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With this plugin you can exclude any page, post or whatever from the WordPress search results by checking off the corresponding checkbox on post/page edit page.
Supports quick and bulk edit.

On the plugin settings page you can also see the list of all the items that are hidden from search.


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  1. Upload search-exclude directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activer l’extension via le menu Extensions dans l’admin WordPress
  3. Go to any post/page edit page and check off the checkbox Exclude from Search Results if you don’t want the post/page to be shown in the search results


Cette extension affecte-t-elle le référencement ?

No, it does not affect crawling and indexing by search engines.
The ONLY thing it does is hiding selected post/pages from your site search page. Not altering SEO indexing.

Si vous souhaitez que les publications/pages soient masquées pour les moteurs de recherche, vous pouvez ajouter l’extrait suivant à votre functions.php :

function add_meta_for_search_excluded()
    global $post;
    if (false !== array_search($post->ID, get_option('sep_exclude', array()))) {
        echo '<meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow" />', "\n";
add_action('wp_head', 'add_meta_for_search_excluded');

Note : les pages déjà indexées le resteront pendant un certain temps. Afin de les retirer de l’index de Google, vous pouvez utiliser Google Search Console (ou un outil similaire pour d’autres moteurs).

Existe-t-il des crochets ou des actions permettant de personnaliser le comportement de l’extension ?

There is an action searchexclude_hide_from_search.
You can pass any post/page/custom_post ids as an array in the first parameter.
The second parameter specifies state of visibility in search. Pass true if you want to hide posts/pages,
or false – if you want show them in the search results.

Let’s say you want « Exclude from Search Results » checkbox to be checked off by default
for newly created posts, but not pages. In this case you can add following code
to your theme’s function.php:

add_filter('default_content', 'exclude_new_post_by_default', 10, 2);
function exclude_new_post_by_default($content, $post)
    if ('post' === $post->post_type) {
        do_action('searchexclude_hide_from_search', array($post->ID), true);

Also there is a filter searchexclude_filter_search.
With this filter you can turn on/off search filtering dynamically.
$exclude – current search filtering state (specifies whether to filter search or not)
$query – current WP_Query object

En retournant true ou false, vous pouvez activer le filtrage de la recherche respectivement.

Exemple :
Supposons que vous ayez besoin de désactiver le filtrage de la recherche si vous recherchez un post_type spécifique.
Dans ce cas, vous pouvez ajouter le code suivant à votre fichier functions.php :

add_filter('searchexclude_filter_search', 'filterForProducts', 10, 2);
function filterForProducts($exclude, $query)
    return $exclude && 'product' !== $query->get('post_type');


18 juin 2023
I use an ad blocker so I haven’t been troubled by adware. Your plugin appears to work well and I appreciate the option is located in the Quick Edit. However, the option does not show in Quick Edit when selecting multiple pages.
3 mai 2023
We have begun removing this plugin from hundreds of client websites as it adds a great deal of unnecessary bloat and advertisements in the backend. Too bad! However, we found another plugin, Hide from Search, which we heavily tested, is actively updated and has an added feature. Sorry to see good things go so bad… glad to see that there are almost always alternatives in the WordPress way!
17 avril 2023 2 réponses
Was a simple good plugin, but now adds commercials for Quadlayers to my dashboard. Unprofessional. Avoid!
17 avril 2023 3 réponses
Used to be a great plugin. Not anymore. Acquired by April 2023 by a company called QuadLayers, which bloated the plugin on its first update after changing hands. Why can’t we have nice things?
14 avril 2023 2 réponses
This used to be a great, lightweight, useful plugin. Then, it was bought out by some software company that started filling it with bloat and adware. You’re much better off finding some other solution, or forking the plugin as it was before QuadLayers got involved.
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  • Mise à jour de l’auteur/autrice.


  • Fix and rework bulk edit: The Bulk actions dropdown now offers hide/show actions.


  • This is a security release. All users are encouraged to upgrade.
  • Corrige une possible vulnérabilité XSS.


  • Corrige la compatibilité avec WordPress 5.5


  • Security release. More protection added.


  • Security release. All users are encouraged to update.
  • Added filter searchexclude_filter_permissions.


  • Added action searchexclude_hide_from_search
  • Added filter searchexclude_filter_search
  • Fixed Bulk actions for Firefox


  • Fixed bug when unable to save post on PHP <5.5 because of boolval() usage


  • Added quick and bulk edit support
  • Tested up to WP 4.1


  • Tested up to WP 4.0
  • Do not show Plugin on some service pages in Admin
  • Fixed conflict with bbPress
  • Fixed deprecation warning when DEBUG is on


  • Fixed search filtering for AJAX requests


  • Not excluding items from search results on admin interface


  • Fixed links on settings page with list of excluded items
  • Tested up to WP 3.9


  • Added support for excluding attachments from search results
  • Tested up to WP 3.8


  • Fixed: Conflict with Yoast WordPress SEO plugin


  • Fixed: PHP 5.2 compatibility


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