Cette extension n’a pas été testée avec plus de trois mises à jour majeures de WordPress. Elle peut ne plus être maintenue ou supportée et peut avoir des problèmes de compatibilité lorsqu’elle est utilisée avec des versions de WordPress plus récentes.


MultiSite Clone Duplicator adds a « Duplicate Site » functionality to your network installation.

It allows you to clone any site of your network into a new one : all data, files, users and roles can be copied.

It is useful when you want to create multiple sites from the same template : Don’t waste your time copying the same configuration again and again !

Simple and user-friendly, this plugin extends WordPress core network’s functionalities without polluting the dashboard.

WARNING : If you clone the primary site, you must use mucd_default_primary_tables_to_copy filter to declare plugins and custom database tables, or your cloned site won’t be complete


  • Clones any site of your wordpress multisite installation
  • Copies all posts and settings
  • Generates log files (if option is checked)
  • Copy all files from duplicated site (if option is checked)
  • Keep users and roles from duplicated site (if option is checked)
  • Configure which site is clonable (so you can define an unique « pattern » site)
  • Fully hookable
  • Command line ready (provides a WP-CLI subcommand)


Action : mucd_before_copy_files / mucd_after_copy_files

Action before / after copying files
Args :

  1. Int : from_site_id
  2. Int : to_site_id

Action : mucd_before_copy_data / mucd_after_copy_data

Action before / after copying data
Args :

  1. Int : from_site_id
  2. Int : to_site_id

Action : mucd_before_copy_users / mucd_after_copy_users

Action before / after copying users
Args :

  1. Int : from_site_id
  2. Int : to_site_id

Filter : mucd_copy_blog_data_saved_options

Filter options that should be preserved in the new blog (original values from created blog will not be erased by copy of old site’s tables)
Args :

  1. Array of string : option_name

Filter : mucd_default_fields_to_update

Filter fields to scan for an update after data copy
Args :

  1. Array of ( ‘table_name’ => array(‘field_1’, ‘field_2’ …));

Filter : mucd_default_primary_tables_to_copy

Filter tables to duplicate when duplicated site is primary site
Args :

  1. Array of string table_name

Filter : mucd_copy_dirs

Filter directories and files you want to copy
Args :

  1. Array of string : dirs
  2. Int : from_site_id
  3. Int : to_site_id

Filter : mucd_string_to_replace

Filter which strings we want to replace during update
Args :

  1. String : string_to_replace
  2. Int : from_site_id
  3. Int : to_site_id

WP-CLI arguments

Arguments are :

wp site duplicate --slug=<slug> --source=<site_id> [--title=<title>]
  [--email=<email>] [--network_id=<network-id>] [--private] [--porcelain] [--v]
  [--do_not_copy_files] [--keep_users] [--log=<dir_path>]<h3>Thank’s</h3>

The original version of this plugin has been developed by Julien OGER who keeps following the project carefully.

Some code for search and replace in SQL serialised data were initialy taken from Lionel Pointet WordPress Migration tool

Captures d’écran

  • Basic features
  • Advanced features
  • Settings
  • Successfull duplication
  • Log warning


You can install MultiSite Clone Duplicator using the built in WordPress plugin installer. It’s easy, 2 seconds.

If you prefer download MultiSite Clone Duplicator manually :

  1. Upload multisite-clone-duplicator/ to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. (Optional) Chmod 777 the logs/ directory of the plugin, if you want to activate logs
  4. Go to My Sites > Network Admin > Duplication and enjoy !
  5. (Optional) Change default options into Network dashboard > Network settings > Duplication

In the future, you’ll probably want to create a dedicated « template » blog to clone from.


How does it work ?
  • It creates a new user if the email was not an existing email
  • It creates a new blog with appropriate title and admin user
  • It copies all tables from cloned site, but keep some options (like title, domain, etc) of the new blog
  • It searches and replaces old site’s URL and DOMAINS with the new ones
  • It copies upload directory from the old site to the upload directory of the new one (if option is checked)
  • It imports users and roles from the old site to the new one (if option is checked)
Does it support subdirectory AND subdomain installations ?

Yes, it supports both !

Can I clone the primary site ?

Yes you can, but you want to be careful : WordPress saves network tables and primary blog tables with the same prefix, and some of their data are mixed. It forces us to restrict primary blog cloning to copy only the default wp tables. If you want to change this (for example, include your plugin tables in the cloning), use mucd_default_primary_tables_to_copy filter. In the future, you want probably not to copy again and again the primary blog : use a « template » blog dedicated to clonage instead.

Does it clone plugins settings ?

Yes it does !

But some data are serialized ?

It’s not a problem ! Serialized data are understood by the plugin, recursively unserialized, replaced with appropriate values, and serialized again.

After cloning, new site was created, but it goes on 404 page, why ?

Check your host / server configuration : you probably cloned your site into a domain that is not available !

How to duplicate with command line commands ?

Install WP-CLI, go to your wordpress multisite directory, and type wp-cli site duplicate --source=<id_of_the_site_to_clone> --slug="<slug_of_the_new_site>"

Arguments are : wp site duplicate --slug=<slug> --source=<site_id> [--title=<title>]
[--email=<email>] [--network_id=<network-id>] [--private] [--porcelain] [--v]
[--do_not_copy_files] [--keep_users] [--log=<dir_path>]

Which languages are currently supported?

As of now, following languages are supported : English (en_US), French (fr_FR), Spanish (es_ES), Lithuanian (lt_LT) and Greek (el). If you wish to, you can translate the interface in your own language in the standard WordPress way or with Transifex


Globalis media systems is a web IT consulting company based in Paris, and a pioneer of the PHP and LAMP platform. Since 1997, we have been designing, making and maintaining Internet, intranet or mobile software. We have been working with open source CMS since 2000 and have regularly been using WordPress since 2007.


5 juillet 2021
This plugin has not been maintained for a very long time. It is not compatible with new versions of PHP (7.4+) and there have not been answers in the support sections for over 2 years.
3 novembre 2020
Плагин работает отлично – теперь нет проблемы с быстрым размножением удачных лендингов!
28 novembre 2019
Great plug-in for duplicating a single site within a multi-site. And free of charge! I hope it will be developed also in the future, I would pay gladly for the development.
1 novembre 2019
I cant use this plugin, my main site is missing in the drop down. If I could clone the main site then I have to specific what tables to clone in a function. I cant documentation on it. I found this thread https://wordpress.org/support/topic/duplicating-primary-site/, but that does not say what tables. I have no idea what tables I would need to enter to clone the main site. This really needs more documentation. I would assume most people would start with 1 site but if they cant clone it with this plugin they cant create a template to clone other sites. Its a non starter.
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Contributeurs/contributrices & développeurs/développeuses

« MultiSite Clone Duplicator » est un logiciel libre. Les personnes suivantes ont contribué à cette extension.




  • Test compatibily with WordPress 5.0.0
  • Improvement translations
  • Fix unix file path from log directory


  • Fix file path on duplicate


  • Fix compatibility with PHP version < 5.4


  • Fix duplicating exponentially usermeta
  • Fix unix WP path validation and allow points
  • Remove cache flushing on error


  • Fix wp_cli activation


  • Added select2 support (Ajax dropdown when selecting site)
  • Restrict activate to network admin only (network admin area)
  • Default logs path moved in upload dir
  • Added language zh_CN
  • Bugfix : SSL compatibility


  • Bugfix : Compatibility : WordPress 4.7 (wp_get_sites was deprecated)


  • Bugfix : Check on admin referer broke some admin page


  • Bugfix : Compatibility with PHP 5.2


  • Added wp-cli site duplicate subcommand
  • Added default options in network settings pannel
  • Languages : added translation for spanish, lithuanian and greek
  • Bugfix : Using backtricks on CREATE TABLE LIKE
  • Bugfix : Remove HyperDB compat. : it made some bug on schema / table selection


  • Bugfix : duplication of tables without primary key / with several primary keys was causing SQL error
  • Bugfix : escape underscore characters ( ‘_’ ) in sql queries


  • Bugfix : « Keep users and roles » was broken
  • Bugfix : Compatibility with plugins that use reserved mysql words in table names
  • Bugfix : Partial compatibility with HyperDB


  • Tested on WP 4.0.0
  • Bugfix : Compatibility with PHP 5.2
  • Bugfix : SQL Error replace mysql_real_escape_string by $wpdb->prepare
  • Bugfix : unable to delete, deactivate, etc. site when plugin is active
  • Bugfix : Fields in duplicate form lost information after validate with error


  • First public version released by Pierre Dargham
  • Generates logs
  • Primary site is clonable
  • Auto-suggest for admin email
  • Keep users and roles from duplicated site
  • Translating
  • Hookable


  • Initial version released by Julien Oger
  • Copies all the posts, settings and files from a site to a new one
  • Cannot clone primary site