Cette extension n’a pas été testée avec plus de trois mises à jour majeures de WordPress. Elle peut ne plus être maintenue ou supportée et peut avoir des problèmes de compatibilité lorsqu’elle est utilisée avec des versions de WordPress plus récentes.

Native Lazyload


Lazy-loads media using the native browser feature. Learn more about the new loading attribute or view the WordPress core ticket where inclusion of a similar implementation in WordPress core itself is being discussed.

If the loading attribute is not supported by the browser, the plugin falls back to a JavaScript solution based on IntersectionObserver. For the case that JavaScript is disabled, but the loading attribute is supported by the browser, a noscript variant of the respective element will be added that also includes the loading attribute without any further changes.

« Native » signifie « rapide »

If you have found your way over here, you are probably aware of how crucial performance is for a website’s user experience and success. You might also know that lazy-loading is a key feature to improve said performance. However, the solutions for lazy-loading so far still added a bit of overhead themselves, since they relied on loading, parsing and running custom JavaScript logic, that may be more or less heavy on performance.

This plugin largely does away with this pattern. It relies on the new loading attribute, which makes lazy-loading a native browser functionality. The attribute is already supported by Chrome, and will be rolled out to other browsers over time. The solution being « native » means that it does not rely on custom JavaScript logic, and thus is more lightweight. And « more lightweight » means « faster ».

Enfin, il est important de garder à l’esprit que cette extension s’améliorera avec le temps, à mesure que de plus en plus de navigateurs utiliseront l’attribut loading.


Activez simplement l’extension et toutes vos images et iframes dans le contenu des publications seront chargées en différé.


This plugin is partly based on logic from WP Rig as well as recommendations from web.dev and developers.google.com.


  1. Upload the entire native-lazyload folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or download it through the WordPress backend.
  2. Activez l’extension via le menu « Extensions » dans WordPress.


Où se trouvent les réglages de l’extension ?

Cette extension n’a pas d’écran de réglages. Il suffit de l’activer pour qu’elle fonctionne.

Comment puis-je empêcher le chargement différé d’une image ou d’une iframe ?

You can add a class skip-lazy to indicate to the plugin you would like to skip lazy-loading for this image or iframe.

Cette extension charge toujours un fichier JavaScript additionnel ! Je n’en veux pas.

This is perfectly fair. Note that the plugin only loads the JavaScript file as a fallback for when the user’s browser does not support the native loading attribute yet. The file includes logic to still autoload the image in a non-native way. If you prefer to purely rely on the loading attribute and not provide any fallback, you can easily disable it by adding a line add_filter( 'native_lazyload_fallback_script_enabled', '__return_false' ) somewhere in your site’s codebase.

Cela fonctionne-t-il avec AMP ?

Si vous utilisez AMP, vous n’en avez pas vraiment besoin, car AMP charge intelligemment et en différé les médias prêts à l’emploi. Néanmoins, l’extension est construite de manière à ne pas casser la compatibilité AMP, juste pour s’en assurer.

Où dois-je envoyer ma demande de support ?

For regular support requests, please use the wordpress.org support forums. If you have a technical issue with the plugin where you already have more insight on how to fix it, you can also open an issue on Github instead.

Comment puis-je contribuer à l’extension ?

If you have some ideas to improve the plugin or to solve a bug, feel free to raise an issue or submit a pull request in the Github repository for the plugin. Please stick to the contributing guidelines.

Vous pouvez également contribuer à l’extension en la traduisant. Visitez simplement translate.wordpress.org pour commencer.


31 décembre 2020
This plugin adds loading= »lazy » and then, the browser lazy loads the image. I think that native lazy loading performed by the browser is the only viable solution for lazy loading. For many years, I tried to implement lazy loading on my websites. I faced many issues. Once images were not crawled. Once my website was penalized because of cloaking. Versions differed depending on the client. I am enough with javascript scripts that slow down the pageload and negatively impact the pagespeed insight. I think that for now and in the future, the native lazy loading is the only way to go for lazy loading.
27 février 2020
First, did not break my site and it did lazyload most of the page images. It does not lazyload images if they are served from a different host. Example, unbounce, etc. I will add another caveat, all of my images and their versions are always carefully resized and highly compressed. Checked with lighthouse and my score took a hit downwards. 13 points down on performance score. I tested on my Staging area, uncached. FCP went from 2.1s to 4.2s, all of the other metrics, including time to interactive, CPU idle, speed index and First Meaningful Paint took a dive. I will chuck this to I was already hyperoptimized and lazy loading is not truly needed on my site/s. But I would advise others to try it out (not on their live site) and test speed with Google Lighthouse before and after.
17 février 2020
Seems to work well. On browsers that don’t support lazy loading, it doesn’t seem to load the images as soon as I would like. As in there can be a bit of a delay between scrolling and the image appearing on screen. Not to bad though. Not going to worry about it as native image loading is the way of the future and will be implemented into more browsers.
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  • Fix broken images which are using data URI scheme (e.g. base64-encoded images). Props ieim.
  • Fix images in IE 11 not being loaded until the user starts scrolling. Props Soean.
  • Fix image loading script not working in IE10 and other browsers that do not support dataset.


  • Improve compatibility with other plugins by using more specific class and only adding it for JS fallback.
  • Run lazy-load script on DOMContentLoaded when necessary to improve compatibility with plugins like Autoptimize.
  • Do not transform elements inside an AJAX response due to lack of predictability of the context and script execution.


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