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Task Manager

Quick and easy to use, manage all your tasks and your time with the Task Manager plugin.

No more communication problems, team organization and posts-it!

With Task Manager organize your projects with your team and keep control over your time. Task Manager is a fast and intuitive task management extension.


Task Manager allows you to create tasks, assign users and then manage their time.


With Task Manager categorize your tasks and find them. You can customize your categories as you like. Once they are finished, they are archived.


Send task to your team with an email notification.


Each user can add comments inside his duties, he can then enter the date and time spent.


Task manager is fast ! In one click, find your tasks by user or category.


The chronology of Task Manager keeps user actions history.


Export your tasks in text format, to transmit or integrate in a report.

Customers followed

With shortcode [task], you can display any task, anywhere in article or page.

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We encourage the community to contribute: no matter whether for a compliment, a bug report or idea...

Requires: 4.4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Mise à jour : 2 mois ago
Installations actives : 300+


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