WPSSO Core – The Complete Structured Data Plugin: Schema Markup and Meta Tags for Social and SEO


L’extension complète de données structurées pour WordPress

Présentez votre contenu à son meilleur sur les sites sociaux et dans les résultats de recherche – quelle que soit la manière dont les URL sont partagées, repartagées, envoyées par message, publiées, intégrées ou explorées.

Fournit un balisage de données structuré pour:

  • Facebook / Open Graph
  • Facebook Catalog Feed XMLs
  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Flux XML de marchand Google
  • Google Rich Results / Rich Snippets
  • Référencement des images et des vidéos
  • Instagram Catalog Feed XMLs
  • Mobile Web Browsers
  • oEmbed pour LinkedIn, Discord et Drupal
  • Pinterest Rich Pins
  • Twitter Cards
  • Balisage JSON-LD de Schéma
  • Slack
  • WhatsApp and Messaging Apps
  • WordPress REST API
  • XML sitemaps WordPress

Looking to fix the Google Merchant « Price Mismatched value » error for WooCommerce product variations?

The WPSSO Core plugin fixes the « Price Mismatched value » error and all other Google Search, Google Rich Results, and Google Merchant errors for WooCommerce products.

Tailles d’image optimisées pour les sites sociaux et les moteurs de recherche:

  • Flux XML de marchand Google
  • Open Graph (Facebook and oEmbed)
  • Pin It Pinterest
  • Schéma 1:1 (résultats enrichis Google)
  • Schéma 4:3 (résultats enrichis Google)
  • Schema 16:9 (Google Rich Results)
  • Schema Thumbnail
  • Twitter Summary Card
  • Carte sommaire grande image de Twitter
  • Images d’aperçu vidéo

Supports over 500 different Schema types and sub-types.

Corrige toutes les erreurs de recherche Google / résultats enrichis / listes de marchand et validateur de balisage de Schéma:

  • Une valeur pour le champ headline est requise
  • Une valeur pour le champ image est requise
  • Une valeur pour le champ logo est requise
  • Une valeur pour le champ publisher est requise
  • Valeur invalide dans le champ « priceSpecification »
  • Le champ aggregateRating est recommandé
  • Le champ brand est recommandé
  • Le champ headline est recommandé
  • Le champ image est recommandé
  • Le champ review est recommandé
  • Champ « image » manquant
  • Champ « address » manquant
  • Champ « telephone » manquant
  • Champ « priceRange » manquant
  • Champ « brand » manquant
  • Champ « aggregateRating » manquant
  • Champ « review » manquant
  • Aucun identifiant global fourni (par exemple, gtin mpn isbn)
  • Pas un type de valide connu pour la propriété itemReviewed
  • Price Mismatched value (page crawl): (price [price])

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Users Love the WPSSO Core Plugin

★★★★★ – « Unlike competitors, you can literally customize just about every aspect of SEO and Social SEO if you desire to. […] This plugin has the most complete JSON-LD markup out of any of them, so you won’t have any errors and warnings in search console for WordPress or WooCommerce sites. You can go crazy customizing everything, or you can just set and forget. There aren’t many plugins that allow the best of both worlds. » – kw11

★★★★★ – « This plugin makes getting sites structured data ready extremely easy, and it works flawlessly without any issues. It shows messages on the top bar every step of the way to alert you of any issues until everything is set up correctly. It made all my ecommerce products pass Google’s validation tests. Great work. » – marguy1

★★★★★ – « This plugin saves me so much time, and it has really lifted my SERP rankings. Most of my keywords I now rank 1-3 position. I also noticed after about a week that my impressions have gone up at least 75%. I upgraded to the pro version which gave me even more options. » – playnstocks

Fonctionnalités de l’édition Premium

Lit les données des API de service à distance, notamment:

  • Obtenir URL courte Bitly
  • Obtenir URL courte DLMY.App
  • Obtenir données vidéo Facebook
  • Obtenir données d’image Gravatar
  • Obtenir URL courte Ow.ly
  • Obtenir données critique Shopper Approved
  • Obtenir données présentation Slideshare
  • Obtenir données piste Soundcloud
  • Obtenir données critique Stamped.io
  • Obtenir URL courte TinyURL
  • Obtenir données vidéo Vimeo
  • Obtenir données vidéo Wistia
  • Obtenir données vidéo WordPress
  • Obtenir URL courte Your Own URL Shortener (YOURLS)
  • Obtenir données vidéo et liste YouTube

Options de personnalisation supplémentaires dans la page SSO > Réglages avancés et la métabox SSO du document.

Captures d’écran

  • Les pages de paramètres Essentiel, Général et Avancé fournissent toutes les options dont vous pourriez avoir besoin, des sites de blog simples aux boutiques de commerce électronique avancées et tout le reste.


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Release Schedule

New versions of the plugin are released approximately every week (more or less). New features are added, tested, and released incrementally, instead of grouping them together in a major version release. When minor bugs fixes and/or code improvements are applied, new versions are also released. This release schedule keeps the code stable and reliable, at the cost of more frequent updates.

See release early, release often (RERO) software development philosophy on Wikipedia for more information on the benefits of smaller / more frequent releases.

Version Numbering

Version components: {major}.{minor}.{bugfix}[-{stage}.{level}]

  • {major} = Major structural code changes and/or incompatible API changes (ie. breaking changes).hanges).
  • {minor} = New functionality was added or improved in a backwards-compatible manner.
  • {bugfix} = Backwards-compatible bug fixes or small improvements.
  • {stage}.{level} = Pre-production release: dev < a (alpha) < b (beta) < rc (release candidate).

Standard Edition Repositories

Development Version Updates

WPSSO Core Premium edition customers have access to development, alpha, beta, and release candidate version updates:

Under the SSO > Update Manager settings page, select the « Development and Up » (for example) version filter for the WPSSO Core plugin and/or its add-ons. When new development versions are available, they will automatically appear under your WordPress Dashboard > Updates page. You can reselect the « Stable / Production » version filter at any time to reinstall the latest stable version.

WPSSO Core Standard edition users (ie. the plugin hosted on WordPress.org) have access to the latest development version under the Advanced Options section.

Changelog / Release Notes

Version 15.5.0 (2023/03/10)

  • New Features
    • None.
  • Improvements
    • Added a SSO > Advanced Settings > Document Types > Schema > Type by Post Type > Products Group option.
    • Removed support for the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.
    • Removed support for the WooCommerce Show Single Variations plugin.
  • Bugfixes
    • None.
  • Developer Notes
    • Added a new ‘product:quantity’ internal meta tag for the WPSSO GMF add-on.
  • Requires At Least
    • PHP v7.2.
    • WordPress v5.4.

Version 15.4.3 (2023/03/04)

  • New Features
    • None.
  • Improvements
    • Added a notice to recommend enabling the « Inherit Featured Image » option for WooCommerce.
    • Updated the WPSSO JSON add-on deprecation notice.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed missing WpssoUtil::save_all_times() method for old deprecated add-ons.
  • Developer Notes
    • None.
  • Requires At Least
    • PHP v7.2.
    • WordPress v5.4.

Version 15.4.2 (2023/02/28)

  • New Features
    • None.
  • Improvements
    • Re-added the WPSSO JSON add-on deprecation notice.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed missing add-on names in deprecation notices for plugins that no longer exist.
  • Developer Notes
    • None.
  • Requires At Least
    • PHP v7.2.
    • WordPress v5.4.

Version 15.4.1 (2023/02/23)

  • New Features
    • None.
  • Improvements
    • Updated the notice text for rejected images.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed the version number when registering the ‘sucom-admin-page’ script.
  • Developer Notes
    • Updated « admin_bar » variable names to « toolbar » for uniformity.
    • Refactored transient cache handling in the WpssoHead->get_head_array() method.
    • Replaced the static version number for ‘sucom-admin-page’ in WpssoScript->admin_register_page_scripts().
  • Requires At Least
    • PHP v7.2.
    • WordPress v5.4.

Version 15.4.0 (2023/02/20)

  • New Features
    • None.
  • Improvements
    • Updated the default tabs layout to vertical.
    • Updated custom fields import to ignore non-existant custom fields instead of using an empty string.
    • Removed the SSO > Advanced Settings > Attributes and Metadata > Custom Fields options:
      • How-To Steps Custom Field
      • How-To Supplies Custom Field
      • How-To Tools Custom Field
      • Recipe Ingredients Custom Field
      • Recipe Instructions Custom Field
  • Bugfixes
    • None.
  • Developer Notes
    • Renamed the ‘wpsso_status_std_features’ filter to ‘wpsso_features_status’.
    • Removed the ‘wpsso_metabox_tabs_layout_{metabox_id}’ filter.
  • Requires At Least
    • PHP v7.2.
    • WordPress v5.4.

Version 15.3.1 (2023/02/17)

  • New Features
    • None.
  • Improvements
    • Added an informational notice when a background task is running.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed the missing notices stylesheet when in the WordPress block editor.
    • Fixed multi input and textarea fields to always show if they have a value (even if the previous field is empty).
  • Developer Notes
    • Added a new WpssoUtil->action_show_admin_notices() method.
    • Removed the ‘is_required’ CSS class from input fields.
  • Requires At Least
    • PHP v7.2.
    • WordPress v5.4.

Version 15.3.0 (2023/02/14)

  • New Features
    • None.
  • Improvements
    • Changed the default « Product Variation Title » value in the Advanced Settings page to ‘%%var_title%% %%sep%% %%var_attrs%%’.
    • Deprecated the WPSSO Core cache clearing function and method.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed Google warning « Review has multiple aggregate ratings » for Schema ProductGroup variants.
  • Developer Notes
    • Added a new SucomErrorException::http_error() method for the WPSSO GMF and CMCF add-ons.
    • Added a new WpssoUser->get_cache_id() method.
    • Added a new WpssoUser->doing_task() method.
    • Added a new WpssoUtil->is_task_running() method.
    • Added a new WpssoUtil->set_task_limit() method.
    • Added a new WpssoUtilCache->get_cache_id() method.
    • Added a new WpssoUtilCache->doing_task() method.
    • Refactored WpssoUser->schedule_add_person_role() method.
    • Refactored WpssoUser->add_person_role() method.
    • Refactored WpssoUser->schedule_remove_person_role() method.
    • Refactored WpssoUser->remove_person_role() method.
    • Refactored WpssoUtilCache->schedule_refresh() method.
    • Refactored WpssoUtilCache->refresh() method.
    • Deprecated the WpssoUser->stop_add_person_role() method.
    • Deprecated the WpssoUtilCache->schedule_clear() method.
    • Deprecated the WpssoUtilCache->clear() method.
    • Deprecated the WpssoUtilCache->stop_refresh() method.
    • Deprecated the wpsso_clear_cache() function.
    • Renamed the WpssoUtilCache->clear_other() method to WpssoUtilCache->clear_cache().
    • Removed the ‘WPSSO_CACHE_REFRESH_SLEEP_TIME’ constant.
  • Requires At Least
    • PHP v7.2.
    • WordPress v5.4.

Version 15.2.0 (2023/02/11)

  • New Features
    • None.
  • Improvements
    • Added new Place tab options in the SSO > Advanced Settings > Schema Defaults metabox:
      • Default Place Schema Type
      • Default Place Country
      • Default Place Timezone
    • Added an ‘@id’ property value to the Schema AggregateRating markup.
    • Added support for the WooCommerce ‘woocommerce_breadcrumb_main_term’ filter to return the primary product category.
    • Removed the offers property from the Schema ProductGroup markup (not required as each variant has its own offers property).
  • Bugfixes
    • None.
  • Developer Notes
    • Added a new WpssoAbstractWpMeta->md_cache_disable() method.
    • Added a new WpssoAbstractWpMeta->md_cache_enable() method.
  • Requires At Least
    • PHP v7.2.
    • WordPress v5.4.

Version 15.1.1 (2023/02/08)

  • New Features
    • None.
  • Improvements
    • Added support for Schema products with offers or Schema product groups with variants, depending on the Schema Type selected in the Document SSO metabox.
    • Added inheritance of some Schema ProductGroup properties (‘name’, ‘description’, ‘aggregateRating’, and ‘review’) for the product group variants.
  • Bugfixes
    • None.
  • Developer Notes
    • Added a Schema ‘@id’ property to product reviews.
    • Added a new WpssoIntegEcomWooCommerce->add_mt_ratings() private method.
    • Added a new WpssoIntegEcomWooCommerce->add_mt_reviews() private method.
    • Updated the WpssoIntegEcomWooCommerce->filter_og_seed() method to return variants for the Schema ProductGroup type, and offers for the Schema Product type.
    • Updated the WpssoJsonTypeProductGroup->filter_json_data_https_schema_org_productgroup() method to provide inheritance of ‘name’, ‘description’, ‘aggregateRating’, ‘review’ properties for the product group variants.
    • Updated the WpssoOpenGraphNS->filter_og_data_https_ogp_me_ns_product() method to provide inheritance of ‘og:description’ for product offers and product group variants.
  • Requires At Least
    • PHP v7.2.
    • WordPress v5.4.

Version 15.0.1 (2023/02/04)

  • New Features
    • None.
  • Improvements
    • None.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed re-setting PHP ‘error_log’ to an empty value when PHP ‘open_basedir’ is true.
  • Developer Notes
    • Refactored the SucomUtil::safe_error_log() method.
  • Requires At Least
    • PHP v7.2.
    • WordPress v5.4.

Version 15.0.0 (2023/02/03)

This version changes the Schema markup for WooCommerce variations. Instead of creating Schema Product markup with offers (one offer per variation), WPSSO Core now creates Schema ProductGroup markup with products (one product per variation) and one offer per product.

See here for more info: https://surniaulula.com/2023/apps/wordpress/plugins/wpsso/whats-new-in-wpsso-core-v15/

  • New Features
    • Added support for Schema ProductGroup markup for WooCommerce product variations.
  • Improvements
    • Added a new « Minimize Schema JSON-LD » option in the SSO > Advanced Settings page.
    • Removed filter to allow sorting of the WooCommerce variations array (no longer needed).
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed potential missing price currency and value units meta tags for WooCommerce products with variations.
    • Fixed extra min/max energy efficiency meta tags when no energy efficiency value selected.
  • Developer Notes
    • Added a new ‘wpsso_json_data_single_product_group_exclude_varies_by’ filter.
    • Added a new ‘wpsso_json_data_single_product_group_varies_by’ filter.
    • Added a new ‘wpsso_init_json_filter_{lib_dir}_{lib_id}’ filter.
    • Added a new WpssoSchemaSingle::add_product_group_data() method.
    • Added a new WpssoOpenGraph->get_product_retailer_item_image_urls() method.
    • Added a new WpssoOpenGraph->get_product_retailer_item_image() method.
    • Added a new WpssoOpenGraph->get_product_retailer_item_mod() method.
    • Added a ‘$page_type_id’ argument to the WpssoSchemaSingle::add_offer_data() method.
    • Added a ‘$page_type_id’ argument to the WpssoSchemaSingle::add_product_data() method.
    • Added a ‘$page_type_id’ argument to the WpssoSchemaSingle::get_offer_data() method.
    • Added a ‘$page_type_id’ argument to the WpssoSchemaSingle::get_product_data() method.
    • Renamed the WpssoSchema::add_author_coauthor_data() method to WpssoSchema::add_author_coauthors_data().
    • Renamed the WpssoSchema::add_comment_list_data() method to WpssoSchema::add_comments_data().
    • Renamed the WpssoSchema::add_howto_step_data() method to WpssoSchema::add_howto_steps_data().
    • Renamed the WpssoSchema::add_offers_aggregate_data() method to WpssoSchema::add_offers_aggregate_data_mt().
    • Renamed the WpssoSchema::add_offers_data() method to WpssoSchema::add_offers_data_mt().
    • Renamed the WpssoSchema::add_variants_data() method to WpssoSchema::add_variants_data_mt().
    • Removed the WpssoIntegEcomWooCommerce->maybe_sort_available_variations() private method.
    • Removed the ‘wpsso_request_url_query_attrs_cache_disable’ filter.
    • Removed the WPSSO_JSON_PRETTY_PRINT constant.
  • Requires At Least
    • PHP v7.2.
    • WordPress v5.4.