WooRewards – programme de fidélité et récompenses pour WooCommerce


WooRewards is a free plugin for WooCommerce that helps you retain your customers. Set up your loyalty system in less than 5 minutes and start rewarding your customers.

Reward your customers loyalty

With WooRewards, you can easily set up your loyalty program. Choose how your customers earn points and the reward they receive when they sum enough points.

Advertise your customers about the points they have on your website. WooRewards will automatically generate WooCommerce coupons and send the details by email to your customers.

Settings made easy

WooRewards comes bundled with a specialized administration interface. This interface has been designed with « ease to use » and « intuitivity » in mind.

You can customize your emails and/or widgets in a few minutes, without any coding knowledge (html/css).

Help is provided everywhere to help you set up all the options you want. We also provide YouTube tutorials for each feature.

Pour plus d’informations, visitez notre site web Extensions Long Watch – Documentation

WooRewards Features

  • Set points for money spent
  • Set points on orders
  • Set points on first order
  • Coupon Reward
  • Reduction Reward
  • Widget and shortcode to show points
  • Configurable emails
  • Wizard on first install to help getting started
  • Points and rewards history
  • Add/Remove Points per user/group
  • Translated in multiple languages : English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Finnish, German
  • Possibility to process past orders to give points
  • WPML Compatibility

WooRewards Pro, the next level

WooRewards Pro adds a ton of new features to WooRewards:

  • Infinite loyalty programs
  • 20+ ways to earn points
  • New reward types
  • Pre-configured systems and events with the Wizard
  • Badges and Achievements
  • Total WooCommerce integration
  • Lots of widgets and shortcodes

Test WooRewards Pro for free for 30 days : https://plugins.longwatchstudio.com/product/woorewards/

Infinite Loyalty programs

You can create as many loyalty programs as you want, working separately or together. For each program, choose between different options:

  • Standard or Levelling : Choose if people spend their points to unlock rewards or if they keep earning them to level up.
  • Permanent or Event : Choose if your loyalty program is always available or only for a certain period of time.
  • Share points : Choose if your loyalty program shares its points pool with another program or uses its own.

Once your loyalty program is created, you’ll be redirected to a clean and intuitive interface to set it up.

New ways to earn points

With more than 20 methods to earn points, you have lots of possibilities to engage your customers :

  • Place an order
  • Spend money
  • Sponsor a friend
  • Share on social medias
  • Click on social media shared link
  • Sponsored registers
  • Sponsored passes a first order
  • Review a product
  • Register on the store
  • Buy a specific product
  • Buy products from a category
  • Pass a first order
  • Birthday
  • Registration Anniversary
  • Visit a specific post, page or url
  • Use a referral link
  • Referred registers
  • Referred passes a first order
  • Easter Egg
  • Get one or more badges
  • Post a comment

New Rewards

Let your customers win new awesome rewards :

  • Free Product
  • Free Shipping
  • Permanent Discounts
  • Badges
  • Variable discount depending on the points spent
  • Custom rewards : You choose what to offer

Let the Wizard be your guide

WooRewards has a unique feature to guide you through the creation of your loyalty program : The Wizard.
With a growing range of prefabricated loyalty systems, all you have to do is follow the guide.
Select the feature you want to add, follow the wizard steps and voilà, your loyalty program is set.

Prefabricated loyalty systems range from special events such as Christmas, Black Friday or Easter to more in-depth systems like a bronze-silver-gold leveling system.
Each wizard has its own difficulty level and time needed information. You can choose to create simple systems or create more elaborate ones, but, with the Wizard, you’ll never get lost in the process.

Other Features

WooRewards Pro comes with a lot of other features like widget, shortcodes, emails and woocommerce integration :

  • WooCommerce My Account : Loyalty and Rewards page showing all details about your loyalty programs
  • WooCommerce My Account : Badges page where your customers can see the badges they own and their rarity
  • WooCommerce Product Page : Show potential earned points if they purchased the product
  • WooCommerce Cart Page : Show potential earned points if they validate the cart
  • Fully customizable widgets and shortcodes within our style generation tool or our theme selector.
  • Points expiration for inactivity on loyalty systems
  • Advanced settings for special needs
  • Points naming (text or image)
  • WPML Compatibility

Test WooRewards Pro for free for 30 days : https://plugins.longwatchstudio.com/product/woorewards/

Captures d’écran

  • Initial Configuration Wizard
  • Loyalty System Details
  • Customers management
  • Email configuration
  • WooRewards Pro Wizards


Cette extension fournit 1 bloc.

  • Show User Points


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/woorewards directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the WooRewards screen to configure the plugin


Rewards page in user ‘my account’ return a ‘404 page not found’ error

This is a common issue with WordPress endpoints.
In your wordpress administration, go to settings -> permalinks and click on the save button on the bottom right.

Where do I see the rewards ?

WooRewards generates WooCommerce coupons. Therefore, you can see the generated coupons in the WooCommerce coupons Page located in WooCommerce->Coupons.

I bought the pro version but still have only the free features, why ?

After buying the pro version, you must enter your licence key in the Licence Tab of your plugin administration.
Once the plugin is activated, you can either click the « Install Pro Version Now » or wait for WordPress to detect an update available for that plugin.
Update the plugin to get access to the pro features.


12 novembre 2020
This plugin does exactly what I wanted and I'm very happy how it works on my site. The support does a great job and helped me when I had a request with a small change.
5 novembre 2020
We like to use it for customers levels and rewards. Its easy to setup and fullfills our needs. The animations are small and should be improved when insignias are gained
3 octobre 2020
Installed this some years ago, started great - was easy to use, but updates have made it more and more complicated over the years. I have successfully set standard spend rewards, but find it almost impossible to use the rest of the system - it is convoluted, complicated and frustrating. Would really like to see it go back to a simpler user-friendly version, one that is pretty much idiot proof. (I am not an idiot, but this plugin makes me feel like one.) I may have to look for an alternative 🙁
23 septembre 2020
This plugin is great because it does something none of the other plugins do. It allows you to create a tier system which means if a user earns 250 points, it gets them 5 dollars off, but to earn 10 dollars off, they don't need to double their points to 500. Maybe I want to make it 400 points for 10 dollars off. Just this alone has made me purchase PRO edition.
24 août 2020
Woorewards is a well-made plugin with a large set of features. The plugin works perfectly out of the box and has excellent documentation. Moreover, the developer offers very quick support response times with helpful answers. Thanks so much!
6 août 2020
This is my experience with them. I recently added this amazing plugin to my website and now it's the heart of my business. I hired Long Watch Studio for custom coding and they did it in just a couple of days. They usually reply to emails in a matter of minutes. Their customer service is second to none. Overall highly recommended! Right now I can't image by business without this plugin it's that good!
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  • WooRewards :
    • wr_show_history shortcode update
  • WooRewards Pro :
    • Spend Money : Add minimum cart amount option
    • WooCommerce endpoints : Possibility to modify the slug
    • Free Product bufgix : Prevent multiple products add
    • Progress bar bugfix
    • Sponsored spends money points display bugfix
    • My Account : Points history bugfix
    • New shortcode : wr_user_level
    • new shortcode : wr_progress_bar


  • Fix point earning recursion
  • Allow MyAccount slug override
  • Fix point history style
  • Fix themer and stygen crash


  • New shortcodes
  • WooCommerce 4.4 support
  • New option ‘minimal order amount’ in Spend Money Event
  • Minor fixes


  • Fix API points substraction


  • Prevent duplicated reward unlock
  • Prevent Free Product conflict with WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Minor fixes


  • WooRewards :
    • Add WooCommerce Subscriptions Support
  • WooRewards Pro :
    • WooCommerce Subscriptions : Full compatibility and add new options on methods to earn points
    • New shortcode to display a user name and title [wr_user_name]
    • Add Thousand separator in Points Currency
    • Add Custom Rewards on Standard Systems
    • Full WPML Compatibility
    • Fix misplaced log when levelling reward unlocked in a batch


  • New shortcode option raw='on' for [wr_simple_points]
  • Rationalize shortcodes options to ‘system’, ‘shared’, ‘force’ instead of ‘pool’ (obsolete option still supported)
  • Improve display on loyalty systems point sharing
  • Show internal names to be used with shortcodes in loyalty systems list


  • Hide Cart Coupon list title if no usable coupon
  • Add ‘auto-apply on next cart’ option in Rewards
  • Manage priority of Order events for points earning methods
  • Responsive display improvements on cart side elements
  • Fix redirect page after reward redeem
  • Fix product point preview for restricted loyalty systems
    • New shortcode option to force the display
  • Fix apply coupon with page reload when shortcode used on checkout page
  • New shortcodes in reward descritions
  • product/cart point preview widget, default option shows all loyalty systems


  • Allows substract points from API
  • New translation language


  • Fix translations
  • Fix add point bulk action
  • Fix email WPML references


  • Add minimum order amount option to sponsored spending point earning method
  • Add shortcodes to Variable Discount reward description
  • Fix product/cart point preview shortcode
  • Fix Offer Reward bulk action
  • Fix Apply free product coupon with cart reloading option on.


  • Improve asset loading
  • Birthday/Anniversary Point earning method are limited to method creation date
  • New Reward email can be disabled per Reward
  • Fix grant/confiscate Reward Consultant Bulk Action
  • Fix Cart Point Preview for unlogged users
  • Add more Hooks


  • Fix point history shortcode
  • Improve by point customer filter
  • Dev Facilities


  • Fix Rewards confiscation
  • Fix Level progressbar
  • Fix Email Translation
  • Add Cart Points Preview shortcode inline documentation


  • Fix WC Order Email


  • New method to earn points : publish a content (posts, pages or custom types)
  • WC Order Email : Possibility to display a message in woocommerce emails
  • New reward : Give points to another loyalty sytem
  • New possibilities for unlocking rewards
  • Bugfix : Use coupon on cart page


  • New reward: give points to another Loyalty System


  • Improve performance, optimize asset loading


  • New filters
  • Improve badge reward
  • Minor fixes


  • WooRewards :
    * New shortcode [wr_next_level_points]
  • WooRewards Pro :
    • Fix settings visibility in « Sponsored spend money » point earning method
    • Fix Coupon List widget style editor
    • Fix Loyalty system my-account page


  • Bugfix in sponsorship settings administration screen
  • Bugfix using coupon list shortcode out of cart page


  • WooRewards :
    • Enable WooCommerce coupons automatically at install
  • WooRewards Pro :
    * Add points transactional expiration feature
    * Remove points from user on order refund status
    * Add an optional message on cart point preview for unlogged users
    * Merge referral feature to sponsorship
    * Sponsored users can receive rewards at registration
    * Refactor my-account->loyalty page

    • Fix sponsor points for guest order using referral link
    • Fix ‘sponsored spend money’ point earning method settings save
    • Fix add free product to cart with option ‘reload page to apply coupon’ set
    • Fix cart point preview for restricted loyalty systems
    • Fix cart point preview for order origin restriction settings
    • Fix currency display in my-account->loyalty page
    • Fix sponsorship link redirection in my-account->loyalty page
    • Fix unlock button text on rewards widget


  • Update doc URL
  • Translations


  • Counter poorly coded third party plugin that prevents fresh coupon save


  • Increase value limit in point history table


  • Fix reward claim popup


  • Fix loyalty my-account page


  • Translations


  • WooRewards :
    • Fix a wizard bug.
  • WooRewards Pro :
    • Referrals and Sponsorship fusion.
      • Referral links become Sponsorship links
      • Add QR Codes in Sponsorship links
      • Possibility to reward sponsored for visiting links
      • Possibility to reward sponsors for money spent by sponsored
    • Refactor loyalty tab in my-account page.
      • Possibility to select which loyalty systems to display
      • Possibility to display sponsorship email and links widgets
      • Change the order of the information displayed
      • Select the information to display


  • WooRewards :
    • Refactor success popup buffer.
  • WooRewards Pro :
    • Add new shortcodes in mail templates.
    • Refactor loyalty tab in my-account page.


  • WooRewards :
    • Optimization
  • WooRewards Pro :
    • Sponsorship improvements
    • Minor fixes


  • WooRewards :

    • Possibility to process old/existing orders to attribute points for customers
  • WooRewards Pro :

    • Possibility to process old/existing orders to attribute points for customers
    • Free Product Reward : new features have been added
      • Select a product variation as a reward
      • Possibility to apply the free product automatically on next cart
      • When the coupon is removed from the cart, the product is also removed
    • Badge Reward : Possibility to remove other badges when giving the new one
    • Reward Popup : Possibility to disable the Popup


  • Bugfix : variable discount with user registration


  • WooRewards :

    • New Feature : The Wizard – assistant to create your loyalty programs
    • Some ads have been removed for cleaner interface
  • WooRewards Pro :

    • New Feature : The Wizard – assistant to create your loyalty programs
      • Standard System Wizard
      • Leveling System Wizard
      • Black Friday / Cyber Monday Wizard
      • Christmas Wizard
      • Easter Wizard
      • Double Points Wizard
      • Sponsorship Wizard
      • Anniversary Wizard
    • New Feature : Earning Method – Restrict points distribution depending on the order’s origin
      • All origins
      • Front-End Checkout
      • Back-End Administration
      • REST API
    • Variable Discount : Possibility to set a variable minimum order amount
    • Bugfix : Soon to expire coupons not shown on front-end
    • Bugfix : Emails for soon to expire coupons not sent
    • Bugfix : My Account WPML Comptability
    • Bugfix : License activation and update problems


  • Allow guest order give points to referral or sponsor
  • Advanced option: define email preheader
  • Minor fixes


  • WooRewards Pro :
    • Coupon reward applied on x cart items at max
    • Set a custom coupon description using shortcodes
    • new REST API
    • New options:
      • Open social share dialog in new tab or popup
      • Apply coupon from cart coupon list by ajax or submit
    • Fix crash on sponsored order checkout
    • Bugfixes in Loyalty and Rewards in « My Account » page


  • WooRewards :

    • Reworked administration interface
    • Add documentation links in administration interface
    • Bugfix : WordPress scroll menu
    • Bugfix: Corrupted licence on specific WordPress configuration
  • WooRewards Pro :

    • My Account : Add option to see expanded view instead of accordion view
    • Sponsorship widget
      • Make it more obvious that the email is sent
      • User can set several emails at once (comma separator)
      • Available for unlogged users
    • Sponsored and referral order event:
      • New feature : earn points for each order
      • New option : limit points earned on first order
    • Allow several expiry reminder email delays
    • Bugfix : Soon to expire coupons not shown on front-end
    • Bugfix : Emails for soon to expire coupons not sent
    • Bugfix : Badge not unlocked on achievement
    • Bugfix : Dismiss notices
    • New feature : Full documentation available.


  • Less mails about available rewards


  • Fix add free product to cart with polylang
  • Fix user search ‘options page not found’ error


WooRewards :
* Reworked Media Picker

WooRewards Pro :
* Points naming : Change the display name of points for each loyalty system.
* Points naming : Use an image instead of a label for points.
* Social Medias : Share on MeWe
* Fix point preview for variable products


  • Minor fixes


  • Update spanish translations
  • Fix translations
  • Fix expired coupons still displayed to customers
  • Fix product/cart point preview showing zero point gain
  • Fix modifiable text in rewards widget
  • WPML/Polylang compatibility with ‘Buy Specific Product’ point earning method


  • Fix reward unlocking with shared points system
  • Fix role restriction omitted on few scenarios


WooRewards :
* Fix some translation issues for the word « Points »
* Fix notices not beeing dismissables

WooRewards Pro :
* Product Preview Points Widget : Separate points and loyalty system labels.


WooRewards :
* Show Points widget : Display a message if customer not connected
* WPML compatibility

WooRewards Pro :
* New features
* Achievements system : Create achievements and award badges for completion
* Achievements ‘My Account’ Tab
* Loyalty and Rewards ‘My Account’ Tab : Possibility to hide customer’s history
* Restrict loyalty system by user role
* New reward : assign role to user
* New widgets
* Display achievements and progress
* Show methods to earn points
* WPML Compatibility
* Social Share widget/shortcode : Possibility to specify the shared url
* Referral widget/shortcode : Possibility to specify the shared url
* Unlock reward popup has been fully reworked and can now be customized
* Preview points on cart and product have been reworked to show points for different loyalty systems
* Earning method ‘Product Review’: Product purchased requirement become optional
* Rewards widget : Add new display type (grid) to display rewards horizontally


  • Fix discount tax sum


  • Fix translation
  • Fix trigger on order status processing


WooRewards :

  • Add Spanish Translations

WooRewards Pro :
* New feature : Add reason when manually setting points
* Loyalty abd rewards : use earning method title
* Fixed bug on get_user_screen
* Fixed bug on social media widget
* Fixed bug on expiry points email
* Add Spanish Translations


WooRewards :

  • Add points on order status « Complete » instead of « Processing »

WooRewards Pro :
* My Account Rework
* display all owned rewards
* display unlockable rewards
* display points history
* display methods to earn points
* display possible rewards
* Social networks
* Badges


  • Better compatibility with some cache plugins
  • Fix offered product give points
  • Fix recurrent visit on several systems
  • Fix missing translation


  • Fix loco configuration file
  • Fix missing potential points on cart and product pages
  • Fix category hierarchy test
  • Fix interferences of WPML/Polylang in free product
  • Fix reward confiscation
  • Add alternative plain text in emails


  • New rewards :
    * Free Shipping Coupon
    * Variable Discount
  • New points earning methods :
    * Registration anniversary
    * Birthday (provide a birthday input field for user registrtation form)
  • New feature : levelling lifetime
  • Improve administration UI :
    * Add new filters to customer list
    * Add a WooCommerce menu entry point
    * Add a back button in loyalty system edition page
    * Make widget options consistent

  • Fix PHP 5.6 support
  • Fix fit to MariaDB join performance

  • Fix text domain error
  • Added Finnish translations


  • Fixed translations
  • Fixed meta_cap notice
  • Fixed empty slug with exotic languages
  • Improved third party integration
  • Added Chinese translations
  • Improved styling tool


  • Fix missing shop coupon code in email


  • New features added to Pro Version :
    • New way to earn points: Easter Egg
    • New way to earn points: Register to the website
    • New way to earn points: Register from referral link
    • New way to earn points: Order from referral link
    • New way to earn points: Visit the website
    • New way to earn points: Buy a specific product
    • New way to earn points: Buy product in specific category(ies)
    • New way to earn points: Comment a post or a page
    • New Levelling system option : One level at a time
    • New setting : Force customers to unlock rewards manually


  • WooRewards Reboot. Prettier, Easier, Better.
  • New features added to Standard Version :
    • Reduction Reward
    • Show customer points Widget
    • Reworked email customization tool
    • Reworked administration interface
  • New features added to Pro Version :
    • New ways to earn points
    • New reward types
    • Events system
    • New widgets and shortcodes
    • Better WooCommerce integration
    • WooCommerce no longer required for WooRewards to work

  • Bugfix existant customer sponsored

  • Bugfix coupon list on cart page


  • Add new user capacity ‘manage_rewards’, applied to ‘administrator’ and ‘shop_manager’ roles by default


  • Bugfix reward expiration date forced


  • WordPress 5.0 compatibility
  • WooCommerce 3.5.1 compatibility
  • Style generator fixes
  • Cart styles reworked
  • Fix deleted product in rewards


  • WooCommerce 3.4.7 compatibility
  • Fix point per category restriction with variable products.


  • WooCommerce 3.4.6 compatibility
  • Bugfixes


  • New feature added to Pro Version :
    • Earn loyalty point by spending money


  • Bugfix : WooCommerce backend styles applied on frontend


  • New texts
  • New features added to Pro Version :
    • Shortcode to display reward or loyalty points without styling
    • Display potentially earned points on product pages
    • Display potentially earned points on cart page


  • Bugfix : Use WooCommerce currency on test emails
  • Bugfix : Use WooCommerce email sender adress on test emails


  • Loco Translate compatibility
  • Add spanish translation
  • Inline help added
  • New features added to Pro Version :
    • « Individual use only » option added to rewards
    • « Exclude sale items » option added to rewards
    • Minimum order amount to attribute « Points on order »
    • Widget / Shortcode to display Reward / Loyalty points
    • Reworked « My Account » page
    • Add spanish translation


  • New feature : Attribute points on customers orders
  • New feature : Attribute extra points on customers first order
  • New feature : Add buttons « Items per page » on points management list
  • Bugfix : Use WooCommerce price format settings in mails.


  • Cosmetic
  • Bugfix : Compatibility with Opera


  • Reworked administration interface
  • Bugfix : No points created on unlogged users orders
  • New option : Show only customers who have points and/or rewards in the customer list
  • New Feature added to Pro version : Restrict products which give points by category


  • Reworked administration interface
  • Update to WooCommerce 3.4


  • New features added to Pro Version :
    • Added « Loyalty and Rewards » Tab in WooCommerce « My Account »
    • Display reward and loyalty points in new tab
    • Display available coupons in new tab
    • Display and unlock rewards new tab
    • Free Product now available as purchase reward


  • Bugfix : List of rewards.
  • Bugfix : emails.
  • Provide a trial version.


  • Bugfix : List of customer without coupons could be hidden.


  • Bugfix : styles


  • Bugfix : styles


  • Option « Include taxes »
  • Bugfix : customer search field


  • Bugfixes


  • Added a style reset button to the style generator
  • Added a button to switch the style generator’s background color
  • Bugfix : style generator


  • Bugfixes : uninstall, update
  • Better WooCommerce integration


  • Points History and Management are now Free
  • Revisited Administration Interface
  • Style Generator for emails now available in the standard version
  • Many new features added to the Pro Version :
    • Set multiple rewards
    • Loyalty System by levels
    • New Reward Type : Permanent Coupon
    • New Reward Type : Free Product
    • New Reward Type : Custom Reward
    • New Reward Type : Title
    • Sponsorhip System
    • Points for review
    • Shortcode for reward list
    • Shortcode for sponsorship form


  • Initial wordpress release


  • Add points management


  • Initial Release