurs & développeurs

« IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding & Commerce » est un logiciel libre. Les personnes suivantes ont contribué à cette extension.




  • Fix issue with disabled login button when reCAPTCHA is enabled without a Site ID
  • Update IDCF license input text
  • Update banner/logo assets


  • Supplement license validation requests with ID account data in order to prepare migration away from license keys


  • Fix module activation/deactivation link


  • Fix issue with disabled button on lost password screen when recaptcha is enabled
  • Module menu now displays locked modules and links to pricing screen to inform how they can become unlocked
  • New category filter for modules
  • New filter to hide locked modules
  • Pass more arguments through module object, such as status and requires
  • Remove Helix update notices from menu and submenu
  • Add support for form-input third, fourth, sixth, and eighth
  • Remove checks for expired license since we now require an active license in order to maintain functionality
  • Extend get_module_list to filter, given args of key and value


  • Minify js and CSS
  • Update IDCF and IDC versions
  • Remove filters/hooks for removing legacy IDCF menus, which have been removed from IDCF all together
  • New function idf_is_id_theme(), which helps fix bug when child theme author !== IgnitionDeck


  • New idf_sanitize_array function
  • Update IDC version


  • Fix Helix login form labels and design
  • New js functions idfParseFloat and idfFormatPrice
  • idf_has_gutenberg checks for gutenberg
  • Update IDCF version to 1.6.8


  • New reCAPTCHA module that integrates with Helix, IgnitionDeck Commerce, and standard WordPress forms
  • New function idf_active_widgets which returns option sidebars_widgets


  • Include idf-functions.js file that was missing in last release


  • Import validate email function idfValidateEmail()
  • Localize idf_current_url()
  • Minor updates to getting started instructions in order to simplify next steps
  • Update IDC/IDCF versions


  • Add support for custom-modules directory
  • Add support for WordPress 4.9


  • Update latest IDC/IDCF version numbers


  • Add additional date formats to idf_datepicker_format() js


  • New PHP/Javascript functions for retrieving and returning date format. Includes localized variable, which is helpful for front-end js and datepicker fields
  • Create custom dashicon font for IgnitionDeck icons
  • Prepare IDF scripts so they can be enqueued directly outside of the plugin


  • Add support for WooCommerce checkout URL selection when WC is set as commerce platform
  • Update Helix logo URL


  • Ensure we check for IDC prior to using its functionality
  • Minor Helix styling improvements, including disabling of auto-popout on mobile


  • Remove need to cache list of caches, which significantly improves page load
  • Restore texdomain load function and update language files
  • Main menu content update
  • Deprecate IDF registration api v1
  • Implement dev tools menu for support agents


  • Set proper version numbers of current IDC and IDCF
  • Disable activation button if server does not meet minimum PHP requirements
  • New IDF_Requirements class for managing software requirements
  • Define and update Helix logo URL
  • Hide Helix from print media
  • Multiple CSS improvements for Helix module


  • Fix issue with non-functioning meta dropdowns when adding/editing IDCF projects
  • Forward support for removal of IDCF menu page
  • Add callback function for closing of generic lightbox
  • New idf_current_url() function grabs currently loaded URL
  • Link to Helix docs
  • New banners & minor text changes


  • Add Helix support for non-IDE users


  • The Helix module is now live
  • Add trigger to openLBGlobal function to assist fixing pwyw issues with idc_button shortcode/lightbox
  • Update Font Awesome to 4.7


  • Update delivery URL’s to https version, which fixes multiple issues related to automatic plugin download and installation
  • Fix issue related to hard coded wp-content directory
  • Update IDC and IDCF in the background via wp_cron
  • Add inputID to attachment data on idfMediaSelected trigger
  • Import modules class from IDC in order to manage modules from this framework rather than IDC
  • Add button to flush module cache
  • Add idf_logged_in as localized var
  • Remove deprecated idf_enable_checkout function, idf-lite.js, and related conditionals
  • Add hook id_set_module_status and id_set_module_status_before on module activation/deactivation
  • Import Helix files to prep for launch


  • Update plugin delivery URL’s to account for upgrade to https, which should fix multiple install issues
  • Replace direct linking of wp-content dir via ABSPATH with WP_PLUGIN_DIR
  • Add inputID to attachment data on idfMediaSelected trigger


  • Add CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION to our cURL protocols in order to account for IgnitionDeck.com migration to https


  • Fix issue causing some PHP installations to error out based on syntax in new IDF_Cache class files


  • Fix issue resulting in media library being accessible by all users when adding or editing avatar
  • New caching class allows us to easily cache any object as transient, and automatically delete them when plugin is uninstalled
  • New actions fire when commerce platform is saved
  • Fix issue with array_slice on extension list when array is empty
  • Minor css updates and fixes


  • Fix issue preventing registration from completing successfully


  • Default to options for license handling when transients are cached and flushed via object caching
  • Ensure WooCommerce only shows as commerce option when it is supported by a license
  • Register idf-admin-media.js for front-end use
  • Modify upload capability function and filter to prepare for avatar upload on IDC profile screen


  • Fix issue preventing modules from deactivating or showing activated
  • Remove .po/.mo files in favor of .pot file
  • Add review and feedback mechanism in main menu
  • Auto-redirect to plugin main menu on activation/update
  • new banner/icon images


  • A brand new IgnitionDeck that features a new (free) version of IgnitionDeck Commerce
  • Deprecation of IgntiionDeck Legacy for new users
  • Deprecation of the term « IgnitionDeck Framework »
  • Remove automatic IDCF/IDC/FH updates on plugin update as that is now handled in the plugins menu
  • Completely new plugin dashboard menu that exhibits the breadth of the IgnitionDeck plugin
  • Make modules product aware so they are not visible when not available based on current license or installed product


  • Fix error some users are having when updating


  • Fix inconsistencies with update handler and free IDC


  • Wrap ID_DEV_MODE in quotes to fix error on activation
  • Import license handling from IDCF and IDC
  • Rename languages folder to languages_default in order to prevent overwriting translation files
  • New modules imported from IDC, add filters to hook into menu list
  • Multiple text and link updates to module list to better handle plugins vs modules


  • Fix PHP error caused when idcommerce is not installed


  • Fix issue with unrecognized functions when using WP Multisite
  • Fix issue with license validation text showing IgnitionDeck Basic instead of IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding


  • Fix issue with legacy and WooCommerce lightbox not properly functioning
  • Fix issue preventing saving of commerce platform on main menu
  • Use https as default for license validation, with http as a backup
  • Fix multiple language strings
  • Rename extensions menu to modules menu
  • Fix issues related to saving and validating of IDC and IDCF license keys


  • Fix multiple issues with license validation, including use of https as default
  • Rename extensions to modules
  • Fix issue preventing selection of IDC as commerce platform
  • Fix use of ID_DEV_MODE constant


  • Automatically update IDCF on installation, force plugin check, and pester for IDC update (if installed)
  • Port key handling from IDC and IDCF to IDF
  • Import lightbox handling from Legacy IDCF
  • Replace get_currentuserinfo() with wp_get_current_user()
  • Additional functions for purpose of validating whether IDC and IDCF are installed
  • Fix issue with super admin role checking in non-multisite mode


  • Fix call to is_id_basic()


  • Fix issue preventing some users from being able to upload images on FES
  • Option to disconnect account on primary admin screen
  • New idf_handle_video for parsing video html/URLs
  • Fix some issues with activation/configuration links on themes page
  • Only show platform choices of installed platforms
  • Begin port for universal access keys


  • Add www to curl request URL’s to avoid connection issues breaking IDCF and 500 downloads on some hosts
  • Enabling of lightbox in admin menus
  • Update styling of submit buttons
  • Create a general function for adding and implementing the WordPress media uploader on admin side
  • Migrate Font Awesome from plugins and create a general integration for all plugins, extensions, and modules
  • Fix issue causing basic user roles to be removed when using IDCF FES
  • Fix some javascript bugs causing prices to be handled incorrectly
  • Update getting started guide


  • Fix issue preventing users without file_get_contents() capabilities from downloading IDCF and 500
  • Fix issue preventing non-admin logged in users from viewing media galleries
  • Fix issue with undeclared user variable that was breaking javascript chain when trying to manage user roles
  • Update Launchpad registration schema
  • New global functions for adding media via custom button, getting query string prefix, and getting client IP
  • Properly enqueue scripts on login screen for ID Social support


  • use maybe_userialize on dashboard settings when setting WP roles to solve offset error


  • Security Fix: Remove nopriv option for theme/extension activation and require that user can manage_options
  • Security Fix: Update our media button priveleges in order to ensure that users can only edit media when on a project they own, or when creating a new project


  • New function for validating and returning linkable URLs: id_validate_url($url)
  • Early prep for integration with iThemes Exchange
  • Port idc order lightbox functionality to ID Social


  • Fix header error caused by last update


  • Fix bug preventing admins from viewing media
  • Minor design updates on extensions and themes admin pages
  • Add documentation button for extensions/themes on respective admin pages


  • (IDE) Add new roles and capabilities for the purposes of editing media on the front-end submission form


  • Fix issue preventing WC and EDD levels from linking to lightbox


  • Add checks for SSL so that APIs can be used with or without SSL


  • Port admin styling from IDC/IDCF into IDF
  • New generic lightbox methods for cross-platform compatibility
  • Optimize loading of IDF scripts
  • Begin work on cross-platform social sharing template


  • Extensions can now be activated via the extensions menu
  • Disable buttons for installed extensions
  • Update extension description CSS


  • Add js for lite version so that adjustHeights is not undefined


  • Add js function to resize text dynamically
  • Disable lightbox submission if no levels are available
  • Minor styling updates to lightbox


  • Fix IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding download and activation script so that plugin can be automatically downloaded and activated
  • Don’t hide project settings to prevent issue accessing project settings menu
  • Add option to automatically update to latest version of IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding


  • Load lightbox via admin_enqueue in the event IDCF is not licensed
  • Create new localized admin variables for ajax URL and site URL for use with admin javascript
  • Modify menu text


  • Update registration page link


  • Hide Legacy IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding menus when non-Legacy platforms are enabled
  • Do not modify href attributes that do not exist, such as when levels are sold out or closed
  • Add functionality and integrate with upcoming IgnitionDeck Commerce pledge what you want feature
  • Only load functionality of IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding is enabled and registered
  • Add data-href attribute to lightbox levels that can be accessed when necessary
  • Remove lightbox support for Legacy PWYW functionality


  • Fix bug causing « scalar value as array » error if platform not saved


  • Update directory paths for new IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding structure and menu items
  • Introduce textdomain for purpose of translation/s
  • Update po/mo files


  • Initial Release