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Image Optimizer by 10web – Image Optimizer and Compression plugin

Image Optimizer by 10web – Image Optimizer and Compression plugin


Image Optimizer by 10web

Images can drag down your website speed causing website visitors to flee in flocks. 10Web Image Optimizer plugin in here to save the day and your website. Our image compression plugin will save bandwidth and storage space and boost your website speed, effortlessly.
Receive up to 50K image optimization per month and per-page image optimization for up to 6 page and 50K images to improve your bounce rate and SEO. With per-page image optimization you can optimize images of a specific page. You will no longer have to keep track of whether your page images are in your media library or another directory. The images on the selected page will be optimized through our per-page image compression technique.
10Web Image Optimizer plugin offers three image optimization modes, including conservative, balanced, and extreme to ensure that your website receives the best possible image optimization catered to your website specifications.


  • Up to 50K image compression and optimization
  • Per page image optimization
  • Maximum lossy/Extreme image compression
  • Resize images
  • Enhanced website speed
  • Improved SEO

What's in it
The Image Optimizer resizes images, compresses, and optimizes images in formats, including PNG, JPG, GIF, WebP, and PDF, while preserving the high quality of your images.

Three modes of compression
To ensure the best image compression and resizing of images, the 10Web image compressor offers 3 modes of compression. The modes include conservative, balanced, and extreme.

Resize image
Resize images to save space and speed up your site. The 10Web image compression plugin allows resizing of image files by up to 80%, depending on the image and compression type.

WebP compression
WebP compression is used by Image Optimizer to generate images that are smaller in size than those created by JPEG and PNG. As a result, WebP enables faster page loads while maintaining image quality.

Bulk optimization
Image compression and optimization have never been easier. The 10Web Image Optimizer plugin enables bulk optimization of images. You can now optimize images in bulk with a single press of a button.
To get the most of your image optimization, you can upgrade to 10Web Booster Pro plans and automatically optimize new images as they are uploaded to your website.

Reports and statistics
The 10Web Image optimizer plugin provides reports and statistics on the number of images optimized, the number of images to be optimized, and the number of page images optimized. The size and number of resized images are also reported. Through this function, you can stay informed of your website’s image optimization status, including when the last optimization occurred and how much space you’ve saved as a result.


Thank you for your interest in Image Optimizer WD.

Minimum requirements.

  • WordPress 3.9+
  • PHP 5.5+
  • MySQL 5.x

Perform a new installation

After downloading the ZIP file of the Image Optimizer WD plugin,

  1. Log in to the administrator panel.
  2. Go to Plugins Add > New > Upload.
  3. Click « Choose file » (« Browse ») and select the downloaded zip file of the Image Optimizer WD plugin.
    For Mac Users
    Go to your Downloads folder and locate the folder with the Image Optimizer WD. Right-click on the folder and select Compress. Now you have a newly created .zip file which can be installed as described here.
  4. Click « Install Now » button.
  5. Click « Activate Plugin » button for activating the Image Optimizer WD.
  6. If the installation does not succeed, please contact us at support@10web.io.


What can I achieve with Image Optimizer plugin?

Image Optimizer plugin is created to compress, convert, and reduce the size of large images throughout your website. With just a few steps, you are able to configure and perform optimization for all images. This lets you quickly decrease the amount of used storage space on the hosting of your website and speed up its performance.

The plugin lets you optimize images from directories other than WordPress Media Library. This feature lets you optimize the images by simply providing the URL of the folder containing your pictures.

Image Optimizer plugin is simple and straightforward, however, it provides all necessary options to control the optimization process, set up automatic optimization and much more. This user guide will help you configure the plugin and assemble the specific optimization type, which fits your site.

How can I quickly optimize images?

Click on Image Optimizer menu item from WordPress left menu to start its configuration. To quickly optimize the pictures, without going through advanced settings, you can use Easy Mode of Image Optimizer plugin. Click Image Optimizer menu item to navigate to the plugin’s Settings page.

Easy Mode of image optimization consist of three optimization types:

Reduces image size up to 20%.
Keeps EXIF data of the pictures.
Keeps full-sized images.

Reduces image size up to 40% (lossy reduction).
Keeps EXIF data of the pictures.
Keeps full-sized images.

Reduces image size up to 90% (extreme reduction).
Doesn’t keep EXIF data of the pictures.
Doesn’t keep full-sized images.

Do I receive any Image Optimizer related extra features with a 10Web Booster install?

For a comprehensive image compressor plugin (and a website speed optimization solution) consider the 10Web Speed Booster. The 10Web Speed Booster and optimization solution offers multimedia content optimization, compression, and size reduction to enhance page speed and page load time. 10Web Booster automatically converts images to WebP and uses lossy compression to reduce image file size. Additionally, it employs container-specific image-resizing to generate different-sized copies of images to serve visitors based on their device size. 10Web Speed Booster also employs a CDN to automatically deliver optimized images from the Cloudflare CDN, ensuring the highest possible speed and flawless website performance. For a comprehensive review of all the 10Web Speed Booster](https://10web.io/page-speed-booster/) optimization techniques and solutions


22 janvier 2020
Thanks alot for this good plugin please increase the number of images we can optimize for free package. Thanks
6 septembre 2019
that conversion while optimizing feature is really next level
14 novembre 2018
I’d run into « something happened, » or some such thing, and it didn’t do its job, but I haven’t observed it as much as I might have, so maybe I’m not being fair to it. I’ll check in another time when I’ve used it more.
1 novembre 2018 1 réponse
Seemed easy enough, ran it and it said it optimized ~400 images. But didn’t show me any statistics and it didn’t actually save any space.
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  • Added: Integration with Photo Gallery plugin.


  • Changed: Require PHP 5.5
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