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Replyable – Abonnements et réponses aux commentaires par e-mail



Cette extension est fermée depuis le 9 décembre 2022 et n’est pas disponible au téléchargement. Raison : Problème de sécurité.


25 juin 2020
I’ve been a long-time user of Replyable (and before that Postmatic). It’s really turbo-charged my blog and helped with productivity. To be able to manage comments via email is amazing. I’m able to moderate comments (including accept and send to spam) and reply. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it. I’m using a paid Replyable account with wpDiscuz and WPBruiser and that has been a killer combination. Some of my blogs have had over 1,800 comments and Replyable has been able to manage this with a breeze. I know a few people here have had issues with support. I’ll admit that has been a bit frustrating, and I know that hasn’t been top-notch, but they do get back to you eventually, and it’s always been helpful. And the developer is such a nice guy – and a fabulous developer. I know they are improving it all the time. So, I really do feel, overall, this plugin deserves the 5 stars. I don’t have any affiliation with Postmatic. I’ve just been using it for years and love it.
28 janvier 2020 1 réponse
I’m a paid subscriber and I can’t get any support. My guess is they’ve stopped supporting the plugin as they did about a year ago, perhaps due to family reasons again. Hope everything is okay for them but I’m switching plugins. (Alas, there aren’t any really excellent subscribe to comments plugins. I want to have much more control over which comments get emailed out but no plugin offers any control over that.)
18 janvier 2020
The plugin support people are no longer responding to tickets. They used to be fairly responsive but we haven’t heard from them on multiple tickets that we have placed. We will be looking for a new plugin soon.
5 novembre 2018 3 réponses
I bent over backwards to like this plugin – it is VERY good – the problem is I paid for the upgraded version and instead I got a message that I was already subscribed so I know have 2 years of plugin without the upgrade. I’ve reached out every way I can – no response at all.
20 juin 2018 4 réponses
Beware of this Plugin. It hasn’t been updated in seven (7) months. The free version is a mess. Coming from Postmatic, I was hoping for improvements while THEY TOOK MY MONEY! I emailed them and did everything possible to get support – nothing. I rarely chase code developers down but they sucked up a lot of my valuable time.
17 mai 2017 1 réponse
Since posting the below review people at Replyable started communicating with me again and I was able to work out my issues with tech support. Because of this I have increased my rating in this review, re-titled it, and I have chosen to become a Replyable customer on the basic plan. The fact that the ball was dropped so completely for a period of time definitely leaves me with concerns, but I am giving it a try and hopefully replyable will do better in the future. Former review: Terrible Tech Support The paid version Replyable is perfect for my needs, but I wanted to test it before paying a non-refundable fee for it. So I tried their one week free trial for the basic plan. However, when I did tests with friends they weren’t getting subscription messages, so I contacted technical support. At first things went pretty well. They contacted me back in a reasonable amount of time and did a few tests, but then things petered out. There was no conclusion. Nothing got solved. The person told me to check in spam folders despite my saying that both of my testers had checked spam folders multiple days after the test. The tech support person then gave me two weeks of additional free trial to continue testing, but when I tried to access it I couldn’t (the only way to change my settings to use it required me to pay them). This was on April 12th. I sent a message back describing my problem and asking for help but I never got a reply. Since then I have sent several follow up messages and with only two days left of this extra free trial I still haven’t received a reply or any help accessing it. After a week of not receiving any replies I figured maybe the person helping me was sick or something, so I put in a new tech support request explaining the situation. I have not received a response to that either. I have no idea what is going on or why they aren’t getting back to me. I think Replyable is probably a good product (the only reason I didn’t give it a one star review) and if it works for you without problems the first time, that is great, but this was a terrible tech support experience. I have wasted so much time and I am honestly really sad because I really felt that replyable was a perfect fit for my needs and now I’m going to have to rethink how I’m going to do my comment system.
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