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WPGlobus is a family of WordPress plugins assisting you in translating and maintaining bilingual/multilingual WordPress blogs and sites.

Quick Start Video

Please also read the Quick Start Guide.

Important Notes: please read before using WPGlobus!

    • WPGlobus does NOT translate texts automatically! You will translate texts manually.
    • Starting from the version 1.9.17, WPGlobus supports Gutenberg and WPBakery Page Builder. Other builders, such as « Page Builder by SiteOrigin », « Beaver Builder », Fusion (« Avada »), Elegant (« Divi »), etc. are currently in development.
    • WPGlobus stores all translations using a special format: {:en}English{:}{:fr}French{:}{:es}Spanish{:}. If you decide to deactivate and uninstall WPGlobus, you must run the clean-up tool to keep only one language. See the details on the « Welcome » tab in the WPGlobus Settings.
    • WPGlobus use browser cookies to store the selected language in the form wpglobus-language=xx where xx is a two-letter language code: en, de, fr, etc.
    • The multisite mode (multiple virtual sites sharing a single WordPress installation) is not tested and not supported.
    • Some functionality is available only with our premium add-ons. Details below.
    • We develop and test our software using the latest versions of PHP and WordPress. If you have an older version and something is not working properly – please contact us and we’ll help.
    • For the full UTF-8 compatibility and better performance, please make sure that the Multibyte String PHP extension is enabled.

What is in the FREE version of WPGlobus?

The WPGlobus plugin provides you with the general multilingual tools.

  • Manually translate posts, pages, categories, tags, menus, and widgets; If you need help with translation, please check out our Professional Translation Services directory;
  • Add one or several languages to your WP blog/site using custom combinations of country flags, locales and language names;
  • Enable multilingual SEO features of « Yoast SEO » (FREE) and « All in One SEO » plugins;
  • Switch the languages at the front-end using: a drop-down menu extension and/or a customizable widget with various display options;
  • Switch the Administrator interface language using a top bar selector;

The WPGlobus plugin serves as the foundation to other plugins in the family.

There are several Free Add-ons:

When do I need WPGlobus Premium Add-ons?

  • To translate URLs (/my-page/ translates to /fr/ma-page, /ru/моя-страница and so on);
  • To « postpone » translation to all languages and publish only those that are ready;
  • To have completely separate menus for each language;
  • To translate WooCommerce products and taxonomies;
  • To have separate « focus keywords » for each language in the Yoast SEO;
  • …and more.

For more details, please check out the descriptions of each paid add-on on our website:

Compatibility with WordPress Themes

  • WPGlobus works correctly with all themes that apply proper filtering before outputting content.
  • As most of the themes save their settings in the options table, you can use the WPGlobus Translate Options plugin to process those settings correctly.
  • Some themes incorporate 3rd party plugins (e.g., sliders, forms, composers) – not all of them are 100% multilingual-ready. When you see elements that cannot be translated, please tell the theme/plugin authors. We are ready to help them.
  • Read more on the topic here.

Compatibility with WordPress Plugins

We have checked WPGlobus together with many plugins, including:

  • ACF – Advanced Custom Fields. WPGlobus Plus premium add-on is required for WYSIWYG fields support,
  • All in One SEO Pack,
  • Black Studio TinyMCE Widget (with our free add-on),
  • MailChimp for WordPress,
  • Max Mega Menu,
  • Popups – WordPress Popup,
  • Sidebar Login,
  • The Events Calendar,
  • WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress (formerly Visual Composer),
  • Whistles,
  • Widget Logic,
  • Yoast SEO. WPGlobus Plus premium add-on is required for multilingual focus keyword and SEO analysis. Note: the « Premium » version of Yoast SEO has some compatibility issues and we currently do not support it.

Some 3rd-party plugins are supported with our premium add-ons:


IMPORTANT: WPGlobus will not work if your URLs look like example.com?p=123 or example.com/index.php/category/post/.

Please go to Settings->Permalinks and change the permalink structure to non-default and with no index.php in it. If you are unable to do that for some reason, please talk to your hosting provider or systems administrator.

Note: WooCommerce adds their own section to the Permalinks. It is important to fill in all the information. For example, you need to specify your Shop Base, for example, /product/. If you leave it blank, WooCommerce will try to translate the base (eg /produkt/ for German), which will result in a 404 error.

Developing on `localhost` or custom ports

WPGlobus may not work correctly on development servers having URLs like //localhost/mysite or on custom ports like //myserver.dev:3000. Please use a proper domain name (a fake one from /etc/hosts is OK), and port 80.

More info and ways to contact the WPGlobus Development Team

Admin interface translations:

NOTE: Please do not translate anything using the WordPress interface! Join our translation team on Transifex or translate the POT file using POEdit. Thank you!

Demo Sites

  • WPGlobus.com:
    • Bilingual site using a variety of posts, pages, custom post types, forms, and a WooCommerce store with Subscription and API extensions.
  • Site in a subfolder:
    • Demonstration of two WPGlobus-powered sites, one of which is installed in a subfolder of another. Shows the correct behavior of WPGlobus with URLs like example.com/folder/wordpress.
  • WooCommerce Multilingual:
    • A multilingual WooCommerce site powered by the WPGlobus for WooCommerce plugin.

Captures d’écran

  • The Welcome screen.
  • Settings panel.
  • Languages setup.
  • Attaching language switcher to a menu.
  • Editing post in multiple languages.
  • Multilingual Yoast SEO and Featured Images.
  • Language Switcher widget and Multilingual Editor dialog.
  • Multilingual WooCommerce store powered by WooCommerce WPGlobus.


You can install this plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard:

  1. Go to the Plugins menu and click Add New.
  2. Search for WPGlobus.
  3. Click Install Now next to the WPGlobus plugin.
  4. Activer l’extension.

Alternatively, see the guide to Manually Installing Plugins.

To install with Composer:

  • https://wpackagist.org/search?q=wpglobus
  • https://packagist.org/packages/wpglobus/wpglobus


Please read these first:
No automatic translation

WPGlobus does NOT translate texts! You need to translate texts manually.

After deactivating WPGlobus, all my pages look like garbage!

What you see is a mix of the languages, which WPGlobus knows how to handle when it’s active.
When you deactivate WPGlobus, your site is not multilingual anymore, and you have to remove all translations.

WPGlobus stores all translations using a special format: {:en}English{:}{:fr}French{:}{:es}Spanish{:}. If you decide to deactivate WPGlobus, you must run the clean-up tool to keep only one language. See the details on the « Uninstall » tab in the WPGlobus Settings.

When I switch language, I am getting 404 on all pages

Please go to the Admin - Settings - Permalinks page. Make sure that the Common Settings is not set to « Plain » and then press the Save Changes button. It should help.

Is there a PRO version?

We do not make a « PRO » plugin that replaces the free one. Instead, we have a set of add-ons that extend the WPGlobus functionality. Please found them on our website.

NOTE: When you install an add-on, such as WPGlobus Plus, you must keep the WPGlobus plugin activated!

From the WPGlobus.com FAQ Archives:


Excellent but with a really annoying bug

This plugin did everything I was expecting. Super easy and intuitive. Great control of what happens with the menu to switch languages and stuff.


when editing, sometimes one language overrides the other. And then suddendly ALL my spanish page gets for example the english translation and I lose everything I had there. So I have to restore some backup and start over. THANK GOD FOR WORDPRESS BACKUPS.

I’m using wp bakery / visual composer (and the plugin for that)

Anyway. I hope they fix this because it’s REALLY annoying.
Thanks for the great work anyway.

Great solution for creating multilingual sites.

If you do your own translations, or have them available, this plug-in makes it possible to make your site multilingual. It supports many WP themes and plug-ins out of the box and with some coding patience you can probably get it to work well with most. I am very happy with the results on the first site, where I have used it. The support is fast and very good.

more than i expected

easy to use and nearly perfect – works in most situations. no need to make different sites, just click the « other language button » and insert what you like. also works good with the theme lawyer zone. guys, you do a good job! *thumb up*

Read the plugin description carefully



I do not feel this was clearly enough communicated on the plugin download. Then when I used their clean up tool it completely broke our website.

Yes it adds sub folders to translate your site yourself, but the risk of using this plugin is not as good as the rewards.

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    • ACF 5.7.7
    • Yoast SEO 8.4
    • Gutenberg 4.0.0
    • WPBakery Page Builder 5.5.5
    • Correct setting description value on the nav-menu.php page.


  • ADDED:
    • Special « flag » icon: "easy-to-read".
    • Initialization of the WPGlobusDialogApp JS object on the nav-menu.php page.


  • ADDED:
    • Filter wpglobus_use_admin_wplang to support upcoming advanced email localization features.


  • ADDED:
    • New action wpglobus_after_load_textdomain. Can use this action to load additional translations.
    • Change the current language and reload translations when switch_locale() or restore_previous_locale() functions are called.
    • Options Panel: Info section.
    • Yoast SEO 7.3
    • Call unload_textdomain function instead of accessing the $l10n global directly.


  • FIXED:
    • Correct language detection when doing WooCommerce AJAX calls.
    • Options: correctly initialize Language Selector Menu dropdown (« None » option was missing).
  • TWEAK:
    • Added a clarifying message to the clean-up procedure.
    • Transition to Gulp and SCSS
    • CSS are always minimized (no .min.css) and mapped to the .scss sources.


  • ADDED:
    • Options Panel: Customize section.
  • FIXED:
    • Custom JS code: restore some special characters after applying filters.

Earlier versions and Add-ons