Multisite Language Switcher


Une extension simple, puissante et facile à utiliser qui va ajouter le support multilingue à une installation WordPress multisite
, i.e. multiple sous-domaines ou dossiers (Si vous devez configurer plusieurs sites sur plusieurs domaines, vous voudrez également utiliser l’extension WordPress MU
Domain Mapping
aussi longtemps que les domaines sont tous hébergés sur le même serveur.).

Le commutateur de langues multisite vous permet de gérer les traductions d’articles, de pages, de types de contenu personnalisés, de catégories, d’étiquettes et de taxinomies personnalisées.

L’extension utilise des icônes de drapeaux à partir de FamFamFam. Merci à Mark James pour son formidable travail. Je souhaite également remercier Jürgen Mayer pour la création de la bannière de l’extension.

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Merci à tous les traducteurs pour leur travail remarquable.

If you have created your own language pack, or have an update of an existing one, you can send me your gettext PO and MO so that I can
bundle it into the Multisite Language Switcher. You can download the latest POT file
from here.

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Multisite Language Switcher


  • Download the plugin and uncompress it with your preferred unzip programme
  • Copy the entire directory in your plugin directory of your WordPress blog (/wp-content/plugins)
  • Activate the plugin in your plugin administration page (by the network administrator on all the blogs or by the root blog administrator for each particular blog).
  • You need to activate the plugin once in each blog, set the configuration in Settings -> Multisite Language Switcher

Now you can:

  • connect your translated pages and posts in Posts -> Edit or Page -> Edit
  • connect your translated categories and tags in Posts -> Categories or Post -> Tags
  • connect your Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies across languages
  • use the widget, the Gutenberg block, the shortcode [sc_msls] and/or a content_filter which displays a hint to the user if a translation is available
  • find also a shortcode for the widget [sc_msls_widget]
  • optionally you can place the code <?php if ( function_exists( 'the_msls' ) ) the_msls(); ?> directly in your theme files

Review the Multisite Language Switcher Website for more information.


I have no language options in the General settings.

You might read first WordPress in your language.

But I’d like the interface to stay in English.

You can choose the language of the dashboard in the settings of your user profile.

Do I really need a multisite?

It’s up to you – of course. But yes, if you want to use the Multisite Language Switcher.

How can I automatically redirect users based on the browser language?

Le commutateur de langue multisite ne redirige pas automatiquement les utilisateurs. Je ne sais pas si l’extension devrait le faire. Vous devriez vérifier cette extension jQuery ou cette approche avec un thème
Si vous avez besoin d’une telle fonctionnalité.

How can I add the Multisite Language Switcher to the nav-menu of my blog?

Veuillez vérifier le module MslsMenu.

I want to have the languages in an HTML select. How can I do that?

Veuillez vérifier le module MslsSelect out.

I don’t want to upload the same media files for every site. What can I do?

Vous pouvez essayer l’extension Network Shared Media. Cela ajoute un nouvel onglet à la fenêtre « Ajouter un média », vous permettant d’accéder aux fichiers média dans les autres sites de votre multisite.

Is there a function I can call to get the language of the page the user is currently viewing?

Yes, you should use the WordPress API function get_locale() but you could also use code like that

use lloc\Msls\MslsBlogCollection;

$blog     = MslsBlogCollection::instance()->get_current_blog();
$language = $blog->get_language();
How can I move from WPML to MSLS?

Il y a une extension qui est bien pratique ici.


8 mai 2019
Great plug-in, works like a charm. Thank you very much to the developers, hope you keep up the good work!
1 février 2019
Great plugin, what do exactly what it should. Lightweight and easy to handle. Thank you for the work on this.
13 décembre 2018
Thank you for updating so quickly. All realtions are back again. Now everything work fine.
13 décembre 2018
I had a (self induced...) prob with the plugin and was in slight hope to get an answer on the forum some time in the future if any. But i had a reply from Dennis that felt like 'immediately'. Cool author and cool plugin.
13 décembre 2018
Last night i updated to latest version I found out this morning that all relations between post of different languages have been lost. So i have to fix from scratch 3000 posts and 300 pages. I dint`t go to work today, i am struggling already for hours in front of a pc screen to correct one by one all posts which were working fine until yesterday. It is not necessary to express my anger, i m sure you can imagine. But i will create 20 different accounts and i ll destroy this plugin`s reputation. I dont want any sorry... ---------------------------------------------------- As you can see i changed my review, i may lost hours but it is not the first time and definitely with wordpress(and any CMS) it will not be the last. I do make some plugins but only for my own use, never make them public, because i don`t want people to blame me if something goes wrong. Sorry if i sounded a little rough
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