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Plugin Manager


If your plugin admin page had so many items, you would be struggle to manage them. Make them categorized with this plugin 😀

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I believe you know everything already.


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I believe you know everything already.


décembre 30, 2018
I am trying it on a multisite and it is a great companion for organising the main plugin list. At the moment I haven't had any compatibility problem, but I am using WPMU pretty plugin for the sub-sites.
novembre 17, 2018
For me is working without any problem, letting categorize the plugins and activate or deactivate all at the same time... It's true that from aesthetically point of view is not perfect but it works and it's free it deserves five stars. Thanks to the author
août 9, 2018
i am looking for plugin manager/categorize long time ago but i never found it, where this plugin, and why i just found it oh wp repository are you kidding me, i hope this plugin support multisite network out of the box
mai 28, 2018
NOTE: This is the very first time I've ever reviewed a plugin. Ever. It's that good! Ok, that said I want to share that I almost did not install this plugin for two reasons. First, it has some bad reviews. And second, it gave me the dreaded "Warning: This plugin has not been tested with your current version of WordPress." (I am using WP 4.9.6 and this plugin works perfectly, btw.) But I was desperate. I have a zillion plugins, many that effect the same things. I absolutely needed a way to organize. So I said screw it, gave this thing a shot. OMG OMG OMG!!!! I AM SO GLAD I DID! Today I had the very first demonstration of why I needed it. I received a spam comment on a post. But I'm using Google reCaptcha so how could that happen. I was able to go to my plugin page, click on the "reCaptcha" group I had created and quickly find all associated plugins. A quick check of settings showed that I had one unneeded plugin, and two others trying to cover the same things. I would have gone nuts trying to figure it out without this plugin! +++++ NOTE TO SOMEONE WHO IS ABOUT TO INSTALL THIS: There is very little instruction on how to use this, but you really don't need it. Once you figure it out, you'll understand. All you have to do is create your first group, after that you're gold. Let me walk you through that. For this example, let's say you want to group Elementor related plugins: 1. Go to your plugin page and find Elementor. 2. Click GROUP, then CREATE GROUPE. 3. Put "Elementor" in GROUP NAME area and choose a color. 4. Then click CREATE. Now close that window so your back on the plugin list page. Go down your list and checkoff all Elementor related plugins (Element Pack, Granular Controls, etc). Now click on BULK ACTIONS, choose GROUP, and hit APPLY. BLAMMO! Easy as pie! Yes, you can assign multiple tags to the same plugin. Now you will probably want to get rid of those GIGANTIC icons. You do not need them because the text link "Group" does the same thing as the icon of the people. To get rid of that, install the plugin Admin CSS MU. The function of that plugin is to all you to install your own custom CSS to the admin area. Once installed, you can get rid of the icons entirely by adding this: /* Enter Your Custom Admin CSS Here */ .plugins .plugin-title .dashicons, .plugins .plugin-title img { display: none; } ++++++++++++++++++++++++ NOTE TO THE AUTHOR: Please don't give up on this fabulous plugin. This is the SINGLE best, most useful plugin I've ever installed! Don't listen to the negative reviews, please keep updating/refining this mod. No kidding, this needs to be added to WP core functionality. It's that good! I FLIPPPPPPPING LOVE your plugin! Absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much!!! ++++++++++++++++++++++++
mars 13, 2018
The icons in the plugin-list (hide, group, ...) are alot (!) too big. This hige icons destroy the plugin-view. I think, thats caused by an wordpress-update. This plugin (Plugin Manager) did not become updates for a while.
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  • Fix the PHP error


  • Supports PHP7.2
  • Fix the button size issue


  • Fix JavaScript Error


  • Update User Interface
  • Using Angular to make it faster
  • Show Hidden Plugins Feature
  • Edit Group


  • Update UI
  • Hide Plugin
  • Delete Group
  • Fix Some Error


  • Supports Multisite


  • Submitted some suggestions


  • Minor Change


  • Support i18n


  • Updated for WP 4.5.2


  • Reset Plugin Repo


  • Fix Some Error


  • Changed the Plugin’s Name as Plugin Manager
  • Can Set Group Color
  • New Feature : Lock


  • Make .less and minified javascript
  • Fix Some Minor Errors
  • Enter to create group
  • After Checking just-created-group, set tag on the table


  • UTF-8 Error when delete the group


  • Fix Some Errors
  • UTF-8 Error
  • Redirection Error
  • Multiple Group Selection Error


  • Enable for Network Admin


  • Original Version