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WhyDonate – FREE Donate button – Crowdfunding – Fundraising

WhyDonate – FREE Donate button – Crowdfunding – Fundraising


With WhyDonate’s donation button plugin, you can accept donations directly on your WordPress website. Place the button anywhere on your site and start raising funds instantly. This plugin is easy to install and very customizable. No coding knowledge required.


Host A Crowdfunding Campaign
Host your own crowdfunding campaign on your own website. Include a progress bar, target amount, campaign end date, etc.

Peer-to-peer Fundraisers
Add multiple peer-to-peer fundraisers to your own website. Each fundraiser can have its unique donation button and style.

One-time and Recurring donations
Donors can choose to donate one-time or opt for a recurring monthly/yearly donation.

With the plugin, WhyDonate also provides a multi-tasking dashboard, which gives you an overview of your fundraisers and your donors.

Create New fundraisers
Once you install the plugin, you can also create fundraisers directly from your WordPress site. This also allows you to set the end date and target amount for your fundraiser. You can also place multiple buttons, each with its own style and associated fundraiser.

Completely Customizable
You can customize the donation form, the look of the button as well as the placement of the button. Adjust these to suit your needs, such that they blend with your website branding. The plugin’s responsive design is adaptable on mobile, laptop and PC.

Multiple Payment Options
Several payment options are available with this plugin, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Swish, giropay, iDeal, Przelewy24, Sofort, Klarna, Sepa Direct Debit, Google Pay, Link, MobilePay, PayPal, BLIK, Bancontact, EPS, Cartes Bancaires, and Apple Pay, making it easier for your donors to donate to any fundraiser.

Interact With Donors
With each donation, an automated email is sent to your donor to thank them for their contribution. The WhyDonate dashboard also provides a comprehensive view of your donors so that you can send them personalized thank you emails.

Need help?
WhyDonate customer service is accessible through chat, email, or scheduled telephone appointments.The service operates seven days a week, from 9AM – 5PM Central European Time (CET).

Built by Crowdfunding and Fundraising Expert, WhyDonate
The WhyDonate donation button plugin is developed by the WhyDonate Foundation. Founded in 2012, the WhyDonate Foundation has consistently helped individuals and organizations to raise funds online. WhyDonate aims to promote the efficiency, sustainability, and transparency of the charity sector.
To know more about WhyDonate, visit https://whydonate.com/en/.

For any questions, you can contact us directly via email: hello@whydonate.com.
For more information about this plugin, visit the WhyDonate website > https://whydonate.com/en/donate-button-website/

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1 Installez l’extension WordPress
1.1 Trouver l’extension « WP-Whydonate » dans le menu « Nouveau extension » et clic sur « Installer maintenant ».
1.2 Activer l’extension via le menu « Extensions » de WordPress.

2 Connect this plugin with your WhyDonate account
2.1 Enter your WhyDonate API key in the given input field. To get your input key, open your WhyDonate profile (https://whydonate.com/profile) and click on the “API Key” menu. Here, you can generate a new API key.
2.2 If you are not a WhyDonate member yet, sign up on https://whydonate.com/en/ and follow the step above.

**3 Configurer votre widget **
3.1 Créez un nouveau widget en choisissant la campagne et un style.
3.2 Si vous n’avez aucune campagne sur votre liste, vous devez en créer une.

4 Ajoutez le widget à votre site Web WordPress
4.1 Pour ajouter un bouton de don à votre site Web, placez le code court sur la page ou la publication souhaitée. Le code court de chaque widget se trouve dans le menu Whydonate > Widgets et ressemble à [whydonate id = abcd].

5 Customize your widgets
5.1 You can customize the widgets so they have different fundraisers or styles associated with them. All your widgets can be viewed in the left sidebar > WhyDonate > Widgets.
5.2 You can customize the styles of the button based on the branding or color scheme of your website. All your plugin styles can be viewed in the left sidebar > WhyDonate > Styling.


Puis-je obtenir de l’aide pour l’installation ?

Yes, you can! You can contact us by email at hello@whydonate.com. We are happy to help you!

Dois-je être une organisation (ONG) enregistrée ?

No, that is not necessary. WhyDonate allows everyone including individuals and organizations to raise funds on the platform.

Puis-je modifier mon formulaire de don ?

Oui, c’est possible. Vous pouvez apporter des modifications au formulaire via le menu Styles.

Puis-je envoyer les donateurs sur une autre page après avoir fait un don ?

Oui, vous pouvez décider sur quelle page vous renvoyez les donateurs. Vous pouvez définir cela lors de la création de chaque widget dans le menu Créer un widget.

Puis-je remercier mes donateurs ?

Yes, you can send a personal email to every donor from the WhyDonate dashboard. In addition, every donor receives an automatic confirmation of the donation by email.


9 février 2023
Excellent, working with web designer express was great. Thanks to their knowledge and determination this website looks great and functions really good.
1 février 2023
WhyDonate is undoubtedly one of the best fundraising platforms. Its plugin has some very unique features which are very helpful.
30 janvier 2023
Well, I found whydonate is the best platform for fundraising. Support is amazing. There are several payment methods available, and the best part is that there are no fees.
11 octobre 2022
WhyDonate is super helpful and the team is really easy to work with. I’m really happy with the service they provide, they are quick to process payments, and they keep in touch if you have any issues!
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* Premiere version.

Date de sortie juillet 2018
* Correctifs de bogues
* Ajout de nouveaux modes de paiement
* Fichier readme mis à jour

Date de sortie septembre 2019
* Plus d’options de personnalisation
* Prise en charge de plusieurs boutons
* Mise à jour du fichier readme
* Correctifs de bogues

Date de sortie 23 octobre 2019
* Ajout de nouvelles options sans widget et ne pas afficher la boîte
* Quelques correctifs de bogues de style
* Ajout des traductions manquantes
* Déployé avec pipeline

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* Correctif d’un bogue de don
* Page de confirmation séparée pour les transactions réussies et infructueuses

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* Amélioration des performances

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* Implémentation Sentry

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* Nouveau design
* Persistance de la base de données

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* Bogue de correction de bogue

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* Correctif de bogues et améliorations des performances

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* Résoudre les problèmes de style

Date de sortie 29 mai
* Mettre à jour le correctif des informations des donateurs

Date de sortie 16 juin
* Correction d’un bogue

Date de sortie 6 juillet
* Installations actives
* Correction d’un bogue de montant négatif
* Correction d’un problème de style sur la configuration du style
* Version optimisée

Date de sortie 14 juillet
* Le montant du pourboire négatif n’est pas autorisé

Date de sortie 31 août 2020
* Bugfix même titre de collecte de fonds non autorisé

Date de sortie 17 décembre 2020
* Correction des doublons de texte et de certains problèmes de style.

Date de publication 02 septembre 2021
* Correction des changements de rupture causés par le changement de nom de variable dans le interface d’administration.

Date de publication 23 septembre 2021
* Champ de saisie Autre montant correctif

Date de publication 13 octobre 2021
* Ajout de CSS de réinitialisation
* Correction de la fenêtre surgissante

Release Date October 25, 2021
* fix missing semicolon

Release Date June 3, 2022
* Fix spacing

Release Date November 1, 2022
* Online Payment Platform Release

Release Date November 8, 2022
* Fix Success & Failure Urls

Release Date March 3, 2023
* Refactored The Tip Amount
* Updated The WordPress Version (Updated Date March 18, 2023)

Release Date May 17, 2023
* Fix Return Url issue
* Removed Terms & Conditions label

Release Date June 16, 2023
* Fix Tip Amount Bug

Release Date August 15, 2023
* Implement Better Security Protocols
* Implemented Stripe Charges API
* Fix Disable Donate Button Bugs

Release Date August 22, 2023
* Donate button Fix
* Removed consoles

Release Date September 14, 2023
* Fix Sql Injection Issues

Release Date September 29, 2023
* Fix Sql Query

Release Date September 29, 2023
* Stable version correction

Release Date September 29, 2023
* Security + Fundraiser Redirect

Release Date September 29, 2023
* Donation Box Fix

Release Date October 14, 2023
* Stable version correction

Release Date October 16, 2023
* Update Queries

Release Date October 30, 2023
* Update Queries

Release Date January 2, 2024
* New APIs added

Release Date May 24, 2024
* Translation updates

Release Date May 24, 2024
* Link updates

Release Date June 12, 2024
* General stability update